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MISSYNewfoundlandAll my life my mom has always called me MISSY; although my name is Christina. LOL! Everyone in Newfoundland, where I am originally from, still call me, Missy to this day! A couple of years ago; when my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, a lot of the older folks from my childhood days were there and to my surprise they called me Missy. My parents came to Nova Scotia to visit and I took them on a tour of our plant, Moirs Chocolate Factory (Hershey Division) and my mom happend to call me Missy, in front of my boss. As a matter of fact, when our uniforms came it, low and behold, mine had Missy on it. They actually though that was my real name in the office. It is a name that will be with me the rest of my life. The name that I would love to have on a license plate is NEWFIEMISSY; as I am a real Newfie and a Missy to boot. LOL! 
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