March 2020

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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This is the only one of the five Great Lakes entirely in United States.

In 1939 his Hyde Park, New York presidential library became 1st to be separate from Library of Congress.

Boston's Green Monster is in this baseball stadium.

18th Century English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft was the mother of this Frankenstein author.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What happened to the man who fell into an upholstery machine?

Do pilots get colds?

Why didn't Little Johnny hurt himself when he fell and struck the piano?

How should you treat a baby goat?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What's a farmer's favourite dance?

What do you get when you cross a fishing rod with a kitten?

Why was the rooster upset?

What do you call a sleeping lizard?

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If Pablo Picasso created wall clock sculptures

My Time

Math signs lead to a stranded reunion

Algebra Relationship

Running short on supplies, Wilbur finds substitute in garage

Mask Shortage

Many drivers miss this exit

Exit Not Found

Safety begins by not giving it to Junior

Early Shave

You can find it now!

Dementia Purse

Enough is enough!

Quarantine Response

Learning the mane points about horse braids

Braided Horse Tail

Ways to spend your debt load

Government Debt

Artistic statue waiting for a personal touch

Statue Tug Of War

Restricting flexible hours of business

Kiosk Hours

How to cut corners on a bathroom design

Tight Fit

Young Canadian artist's quick sketch for lasting effect

Life Is Beautiful

Fruit art in Thailand

Buddha Pear

Evolution of the Christian fish symbol


Church services now online due to the concern over COVID-19 coronavirus

Sunday Service Social Distancing

Pointing out stunning mannequins on Broadway

Mannequin Pointer

Where would you turn?

Life's Choices

Religious shopping tip for limiting sales of essential items

Two Of Each

How Napoleon Bonaparte took a power nap


Why put it off to today when you can do it tomorrow?


Believing in a higher calling

You Turn

Places to sea on a Thailand vacation


Brand awareness for tomorrow's generation

The Future of Social Media

Listen to all your clan's favourite music

Tartan Headphones

Knitting project to pass the time away (and make him go away)

Husband Quarantine

The art of uncooking in Australia

Aussie Salad

Environmental activist with a Wong view on saving trees

Greta on Chopsticks

Replacing LED lighting with something that works

Darkness Eliminator

Visual non-endorsement from an infectious disease expert

Don't Touch Your Face

Make your child's dental visit fun and memorable

Pet Dentist

Wildlife photography for the birds

Falcon Resting in a Tree

Wine consumption related to work stress

Wine Day

Victoria's New Secret: under cover hosiery

Fishnet Table

Replacement for a busy cat in the hat

Sink Lynx

Signs that the oasis might be closed

No Swimming

Elevator sales rise in feline homes

Going Up

Where a Flush Beats a Full House

The Honey Truck

Looking for an easier way to travel across the country

Flying is so Overrated

When it became cool to wear fur again

Wear Fur Without Killing Animals

Baby food for chocoholics

Nutella Soother

Interpreting Chinese hotel signs

Teaching Hotle

Well-heeled on the farm

Cowgirl High Heels

Cutbacks in homeland security are starting to show up

Coast Guard Cutbacks

Where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease

Woodpecker Trio

What does it mean to be a good person?

Evolution and Philosophy

On the cutting edge of food preparation

Pizza Cutter

Be nice to your waitress

Polite Breakfast

Every package delivery company has its pros and cons


Drop-back lighting to inspire a spot o' tea

Tea Lights

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