Catch the bus over to! Animation thanks to Mel Hardman. Ron Hutchinson PL8 Submissions:
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
00WHEEECaliforniaOo Wheee!! on a ZRX1200 street bike. (Damn fast!) California. 
BCKWILDKansasA Kansas plate, on a Toyota truck. 
BNANASAlaskaOn a banana yellow Dodge Colt (also describes owner). Alaska. 
DVIANT 1CaliforniaDeviant one. Old Camaro California. 
GETN WLDCaliforniaGet'n Wild. On a Dodge Ramcharger California. 
GOTTA GOCaliforniaGotta Go, on a Plymouth Barracuda. (ya really gotta ask?!) California. 
KLUNK3RCaliforniaKlunker, on a KLR650 dual sport bike (old, beat up looking) California. 
MITY GIRLCaliforniaMighty Girl, on a GS500 bike. Describes the tiny rider. California. 
MUVE OVACaliforniaMove over, on a Dodge Caliber California. 
TNY BRATCaliforniaTiny Brat, on a Mercedez. Describes the owner. California. 
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