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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This is the only one of the five Great Lakes entirely in United States.

In 1939 his Hyde Park, New York presidential library became 1st to be separate from Library of Congress.

Boston's Green Monster is in this baseball stadium.

18th Century English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft was the mother of this Frankenstein author.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What happened to the man who fell into an upholstery machine?

Do pilots get colds?

Why didn't Little Johnny hurt himself when he fell and struck the piano?

How should you treat a baby goat?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What's a farmer's favourite dance?

What do you get when you cross a fishing rod with a kitten?

Why was the rooster upset?

What do you call a sleeping lizard?

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Richard III plays amazing game of Hide and Seek

New World Record Holder

Par 3 course waiting for a hole in one

World's Hardest Golf Shot

Even Bubba can ride this bicycle!

Safe Bike

Downsizing through the years

Donut Hole History

Ready for liftoff: Be Prepared!

Church Flight

Steven Spielberg releases Jaws IV in Israel

Jews: The Revenge

Why grocery stores are never robbed in Israel

Israel Security

Cat nibbling in the early hours

Breakfast In Bed

How caribou use decoys for safety during hunting season

Antler Field

Bubba makes light of his kitchen

Redneck Stove Burner

Lending an ear to gun control

Texas Earrings

Plucked through the ages

A Man's Life

The water is pretty cold today

Dog Walker

Secret weapon lies waiting in the fields

New Zealand Prepares For War

Window cleaning tips for top floor windows

Window Washing Daredevil

Australians invent Mainline performance

Aussie Ford Coupe

No matter how far you push it

Pushing The Envelope

Fall protection can be a real window pane

Window Fall Repair

Black Creek Parade 1st Place Winner

Bacon Balls

Missing link provides green vegetation source

Tiny Forest

English bathrooms for everyone's viewing

Inside Loo View

Feeling young again on your leap year birthday

Finally 21

When you know it's time to go on a diet

Diet Swing

If anyone knows where this restaurant is, LET US KNOW!!!

Vealy Big Meal

Sidecar show in the country

Just Like Grandpa

Cold Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Sales - Long line specialists

Long Liquor Store

Only in Newfoundland!

Musical Spoons

We know

We Open

Rethinking your not-so-eggsellent options

Poultry Breakfast

More Political Correctness from Justin Trudeau

Welcome To Manitoba

End of shift at the circus carousel

Circus Escape

Be careful what you ask for - you just might get it

Never Do Anything Wrong

Self-serve brewery makes bartenders obsolete

Senior Beer Drinker's Bar

Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your effluent back!

Pumping Services

Transformers that bug you

Cicada Man

Wilbur didn't notice that crack forming just behind him

Leading Edge Climber

I'm gonna make him a fishy offer he can't refuse


Nutrition on candy cane sprinkle wheels

Doughnut Monster Truck

Optometrist with clean butts

One At A Time

'Hey Wally, can I have your Xbox?'

Shark Swim

Ford's $7 million 2007 Shelby GR1 car of the year

2007 Ford Shelby GR1 Concept Car

Big coffee orders create big delivery problems

Starbucks' New Mega Coffee

A man's bathroom etiquette guide

Chicks Be Like

A foam mattress without the foam

Made His Bed

Preparing for the soggy Olympic Games

Mandeville Mascot

Hair of the dog that bit you

Morning After Dog

Bubba looked at it and said, 'Sew what?'

Thanks Granny

Hands-free phone kit stretches phone coverage

Redneck Hands-Free Driving

The real reason for heavy traffic congestion in Fort McMurray

No Passing Lanes

Night-time Medieval relationships

One-Knight Stands

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