Catch the bus over to! Animation thanks to Mel Hardman. Ross Quane PL8 Submissions:
Ottawa, Ontario
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
0 LIMITSOntarioNo Limits - on a Nissan Murano 
0 RSPQTOntarioFrom Rodney Dangerfield's famous line, "You just don't get no respect, you know what I mean?" 
30YRSL8OntarioThirty years late - seen on a shiny, new, black BMW X3, obviously owned by someone who has been waiting for a while to own and drive a BMW. 
4BN NGHTYOntarioFor Being Naughty - on a late model BMW 2-door coupe 
4BNGR8Ottawa, OntarioLicense plate was a gift from a man to his wife (for her car) on their 25th wedding anniversary. 
4MULA1OntarioFormula 1 - on a modified Honda Prelude 
4MYGR8M8OntarioFor My Great Mate - on a black Lexus 
4MYSOLM8Ottawa, OntarioFor My Soul Mate - on a Toyota Prius 
4W DCZOttawa, OntarioFour wheel disease - on a Toyota Forerunner 
ALLONS YToronto, Ontario"Let's Go" (in French), on a black Honda CRV being driven by a cute, probably retired couple. 
BAK DOCOttawa, OntarioBack Doctor - for a Chiropractor 
CU AGINOttawa, OntarioSee You Again - on a Volkswagen Jetta 
GR8 2LOttawa, OntarioGreat Tool - on a Mercedes Benz 
HOWSMINILondon, OntarioHow’s this Mini – on a new Austin Mini 
HV2HVITOntarioHave To Have It - on a Jaguar 
I8RUSTOttawa, OntarioI Hate Rust - on a clean, shiny black BMW 
LV 2 2ROttawa, OntarioLove to Tour - on a Mercury Cougar coupe 
OH YAAOntarioOn a Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 
RSPQTOntarioRespect - on a vintage automobile 
UCHARMMEToronto, OntarioYou Charm Me 
WE 2 STPOttawa, OntarioWay To Stop - on a Chevrolet Impala 
WHTHECKLondon, OntarioWhat the Heck - on a Pontiac 
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