Catch the bus over to! Animation thanks to Mel Hardman. Robert Burrage PL8 Submissions:
Concord, North Carolina
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
BUGCHSERConcord, North CarolinaBug Chaser - also on same truck at one time. I went all over looking for old VW's. 
DREAMTRKConcord, North CarolinaDream Truck - on a 2001 F550 
GERDABLEConcord, North CarolinaKids talk for Convertible - on a ’77 Cadillac 
I WON ITConcord, North CarolinaOn a ’95 corvette 
ICATCHERConcord, North CarolinaEye Catcher - on a '75 IHC Scout (it has been on several unusual vehicles I have had) 
MOM2DVLSConcord, North CarolinaMom To Devils - on a 2001 Sable (wife's car). These were on my old truck. 
REDNKTRKConcord, North CarolinaRedneck Truck - on a ’78 chevy truck 
UPROOT’RConcord, North CarolinaOn same truck after redneck (because I pulled over a tree so I could get an old VW out of woods). 
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