Catch the bus over to! Animation thanks to Mel Hardman. Andrew F. Thompson PL8 Submissions:
New Jersey
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GR8 BR1TNew JerseyIt's my plate on my 04 Murano. I'm British living over here in the US. Decent custom license plates like this cost a fortune back in the UK, so I couldn't resist getting one here! In NJ when you are applying, you put down your top 4 choices: this was my second choice. First choice was GR8 BRIT, so I was very happy when that was the plate that came through the mail for me. Put it straight on my car, then the registration came through a week or so later, and had my plate listed as BR8 BR1T. I shrugged and put 'call DMV' on my list of things to do. A few days later I got pulled over by the police cos they had just been sat behind me at a red light, and just randomly ran my plate and it came up not as being registered to a Murano! Doh. 
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