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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
24GRLWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a grey Sonoma pickup 
2SURRYWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a grey Jeep 
ATTICUSWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a black Wrangler 
AU ELOXWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a grey Jeep 
BLU EYSAbbotsford, B.C.On a grey Honda Accord 
BSTNSYTWilliamsburg, VirginiaBest In Site - on a white Mercedes SUV GL450 
BUH-BUHLangley, B.C.Bubba's Car - on a Dodge Viper 
C-SHELLAbbotsford, B.C.Sea Shell - for a lover of the sea, on a Mazda SUV 
CH MISSWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a red Toyota Camry 
CKING 1Summerland, B.C.Seeking #1 - on a Turbo car 
DIG ITDrumheller, AlbertaFor Dinosaur lovers at the Royal Tyrrell Museum 
JEEP KJWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a green Jeep 
JESUSKICaliforniaWith a bit of duct tape, 'JESUSKI' turns into 'JESUSKING' 

JOE-KSAbbotsford, B.C.Jokes (Joe-ks, eh!) by the Joe-kster – on his Motorcycle 
Also see amazing Sudoku puzzles by Joe.
The word is out, Joe's new quotes puzzle page.
LA MOSSWilliamsburg, VirginiaOn a blue Jeep 
LA-ZBOIMaui, HawaiiLazy Boy, for a retired person - on a Ford Focus 
LILSSTRRichmond, VirginiaLittle Sister - on a grey pickup 
LUV4JJRWilliamsburg, VirginiaLove Forever - on a blue Honda Acura 
MIANNAWilliamsburg, Virginia(NC plate) On a grey CR-V 
MOOV-ITAbbotsford, B.C.Move It - on a Corvette 
PORGYJamestown, VirginiaOn a black BMW 
PTY-CKSWilliamsburg, VirginiaPatty Cakes - on a grey Toyota 
RESTLESWilliamsburg, VirginiaRestless - on a blue Dodge Charger 
TOPLEZSechelt, B.C.Topless - on a convertible Ford Mustang 
Convertible drivers in B.C. enjoy the Sunshine Coast
Z BMRIndian Wells, CaliforniaThe Beamer - on a BMW 

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