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NUTIllinoisBeing I've had this plate for over 25 years (It's on it's third pressing), I thought you might like it. It simply reads "NUT" and I got it because, well, I'm a fairly nutty kind of guy. The history of the plate is interesting too. It was one of the very first vanity plates issued in Illinois. I worked at a gas station in the early eighties and Illinois Senator Sam Vadalabean frequented this establishment. One day he rolled in with a new tag on his car reading "Sen Sam" so I asked if he pulled some strings to get such a plate since Illinois didn't have a Vanity plate program at the time. He said he did, but only since they had JUST started the program and no one knew about it yet (His was the FIRST vanity plate pressed in the state.). I said I had wanted a vanity plate myself and he asked what I wanted. When I told him he asked if he could use the station phone for a minute. He called Springfield and asked if the plate I wanted was taken yet. It wasn't so he did some stuff and got me fixed up with the plate you see! I still had to go through the ordering process but it was reserved for me by him! Still in use today. 
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