Catch the bus over to! Animation thanks to Mel Hardman. Peter Lake PL8 Submissions:
Marblehead, Massachusetts
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
DAZZLECaliforniaOn her motorcycle 
MBHEADMarblehead, MassachusettsI now live in Marblehead. Back during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal I tried to buy but the Mass RMV said they were not giving out any plates with the word "head" on them. I reminded them that "I live in MARBLEHEAD!" and that the plate with the word "HEAD" on it was already out - were they going to recall it? - and that this whole thing would make a good story in the Boston Globe, since I was a professional writer. They said, "We'll get back to you." At one time I was thinking of moving back to California and checked the DMV to see what was available. IMNOTOJ would have gone well on a white Bronco. IMDRUNK was the one I would have gone with, since who would dare stop you? 
NUMBERCaliforniaWhen California first allowed personalized plates, I bought NUMBER and my ex-wife still has it, I believe. 1971 or so. 
RAZZLECaliforniaOn his motorcycle (see also DAZZLE) 
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