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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
BOOURNSBroken Arrow, OklahomaMy husband's plate, which is from an episode of The Simpsons when Mr. Burns made a film for a film festival that no one in the audience liked, so they booed him. Burns, being surrounded by yes-men for his whole life was unfamiliar with being booed so Smithers told him they were chanting "boourns" rather than booing. Mr. Burns stood up and asked the audience if they were booing or if they were chanting boourns. They responded by booing him, except for Hans Moleman who admitted to chanting "boourns" which leads one to the conclusion that Moleman liked the movie and was using the expression to show his enjoyment. My husband is weird so I don't get the plate but tons of Simpsons fans will follow us to the gas station or into the mall and chat up my old man. 
QUTI314Broken Arrow, OklahomaMy plate reads Cutie Pie (3.14 being the value of pi) not a whole lot of people get my plate, it's usually smarmy engineer or professor types. 
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