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Prince George, Virginia
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License PL8sOriginDetailing 
HVN SNTURichmond, VirginiaHeaven Sent You - on a gray Lexus 
00 FOCUSHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a 2000 black Ford Focus 
03CHAMPChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chevrolet 
1 APRILColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota Corolla 
1 CALLColonial Heights, VirginiaOne Call - on a burgundy Dodge Ram p/u 
1 DINGOChesterfield, VirginiaOn a tan Ford Escort 
1 FLUTEHenrico, VirginiaOn a burgundy GMC Denali 
1 HYENAColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red GMC Safari van 
1 IN 8Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a pink ribbon vanity plate on a cream Chrysler; also seen on a white Cadillac in Colonial Heights 
1 MOR WSHHopewell, VirginiaOne More Wash - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
1 PC DOCHopewell, VirginiaFor a computer repairman - on a black Jeep 
1 QT 2H8Colonial Heights, VirginiaOne Cutie To Hate - on a gray Ford 
1 RDNCKChester, VirginiaOne Redneck - on a black Ford Ranger p/u 
1 SPLBRTChesterfield, VirginiaOne Special Brat - on a white Honda Accord 
1 WAY STChesterfield, VirginiaOne Way Street - on a white Jeep 
1 WILD BEnon, VirginiaOne Wild Bill - on a green Jeep Cherokee 
1 XOXOHopewell, VirginiaOne Love - on a black Cadillac Escalante 
10S MANEnon, VirginiaTennis Man - on an olive Ford Ranger p/u 
10SCGRLChester, VirginiaTennessee Girl - on a silver Honda 
11XGMALouisa, VirginiaGrandma Eleven Times - on a silver Ford 
12 SALLYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black and yellow Ford Mustang 
12PARSXChesterfield, Virginia12 Pair of Sox 
13 GKIDSRichmond, Virginia13 Grandchildren - on a black Mercedes-Benz 
14GIPRHenrico, VirginiaThe Gipper was the first all American football player for the Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN. George Gipper died Dec. 14th, 1920 from pneumonia. 
1BEAUTYHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Chevrolet Impala 
1BIGBOBHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Explorer van 
1BIGGRLHopewell, VirginiaOne Big Girl - on a tan GMC Safari 
1BLU SKYZion Crossroads, VirginiaOne Blue Sky - on a gold Dodge Grand Caravan 
1DORITAHarrisonburg, VirginiaDorita Corn Chips - on a green Mazda 
1DVN LDYPrince George, VirginiaOne Divine Lady - on a silver Chrysler Sebring 
1GR8GALHopewell, VirginiaOn a green Ford Explorer 
1GR8LFHarrisonburg, VirginiaOne Great Life - on a black Subaru Legacy 
1LADIE JChester, VirginiaOn a black Honda Accord 
1LORD-JHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Pontiac Grand Prix 
1MDBOSSElkton, VirginiaI Am The Boss - on a blue Nissan 
1MDMAXColonial Heights, VirginiaOne Mad Max - on a blue Dodge Durango 
1PEDRORichmond, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Camry 
1POORPAPrince George, VirginiaOne Poor Pa - on a blue Ford Ranger p/u 
1PRTWMNPrince George, VirginiaOne Pretty Woman - on a tan BMW 
1PT4-EGTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Chrysler PT Cruiser 
1ST BRNPrince George, VirginiaFirst Born - on a burgundy GMC Yukon 
1TOPDWNChester, VirginiaOn a white Ford Thunderbird convertible 
1TWINRNRichmond, VirginiaOne Twin Registered Nurse - on a gray Toyota Camry 
1UPRichmond, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota Camry 
1VA VETHopewell, VirginiaOne Virginia Veteran - on a brown Dodge p/u 
1WAHOO 2Colonial Heights, VirginiaUniversity of Virginia Fan or Alumni - on a gold Chevrolet Blazer 
1WAHOO2Colonial Heights, VirginiaUniversity of Virginia Fan - on a gold Chevy Blazer 
1WLDKATHopewell, VirginiaOne Wildcat - on a burgundy Ford Explorer 
2 24FANSHopewell, VirginiaTwo Fans of Jeff Gordon (Nascar) - on a burgundy Chevrolet LS 
2 4SHAGNColonial Heights, VirginiaTwo For Shagging - on a silver Dodge Grand Caravan 
2 CITRUSChesterfield, VirginiaFlorida tag - on a white Lexus 
2 FURNSChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Cadillac DeVille 
2 GRMLNSHopewell, VirginiaTwo Gremlins - on a red Jeep 
2 LIVELYHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Focus 
2 MAR75Prince George, VirginiaMarch 2nd, 1975 - important date in their lives - on a black Ford Mustang 
2 QUEENSChester, VirginiaOn a gold Ford Taurus 
2 THE HOMidlothian, VirginiaTo The Water - on a black GMC Yukon 
2 UVARNSRichmond, Virginia2 UVA Medical School Nurses - on a white Ford 
2-8 & BYNDChester, VirginiaTo Infinity & Beyond - on a gray Toyota Sienna 
2-CATHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Nissan 
20 & ZIPYChester, VirginiaOn a red Chevy Tracker 
22 GRANDChester, VirginiaOn a brown car zipping down I-95 
22CUTEChester, VirginiaToo Too Cute - on a black Ford Expedition 
24 7LAWDHopewell, VirginiaLoud Music 24 Hours A Day - on a maroon Jagua 
2B HONSTPetersburg, VirginiaTo Be Honest - on a truck 
2BIKESHarrisonburg, VirginiaTwo Bikes - on a red Ford Explorer 
2BLVDHopewell, VirginiaTo Be Loved - on a silver Nissan 
2BN ERIEChester, VirginiaTo Be In Erie, PA - on a gold Honda Accord 
2BTOPLSColonial Heights, VirginiaTo Be Topless - on a blue Jeep convertible 
2BYZ 4MEHopewell, Virginia2 Boys For Me - on a burgundy Saturn 
2CENTSChester, VirginiaOn a blue Volvo 
2CLERGYEnon, Virginia2-Pastor Family - on a burgundy KIA 
2DGZ&USHenrico, VirginiaTwo Dogs And Us - on a gray Ford 
2DKEYSChester, ViriginiaTo the Florida Keys - on a white Honda 
2EARS4UColonial Heights, VirginiaTwo Ears For You - on a white Nissan Rogue 
2EG ROLZChester, Virginia2 Egg Rolls - on a blue Dodge Ram p/u truck 
2GDIOEVChester, VirginiaTo God, I Owe Everything - on a gold Toyota 
2HUSKYSPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Jeep 
2IS ENUFChester, VirginiaTwo Is Enough - on a gray Hyundai Sonata 
2MOM RIPColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Toyota Camry 
2ND GSPLVirginiaSecond Gospel - on a Silver Honda Civic 
2ND2NUNChester, VirginiaSecond To None - on a silver Hyundai 
2NTENZEChesterfield, VirginiaToo Intense - on a black Toyota p/u 
2ONRGODPrince George, VirigniaTo Honor God - on a burgundy Dodge Grand Caravan 
2PAIRSHopewell, VirginiaOn a green Ford Explorer 
2POINT 0Hopewell, VirginiaTwo Point Zero - on a silver Honda 
2PRS4USEnon, VirginiaTwo Pairs For Us - on a black Toyota Camry 
2QT PIESChester, VirginiaOn a gray Chrysler Town & Country 
2SEOBXChesterfield, VirginiaTo See the Outer Banks of NC - on a white Nissan Rogue 
2SHESHEColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray BMW 
2SHNGCRichmond, VirginiaTo Shining Sea (from "America, the Beautiful") on a Nissan Maxima 
2SMRT4UColonial Heights, VirginiaToo Smart For You - on a blue Nissan Sentra 
2STRSS UPrince George, VirginiaTo Stress You - on a white Hyundai 
2THFARMColonial Heights, VirginiaTo The Farm - on a blue & white Ford F250 p/u truck 
2UP 2BATPrince George, ViriginiaOn a white Ford 
2VCU-JMUEnon, VirginiaHave two Students at Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University - on a white Mazda 
2VTKDZChester, Virginia2 Virginia Tech Kids - on a gray Toyota Sienna 
2WRDSHopewell, VirginiaTwo Words - on a white Ford p/u 
2XJMU81Short Pump, Virginia2 graduated from James Madison University in 1981 - on a blue Toyota 
2XMEOWChester, Virginia2 Cats - on a gold Honda Accord 
3 GIFTSChester, VirginiaOn a grey Chrysler Town & Country 
30SWEETSRichmond, Virginia(NC tag) On a gray Honda CR-V 
316 TIMEMidlothian, VirginiaOn a black Honda 
335HP55Chester, VirginiaOn a bronze ’55 Chevrolet Camaro 
35 IZMIRDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a red Ford Mustang convertible 
3BKS 1DOSutherland, Virginia3 Bucks & 1 Doe - on a blue Ford F-150 p/u 
3ER MORMidlothian, VirginiaThree or More - on a black Mercedes Benz 
3GD 5GSHopewell, Virginia3 Granddaughters, 5 Grandsons - on a tan Buick 
3GIFTSChester, Virginia3 Children as Gifts - on a green Chrysler Town & Country 
3LB AVGColonial Heights, VirginiaThree Pound Average - on gray Ford F-150 p/u 
3PITBLZHarrisonburg, Virginia3 Pit Bulls - on a tan Chevy Trailblazer 
3XYS&USShort Pump, Virginia3 Boys And Us - on a gold Toyota 
4 ADAYChester, VirginiaReminder of how many pills they need to take each day - on a white Honda Odyssey 
4 MEWSChester, VirginiaHas 4 Cats - on a burgundy Toyota 
4 MIBOZColonial Heights, VirginiaFor My Boys - on a gray Hyundai Santa Fe 
4 MSFITSChesterfield, VirginiaFour Misfits - on a green Kia 
4 SAFE TColonial Heights, VirginiaFor Safety - on a white Ford Econoline van 
42NTMNChester, VirginiaOn a teal Toyota Celica 
4ALX&MEChester, VirginiaFor Alex And Me - on a black Honda 
4ASHLEEChester, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota 
4CUBBSHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a green Dodge Caravan 
4GBOYSWaynesboro, VirginiaFor Good Boys - on a gray GMC station wagon 
4GRBAYChester, VirginiaFor Green Bay - on a green Saturn Vue 
4HAULNColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Dodge Ram 1500 p/u 
4HIS WYFRichmond, VirginiaFor His Wife - on a silver Ford Explorer 
4HISLOVPetersburg, VirginiaFor His Love - on a black Dodge Avenger 
4ISENUFChester, VirginiaFour Is Enough - on a silver Toyota 
4JOHN29Henrico, Virginia4th Chapter of John, verse 29 - on a blue Ford Focus 
4KDS 2USPrince George, VirginiaOn a tan Toyota Sienna 
4KNG2QNHopewell, VirginiaFour Kings, Two Queens - on a copper Scion 
4ME2CUPrince George, VirginiaFor Me To See You - on a gold Honda 
4MY DOGZEttrick, VirginiaOn a red Dodge 4X4 
4MYFRSTFt. Lee, VirginiaFor My First - on a white Ford 
4MYGINAChester, VirginiaOn a blue Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 
4NTIQUEChester, VirginiaOn a white business van dealing in auctions 
4RE-BIRDHarrisonburg, VirginiaFirebird - on a red Ford Mustang convertible 
4REN6 RNChester, VirginiaForensic Nurse - on a gold Dodge Caravan 
4SAUNAChester, VirginiaHas a sauna that fits 4 people - on a burgundy Dodge 4Runner 
4TABBYPrince George, Virginia4 Cats - on a gray Pontiac Grand Prix 
4U HERBSChester, VirginiaOn a gold Toyota 
4U I MOChester, VirginiaFor You I Mow - on a black Ford p/u (with a lawnmower in back) 
4U2LERNPrince George, VirginiaFor You To Learn - on a white Ford van 
4UHONEYHopewell, VirginiaFor You Honey - on a burgundy Hyundai 
4X4 2HIColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a green Isuzu Rodeo 
4X4XFARRColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Range Rover 
4YOU GMAChester, VirginiaFor You Grandma - on a blue Mercury Sable 
4YOU2NVPrince George, VirginiaOn a red Ford Taurus 
5 OVUSMechanicsville, VirginiaFive Of Us - on a burgundy Nissan 
5 RINGSColonial Heights, VirginiaA diehard Dallas Cowboys fan with a custom paint job - on a Mitsubishi Eclipse 
59STRCFPocahontas State Park, VirginiaOn a salmon 1959 Pontiac Star Chief 
5SKIBUMChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Hyundai 
5STR DVAEttrick, VirginiaFive Star Diva - on a black Nissan Maxima 
5XAMUMChesterfield, Virginia5 Times A Mother - on a blue Honda Odyssey 
6 YOUNGNHopewell, VirginiaSix Children - on a black Ford 
6KDSNUSColonial Heights, VirginiaSix Kids And Us - on a burgundy Ford Expedition 
6SHADESEnon, VirginiaOn a green Ford Windstar 
7 DANCEHopewell, VirginiaOn a cream Cadillac Escanande 
7 PURRSChester, VirginiaOwner of 7 Cats - on a blue Jeep 
7LUCKY7Petersburg, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 300 
7PATSYChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Ford Escape 
7YRICHChester, VirginiaSeven Year Itch - on a black Mazda 
8 4NANAChesterfield, Virginia8 Grandkids for Nana - on a silver Toyota Camry 
8GRDKDSHopewell, Virginia8 Grandchildren - on a black Ford Taurus 
8LBBASHopewell, VirginiaEight Pound Bass - on a gray Toyota Tundra 
8NASCAR8Henrico, VirginiaNascar Fan of Driver #88 - on a gray Kia 
9GSONSColonial Heights, VirginiaNine Grandsons - on a blue Toyota Sienna 
A BANANAColonial Heights, VirginiaA BANANA on a yellow VW Beetle 
A CARRSuffolk, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Expedition 
A SMLE4UHarrisonburg, VirginiaA Smile For You - on a blue Ford Escort 
A42N8VUAfton, VirginiaI saw this car at the rest area on I-64 and asked the driver what it meant. She said they lived on the side of a mountain in the Roanoke Virginialley area and had a beautiful view from where they lived. 
ABC XPRTChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Toyota 4Runner 
ABCD & MEChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Chevrolet Tahoe 
ABCDJKMHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a black Toyota 
ABUSEDHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
ACC NCChesterfield, Virginiaa fan of the University of North Carolina of the Atlantic Coast Conference) - on a tan Chevrolet Astra 
ACCORDNChester, VirginiaOn a tan Honda 
ACT IIChester, VirginiaAct 2 - on a red Ford p/u truck 
ACTTOOHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Hyundai 
ADICTVEChesterfield, VirginiaAddictive - on a white Scion 
ADORBLChesterfield, VirginiaAdorable - on a red Toyota 
AF SGTHopewell, VirginiaAir Force Sergeant - on a black Jeep 
AFWIFEChesterfield, VirginiaAir Force Wife - on a gray Ford Explorer 
AGAMEColonial Heights, VirginiaO a gold Buick 
AIM BNGFt. Lee, VirginiaAim Bang (on a National Rifle Assoc vanity plate) - on a burgundy Ford F150 p/u 
AIRBEARHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a small white p/u truck 
AL5UVUSHenrico, VirginiaAll Five Of Us - on a blue Chrysler or Cadillac 
ALBOT MEChester, VirginiaAll About Me - on a black Nissan Ultima 
ALITTL8Chester, VirginiaA Little Late - on a silver Honda 
ALL4ARTRichmond, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota 
ALL4SKYPetersburg, VirginiaOn a blue Dodge Avenger 
ALLIN3Colonial Heights, VirginiaAll In Three - on a black Chevrolet 
ALLTHWYRichmond, VirginiaAll The Way - on a black Subaru Outback 
ALUM83Chesterfield, VirginiaFor a 1983 Virginia Tech grad - on a gray Mazda Tribute 
AM I L8Chester, VirginiaAm I Late? - on a burgundy Chevrolet 
AM I L8Chester, VirginiaAm I Late? - on a white Lexus 
AMER DRMColonial Heights, VirginiaAmerican Dream - on a burgundy Chrysler 
AMTRAK2Hopewell, VirginiaOn a purple Ford Flex LTD 
AMUSEDHighland Springs, VirginiaOn a yellow Saturn Sky convertible 
AN ICONChester, VirginiaOn a white Jeep 
AN RCYColonial Heights, VirginiaAnarchy - on a black Ford F-150 p/u 
ANGEL #9Richmond, Virginia(North Carolina tag) - on a white Toyota Camry 
ANGIE RNChester, VirginiaFor a nurse - on a black Jeep 
ANJILIZMidlothian, ViriginiaAngel Eyes - on a burgundy Ford 
ANJYLRichmond, VirginiaAngel - on a gray Kia in Richmond 
ANN CHOWThe Villages, FloridaOn a green Toyota Highlander 
ANNEMLHopewell, VirginiaAnimal - on a gray Hyundai 
ANTI SOCHopewell, VirginiaAnti-social - on a white Ford 
APPLJCKMidlothian, VirginiaApple Jack - on a burgundy Honda 
ARCH 81Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Tahoe 
ARIES QTChester, VirginiaAries Cutie - on a blue Nissan Altima 
ARME BRTHopewell, VirginiaArmy Brat - on a white Nissan 
ARMY WIFEnon, VirginiaArmy Wife - on a white GMC Terrain 
AS I AMPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Lexus 
ASEWRRUChester, VirginiaA Sewer (of clothes) - Are You? - on a Green Nissan Pathfinder 
ASEWRRUChester, VirginiaFor a sewer (as in needle & thread), Are You? - on a green Nissan Pathfinder 
ASHZ TOYEnon, VirginiaOn a white Ford Sport 
ASPARKLHopewell, VirginiaA Sparkle - on a white Buick 
AT OBXColonial Heights, VirginiaAt the Outer Banks [NC] - on a white Lincoln 
ATH BLESPrince George, VirginiaOn a burgundy Pontiac Grand Am 
AU 67Chester, VirginiaEither American University grad class of 1967 or the periodic # for gold on the element table.  
AUDI BBYHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chevrolet Cruze 
AUG7THAnnapolis, MarylandOn a red Jeep 
AVENUESMidlothian, VirginiaOn a white Ford F150 p/u 
AVONNCVarina, VirginiaAvon, NC {a small town in eastern North Carolina} (NC tags) on a tan Lincoln 
AWANA BEttrick, VirginiaI Want To Be - on a black Toyota 
AWDBYHMColonial Heights, VirginiaAwed By Him - on a burgundy Nissan 
AWDBYHMHopewell, VirginiaAwed By Him - on a burgundy Nissan 
AWH UMADHopewell, VirginiaOn an orange Honda Civic 
B E-ZYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a dark purple Dodge 
B HMBLChesterfield, VirginiaBe Humble - on a wine Dodge Grand Cherokee SE 
B HMBLChesterfield, VirginiaBe Humble - on a burgundy Dodge Grand Caravan 
B VERYChester, VirginiaOn a green Saturn 
B-CONTNTMidlothian, VirginiaBe Content - on a burgundy Honda 
B4D PONYMechanicsville, VirginiaBad Pony - on a white Ford Mustang 
B4U IRPrince George, VirginiaBefore You I Are - on black Chevrolet p/u 
B4UGO-PHopewell, VirginiaPee Before You Go - on a burgundy Pontiac 
BABEDLLRichmond, VirginiaBaby Doll - on a Green Nissan Altima 
BABY FOXChester, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Ranger 
BAC UPColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a tan Acura 
BAD GIRLColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford Mustang convertible 
BAD LABPrince George, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet 
BAD NANRPrince George, VirginiaBad Banana - on a banana yellow Dodge 
BADD BOYHopewell, VirginiaBad Boy - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
BAITCARColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Infiniti 
BARBRA KMechanicsville, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
BARNEYChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford F150 p/u 
BASS10Prince George, VirginiaOn a yellow Dodge Ram p/u (sportsman vanity plate) 
BATBOYChester, VirginiaOn a gold Kia Sedona 
BAY WACHChesterfield, VirginiaBay Watch - on a red Chevrolet p/u 
BAYTMEColonial Heights, VirginiaBay Time - likes to spend time on the Chesapeake Bay - on a white Honda 
BBCHAMPMidlothian, VirginiaWith a university of North Carolina logo on tag 
BBGMUMAChester, VirginiaBig Momma - on a gold Honda 
BBY BMRAshland, VirginiaBaby Boomer - on a silver Toyota RAV 4 
BCH BUMNHopewell, VirginiaBeach Bummin' - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
BCH GRMYChesterfield, VirginiaBeach Grammy - on a green Honda 
BCKSHTChesterfield, VirginiaBuck Shot - on a red GMC Sierra p/u 
BDLITEHarrisonburg, VirginiaBed Light (or Bud Light) - on a silver Chevrolet 
BE CLEARHopewell, VirginiaOn a sliver Hyundai Accent 
BEACH DJColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a brown Toyota Tundra p/u 
BEAGLE-3St. Charles, MarylandOn a burgundy GMC Jimmy 
BEANChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white VW 
BEAN PODColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a copper Honda 
BEARS 01Prince George, VirginiaOn a white GMC 
BEARZ FAColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Toyota Highlander 
BEE LKMEChesterfield, VirginiaBe Like Me - on a YELLOW Dodge Charger 
BEE-4 GODChester, VirginiaOn a teal Chevy Cavalier 
BEL BOYZChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black VW 
BELIEVHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Escape 
BERGTONHarrisonburg, VirginiaBergton is a small town in the far nw corner of Rockingham County, Virginia. 
BETR HAFColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Camaro 
BETYS PTChesterfield, VirginiaBetty's PT - on a grape Chrysler PT Cruiser 
BEWBZChesterfield, VirginiaBoobies - on a breast Cancer awareness plate on a white Nissan 
BFY GIRLRichmond, VirginiaButterfly Girl - on a silver Hyundai 
BGIRLX6Surry, VirigniaOn a silver Nissan Versa 
BGY WUGYEnon, VirginiaOn a blue VW Beetle 
BIG BO1Hopewell, VirginiaOn a black Dodge Silverado p/u 
BIG CNTYChester, VirginiaBig Country - on a blue & white Ford F150 p/u truck 
BIG DUCKPrince George, VirginiaOn a white Ford Expedition 
BIG GIRLColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet van 
BIG LUMPHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Silverado p/u 
BIG TIMEHopewell, VirginiaNickname - on a plum Chrysler PT Cruiser 
BIG-EEChesterfield, VirginiaWA state tag - on a black Lexus 
BIGDOLLKing George, VirginiaBig Doll - on a white Nissan 
BILLIJOChester, VirginiaOn a red Ford Mustang 
BINKIESHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Ford Focus 
BIRDS 8Dayton, VirginiaOn a white Toyota Tundra 
BLAK EYERichmond, VirginiaBlack Eye - on a black Dodge p/u 
BLAZ2NSDColonial Heights, Viriginia(NY tags) - on a white Cadillac 
BLED BLUChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Jeep 
BLEUBELPrince George, VirginiaBlue Bell - on a gold Honda Civic 
BLK CRWSChester, VirginiaBlack Crows - on a gray Nissan Altima 
BLK GRLHopewell, VirginiaBlack Girl - on a red Chevrolet Impala 
BLK JAVAColonial Heights, VirginiaBlack Java - on a gray Ford Taurus 
BLK LINCRichmond, VirginiaOn a black Lincoln Freedom 
BLKHAMRChesterfield, VirginiaBlack Hammer - on a blue Dodge 
BLKPRRLChester, VirginiaBlack Pearl - on a black Ford Explorer 
BLN CHKHopewell, VirginiaBlank Check or Blond Chick - on a burgundy Mazda 
BLNDS-UPMechanicsville, VirginiaBlinds Up - on a burgundy Subaru 
BLON-D3Colonial Heights, VirginiaBlondie - on a gold Chrysler PT Cruiser 
BLON-DUHElkton, VirginiaFor a Blonde driver (duh!) - on a silver Dodge Neon 
BLSSD QTChesterfield, VirginiaBlessed Cutie - on a blue Chevrolet 
BLU ANGEChester, VirginiaBlue Angel - on a white Dodge Caravan 
BLU FARYChester, VirginiaBlue Fairy - on a blue KIA Spectra 
BLUZ KATCrozet, VirginiaOn a blue Ford 
BLUZ-ROCHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a silver Honda CR-V 
BMINE2Chesterfield, VirginiaBe Mine 2 - on a gray Chevrolet Surburban 
BOATTOYMidlothian, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota Highlander 
BOBPAWHenrico, VirginiaNickname for Grandpa - on a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser 
BONERichmond, Virginia(NC tags) on a black Ford 
BONE 22Enon, VirginiaOn a white Dodge Ram p/u 
BONN AIRHenrico, VirginiaBon Air (a Richmond neighborhood) - on a tan Lexus 
BOOKD UPChesterfieldBooked Up - on gray Lexus 
BOOKS4UEnon, VirginiaBooks For You - on a burgundy Nissan Murano 
BORNINChester, VirginiaBorn in (the northern neck, Tappahannock area) - a vanity plate, on a green Ford Expedition 
BOSS BUSColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a purple Dodge Caravan 
BOW MADHopewell, VirginiaFor A Hunter - on a burgundy Ford Expedition p/u 
BOWGRLMidlothian, VirginiaTake A Bow Girl (dancer emblem on back glass) - on a red Subaru Forrester 
BPECOKColonial Heights, VirginiaBeautiful Peacock - on a blue Pontiac Grand AM 
BRANDDChester, VirginiaBrandy or Brandee - on a black Ford Mustang 
BRD DOGSColonial Heights, VirginiaBird Dogs - on a blue Toyota Tundra p/u 
BRKBRDChesterfield, VirginiaBreak Bread - on a black Chevrolet Malibu 
BRN_BEUTHopewell, VirginiaBrown Beauty - on a silver Mercury Mountaineer 
BRONCOZUpper Marlboro, MarylandFor a Denver Broncos fan - on a silver Lexus 
BRWNS 01Frederick, MarylandCleveland Browns Fan (Ohio tag) - on a green Toyota 
BRZY NOLChester, VirginiaBreezy Knoll - on a blue Chev. Suburban 
BSYBOF3Prince George, VirginiaBusy Bee Of 3 (has 3 children) - on a silver Chrysler 
BTCHY GRHopewell, VirginiaBitchy Girl - on a green Ford Escort 
BTRUTOUChester, VirginiaBe True To Yourself - on a blue Jeep Laredo 
BUBBLYChester, VirginiaOn a blue Jeep 
BUBNMOOChester, VirginiaOn a white Nissan Maxima 
BUCKS CODarlington, MarylandA county in Pennsylvania - on a burgundy Honda Accord 
BUCNUT1Prince George, VirginiaOn a red GMC p/u truck 
BUDENMEChester, VirginiaBud And Me - on a burgandy Ford Fusion 
BUDOGUYRichmond, VirginiaBudweiser beer fan - on a white Volvo station wagon 
BUDSMOMGoochland, VirginiaVermont tags - on a black Ford Explorer 
BUGINGHenrico, VirginiaOn a black VW Beetle 
BUGS GMAIvor, VirginiaBug’s Grandma - on a red Pontiac 
BUGSTYLVarina, VirginiaBug Style (PA - on an orange Scion 
BUM LF2Henrico, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota 
BUS RIDEPrince George, VirginiaOn a black Ford Excursion 
BUY GFTSHenrico, VirginiaBuy Gifts - on a tan Cadillac 
BXM SISHopewell, VirginiaBuxom Sister - on a gray Ford 
BYSBOF 3Prince George, VirginiaBusy Bee Of Three - on a silver Chrysler 
BYYE BYEChester, VirginiaOn a white Galant 
BZPLAYNEnon, VirginiaBusy Playing - on a teal Z71 Chevrolet p/u 
C4C5C6Chester, VirginiaMarine Corps vanity plate on a silver Honda 
CAB-MKERHopewell, VirginiaCabinet Maker - on a gray Ford p/u 
CABMNTNCharlottesville, VirginiaCabin in the Mountains on a black jeep p/u truck 
CAMONEHopewell, VirginiaCome On Duke Blue Devils - on a blue Ford Mustang 
CAMP NUTHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a red Nissan p/u 
CANIMOMColonial Heights, VirginiaCan I Mom? - on a gray Chrysler Town & Country 
CAROBOOChester, VirginiaOn a silver Chevy Trailblazer 
CASUAL 1Louisa, VirigniaCasual One (VT tags) - on a black GMC Savana 
CAT LVERChester, VirginiaCat Lover - on a black Toyota Camry 
CATBYRDChester, VirginiaCatbird - on a green Jeep 
CATSX3Chester, VirginiaDriver has 3 cats - on a gold Toyota RAV4 
CBETYGORichmond, VirginiaSee Betty Go - on a white Lexus 
CBSRGR8Port Royal, VirginiaCB radios are great - on a gray Dodge pickup 
CFORMEChesterfield, VirginiaThe Sea For Me - on a Chesapeake Bay vanity pl8 on a blue Subaru 
CHESBGRColonial Heights, VirginiaCheeseburger - on a blue Ford F-150 p/u truck 
CHEVY LVChester, VirginiaDriver loves his Chevrolet - on a gray Chevrolet Tahoe 
CHI-N8TVHenrico, VirginiaOn a tan Cadillac 
CHNCELRGoochland, VirginiaChancellor - on a gray Toyota Camry 
CHOSENChesterfield, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Corolla 
CHRG THSPrince George, VirginiaCharge This - on a white Dodge Charger 
CIA 2CBrandermill, VirginiaOn a white Lexus 
CICADASEnon, VirginiaOn a black Toyota station wagon 
CIRCL VLDayton, VirginiaCircleville (a town in Pendleton county, WV) - on a burgundy Mercury 
CLASY RNHopewell, VirginiaClassy Registered Nurse - on a black Range Rover 
CLUCKSHenrico, VirginiaOn a blue Honda 
CMEMEGOChester, VirginiaOn a red Chrysler convertible 
CMY JLPrince George, VirginiaSee My Jail (on a police plate) - on a gray Jeep 
CMYGTGOColonial Heights, VirginiaSee My GT Go - on a silver Ford Mustang GT 
CNCRSXSHopewell, VirginiaSame plate also seen on a gray Toyota Accura, also in Hopewell, Virginia 
CNRETE-1Hopewell, VirginiaConcrete One - on a white Dodge Big Horn p/u 
COACHChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white GMC Yukon 
COAL CARColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Dodge Ram p/u 
COLD-BRZChester, VirginiaCold Breeze - on a burgundy Ford Taurus 
COLT 88Chesterfield, VirginiaOn a copper Jeep 
COM1CS 1Hopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Cavalier 
CONMANNColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Jeep 
COOK BBQSouth Hill, VirginiaOn a white Ford Explorer 
COOKIESColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Scion 
COOLKDChesterfield, VirginiaCool Kid - on a black Toyota 
CORD OF 3Chester, VirginiaOn a burgandy Ford 
CRAB LDYMechanicsville, VirginiaCrab Lady - on a burgundy Hyundai 
CRAB LEGPrince George, VirginiaOn a burgundy Toyota Tundra p/u 
CRAWFSHMidlothian, VirigniaCrawfish - on a silver Subaru Forrester 
CRAZGRLHopewell, VirginiaCrazy Girl - on a gray Ford Taurus 
CRSWNDColonial Heights, VirginiaCrosswind (Illinois plate) - on a red Ford Explorer 
CRUZNUPChester, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser 
CRZYQTEnon, VirginiaCrazy Cutie - on a orange Jeep 
CRZYVALKeswick, VirginiaCrazy Val - on a black Nissan Altima 
CUPR WRXChesterfield, VirginiaCooper Works - on a blue and gray Mini Cooper 
CURDOG7Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a black GMC Sierra pickup 
CUTEEPIHarrisonburg, VirginiaCutie Pie [MD tags] on a yellow VW Beetle 
CUTTTERChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black BMW 
CUZISDHenrico, VirginiaCause I Said - on a silver Toyota 
CVNGTNChester, VirginiaCovington - on a blue Toyota 
CYNDBUGColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Expedition 
CYSCO KDHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
CZ 2DAEColonial Heights, VirginiaSeize Today - on a gray Ford Escape 
CZ TH DYHarrisonburg, VirginiaSeize The Day - on a silver Dodge Grand Caravan 
D PORTEMChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue & white GMC Suburban truck 
D TERMINHopewell, VirginiaDetermine/d - on a burgundy Hyundai Elantra 
D&NCRSPowhatan, VirginiaDancers - on a gray Jeep 
D-CWBOIZColonial Heights, VirginiaDallas Cowboys - on a white Honda Santa Fe 
DA RDHDWakefield, VirginiaThe Road Ahead - on a black Chevy Geo Prizm 
DA1ULVColonial Heights, VirginiaThe One You Love - on a silver Chrysler Town & Country 
DA1ZEEMidlothian, VirginiaDaisy - on a silver Jeep 
DAAGUMPrince George, VirginiaSlang word with many meanings (shock, surprise, disgust, etc.) - on a gray Nissan 
DAANGGChester, VirginiaOn a black Nissan 
DAD-CHEFChesterfield, VirginiaOn a silver Hyundai Elantra 
DADBITZDinwiddie, VirginiaDad Bites - on a gold Chevrolet convertible 
DADIMSUColonial Heights, VirginiaDad, I Miss You - on a gray Chevrolet 
DAISEY 5Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Ford Expedition 
DANCE MERichmond, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 
DANKE TKEnon, VirginiaThanks in German - on a white Chevy Blazer 
DANZN QTChester, VirginiaDancing Cutie 
DAVID 65Hopewell, VirginiaOn a black Ford F150 p/u 
DAWGGSMechanicsville, VirginiaDogs - on a green Honda CR-V 
DAY NANAWaynesboro, VirginiaDaytime Grandmother - on a green Toyota 
DBL ACESChester, VirginiaDouble Aces - on a tan Chevrolet Tahoe 
DBLTAPNChesterfield, VirginiaDouble Tapping - for a tap dancer - on a burgundy Toyota Corolla 
DDYS BRTChester, VirginiaDaddy’s brat - on a black Toyota 
DE LAKEChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chevrolet 
DECK FAMChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy GMC Yukon 
DEES MKZHopewell, VirginiaOn a burgundy Lincoln MKZ 
DELEON 2Chester, VirginiaOn a red Chevrolet Sonic 
DEMPOLSChesterfield, VirginiaSouthern speak for dimples [Georgia tags] - on a black Nissan 
DEVLMANEnon, VirginiaDevil Man - on a red Mazda 
DICK-CATColonial HeightsOn a blue Cadillac 
DIMPLEPrince George, VirginiaOn a gray Honda Accord 
DIRT RDSPrince George, VirginiaDirt Roads - on a red Jeep 
DISTRBDPrince George, VirginiaDisturbed - on a bronze Dodge Neon 
DIXECKChester, VirginiaDixie Chick - on a silver Buick 
DL CBOYSHenrico, VirginiaDallas Cowboys Fan - on a black Ford p/u 
DO-UTEEZColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gold Lexus 
DOC HSuffolk, VirginiaOn a blue Chevrolet Suburban 
DOCS GALColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a green Ford Tararus 
DOG SUVChester, VirginiaOn a red Isuzu Pup in Chester 
DOGG MNChesterfield, VirginiaDog Man - on a black Chevrolet p/u 
DOORNOBPrince George, VirginiaDoor Knob - on a blue Chevy Caprice 
DORKYYOUChesterfield, VirginiaDorky You (North Carolina tags) - on a black GMC 
DOUGLESCharlottesville, VirginiaOn a tan Cadillac 
DR DEVILPrince George, VirginiaOn a black Jeep 
DR LOVEPrince George, VirginiaOn a red Dodge p/u truck 
DR-CAROLMidlothian, VirginiaOn a blue Lexus 
DRAG VETColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Ford F150 FX4 OffRoad p/u truck, and also seen on a black Ford F150 p/u 
DRAG-150Prince George, VirginiaOn a yellow Ford Mustang 
DRBONE1Prince George, VirginiaOn a gray Chevrolet Tahoe 
DRGSTRPGlen Allen, VirginiaDrag Strip - on a black Nissan 
DRT FRMRChesterfield, VirginiaDirt Farmer - on a dirty blue Dodge p/u truck 
DRUZ MAWChester, VirginiaDrew’s Mom - on a burgandy Pontiac Grand Am 
DUCK&MESutherland, VirginiaOn a silver Dodge Avenger 
DUDLYFMChesterfield Court House, VirginiaDudley Family - on a blue Chevrolet Malibu 
DUHELLOChesterfield, VirginiaOn a silver Acura 
DUNCANSWaynesboro, VirginiaOn a white Ford Expedition 
DUUHHRichmond, VirginiaOn a burgundy Toyota Tacoma p/u 
DVR DOWNChesterfield, VirginiaDiver Down (for a scuba diver) - on a white Mitsubishi 
DYNASTColonial Heights, VirginiaDentist or Dynasty - on a gray Volvo 
DZCOVRYColonial Heights, VirginiaDiscovery - on a white Ford Expedition 
E OF EDNCharlottesville, VirginiaEast of Eden - on a green Jeep 
EARLNMEHopewell, VirginiaEarl and Me - on a burgundy Cadillac 
EASIERHopewell, VirginiaOn a yellow/orange Ford Mustang 
EBBE ZOOChester, VirginiaOn a red Kia Spectra 5 
EDS TRUKEnon, VirginiaEd's Truck - on a silver Dodge Ram P/U 
EETMUDColonial Heights, VirginiaEat Mud - on a monster red Dodge p/u truck w/oversized tires 
EL-PINTOChesterfield, VirginiaOn a green Ford Mustang 
ELLA BOOHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Jeep 
ELPINTORichmond, VirginiaOn a green Ford Mustang 
EMILY VPrince George, Virginia(NC tags) On a white Chevrolet 
EMMY 4VTWeyers Cave, VirginiaA Virginia Tech Fan - on a silver Honda 
ENERGYChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue Hyundai Sonata 
ENSIGHTPrince George, VirginiaOn a black Dodge Dakota p/u 
ENVI MEPetersburg, VirginiaEnvy Me - on white Europa 
EONS AGOHenrico, VirginiaOn a silver Nissan Frontier p/u truck 
ER MEDICHopewell, VirginiaEmergency Room Doctor - on a red Dodge Ram p/u truck 
ERLY TMZHenrico, VirginiaEarly Times - on a green Ford 
ESSNTNHenrico, VirginiaOn a steel blue Honda 
ETTRICKPrince George, Virginia(a town that butts up next to Colonial Heights where VSU is located) - on a red Mitsubishi Mirage 
EUN SUN 1Chester, ViriginiaThis car had Illinois plates on it. I saw it at the Chester library. The driver was a military man and he said it was his wife's name and that she was Oriental. When I first looked at the tag, I thought it said Fun Sun. 
EUZZLERichmond, VirginiaOn a green Toyota 
EVEN NOWHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Chevrolet 
EVENTMt. Crawford, VirginiaOn a red Ford Focus 
EXIT 240Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a gold Suziki XL-7 
EYEONUColonial Heights, VirginiaEye On You - on a silver Nissan Rogue 
EZ DUDEChester, VirginiaOn a black Nissan Pathfinder 
EZ LIFE2Colonial Heights, VirginiaEasy Life Also - on a blue Ford Crown Victoria 
EZ2HIDEHopewell, VirginiaEasy To Hide - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
EZY EDHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Ford Focus 
FAST DZLHopewell, VirginiaFast Diesel - on a blue VW Jetta 
FATT BBYMidlothian, VirginiaFat Baby/Bobby - on a silver Dodge 
FEARLEZColonial Heights, VirginiaFearless - on a Toyota Titan p/u 
FEARNOWWalthall, VirginiaOn a white Honda CRX 
FEENIXXColonial Heights, VirginiaPhoenix - on a black BMW 
FEISTYEnon, VirginiaOn a red Honda 
FFWF CO7Richmond, VirginiaFire Fighter’s Wife Company #7 - on a white Jeep Grand Cherokee 
FIDD STKColonial Heights, VirginiaOh, Fiddle Sticks - on a red Jeep Grand Cherokee 
FIDOEnon, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford Contour 
FIL PILSChesterfield, VirginiaFill Pills - a pharmacist's job - on a black Volvo 
FILE13Enon, VirginiaOn a silver Hyundai 
FIRCRKRZDinwiddie, VirginiaFirecrackers (NY tags) - on a burgundy Honda 
FLFREEMcKenney, VirginiaFeel Free - on a burgundy Hyundai 
FLMNGOOPrince George, VirginiaFlamingo - on a yellow Chevrolet Cobra 
FLTDEKPrince George, VirginiaFlight Deck - on a white Chevrolet Eldorado P/U truck 
FLUTAGEMechanicsville, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Mustang 
FLY PHISColonial Heights, ViriginiaFly fishing - on a red Dodge 4x4 
FMLI BUSRichmond, VirginiaFamily Bus - on a black Toyota 
FOCUSSDColonial Heights, VirginiaFocused - on a gray Ford Focus 
FOG 07Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Explorer 
FOLKIEMarylandOn a gray Honda Pilo 
FOOOTEChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue Chevrolet Equinox 
FOR FAYPrince George, VirginiaOn a gray Hyundai 
FORE1GNHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a blue BMW 
FORHANDVirginiaFor a tennis player - on a dark blue Mitsibshi 
FOUN10Chester, VirginiaFountain (of knowledge) - on a gold Lexus 
FOUNDADColonial Heights, VirginiaFound Dad - on a black Ford F150 p/u truck 
FOXCEChesterfield, VirginiaFoxey - on a green Dodge Caravan 
FOXMORERichmond, VirginiaOn a black Ford F150 p/u 
FSHN FVRHenrico, VirginiaFishing Fever - on a black Lexus 
FUR FMLYMidlothian, VirginiaOn a gold Ford Focus 
FUZY TXIPrince George, VirginiaFuzzy Taxi - on a blue Dodge Grand Caravan 
FXY LADYChesterfield, VirginiaFoxy Lady - on a white Toyota 
FYRGRLYChester, VirginiaFor a lady fire fighter - on a burgundy Ford 
FYTNWOPetersburg, VirginiaFight The New World Order - on a silver Saturn 
G W PHNXCapon Bridge, West VirginiaGolden Warrior Phoenix - on a blue Saturn 
G-NEEPetersburg, VirginiaGenie - on a red Ford Explorer 
G4KIDZ2Hopewell, VirginiaGreat For Kids Too - on a gray Ford E350 van 
GA BOUNDChesterfield, VirginiaGeorgia Bound - on a gray Kia 
GABY CARChester, VirginiaOn a green Toyota 
GATOR 2UHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Nissan Altima 
GAVE INChester, VirginiaOn a silver Honda Odyssey 
GD2UIOColonial Heights, VirginiaGod, To You I Owe - on a gold Ford Escort 
GDBGLRYRichmond, VirginiaGod Be The Glory - on a black Hummer 
GDC 2ITChesterfield, VirginiaGod See To It - on a black Cadillac 
GDFREYPrince George, VirginiaGodfrey - on a red Dodge Durango 
GDIEUPHenrico, VirginiaGetty Up (western movie slang) - on a blue Ford Mustang 
GDZ 2GFSChester, VirginiaGod’s 2 Gifts (children) - on a blue Chrysler Town & Country 
GEDEYUPHopewell, VirginiaOn a yellow Ford Mustang 
GEEDADSandston, VirginiaOn a red Toyota 
GENETTEPrince George, VirginiaOn a black Mazda 
GEOMTRYMidlothian, VirginiaGeometry - on a purple Chrysler PT Cruiser 
GERCZAXHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
GERTHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota 
GET HELPPrince George, VirginiaOn a green Chrysler LeBaron 
GETCHU 1Hopewell, VirginiaGet You One - on a white Mercedes 
GIBILLChesterfield, VirginiaG I Bill - on a white Ford Focus 
GIGL BXPetersburg, VirginiaGiggle Box - on a purple Chevy Cavalier 
GIRLS RLEHarrisonburg, VirginiaGirls Rule - on a red Ford Escort 
GITAGRPVerona, VirginiaGet A Grip - on a white Ford 
GITSMRTHenrico, VirginiaGet Smart - on a white Chevrolet 
GKIDS7Chester, Virginia7 Grandchildren - on a burgundy Toyota Avalon 
GLD2BMEChester, VirginiaGlad To Be Me - on a green Honda 
GLOW NColonial Heights, VirginiaGlowing - on a white Nissan Exterra 
GM2ALLColonial Heights, VirginiaGood Morning To All - on a gray Pontiac Montana 
GMA KITYChester, VirginiaGrandma Kitty - on a red Ford Mustang 
GMAS VANChester, VirginiaGrandma’s Van - on a burgandy Plymouth Grand Voyager 
GMAZ4X4Colonial Heights, VirginiaGrandma's 4x4 - on a silver Ford Explorer 
GO 4EVERPrince George, VirginiaOn a white Toyota 
GO FESNColonial Heights, VirginiaGo Fishin' - on a burgundy Ford Pinto Pup p/u 
GO GETR3Prince George, VirginiaOn a beige Cadillac 
GO OFFHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
GOAT L8YColonial Heights, VirginiaGoat Lady - on a tan Ford Escort 
GOCOBXHopewell, VirginiaGo See the Outer Banks - on a silver Chevrolet Suburban 
GOD4US2Colonial Heights, VirginiaGod For Us Too - (Maryland tags) on a white Oldsmobile Intrique 
GODZLUVRichmond, VirginiaGod's Love - on a gold Volvo 
GOODBYEChester, VirginiaGoodbye - on a gold Nissan 
GOSPELZion Crossroads, VirginiaOn a black VW Jetta 
GOT WORDRichmond, VirginiaOn a grape (purple) Toyota Highlander 
GOT14YAEnon, VirigniaGot One For You - on a red Pontiac 
GOTA GOLFThe Villages, FloridaOn a blue Chrysler Town & Country 
GOWITITColonial Heights, ViriginiaGo With It - on a tan Chevrolet Tahoe 
GPA TAXIChesterfield, VirginiaGrandpa's Taxi - on a gray Ford Taraus 
GPYZ WGNColonial Heights, VirginiaGypsy's Wagon - on a red Nissan Cube 
GR8 IML8TRoanoke, VirginiaGreat, I’m Late - on a red Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 
GR8NEZZColonial Heights, VirginiaGreatness - on a red Chevy Cavalier 
GR8PAPAHighland Springs, VirginiaGreat Papa - on a white GMC Yukon 
GR8TNEZHopewell, VirginiaGreatness - on a silver Oldsmobile Alero 
GRAMPSDarlington, MarylandOn a blue Chevrolet Cobalt 
GREENLFEnon, VirginiaGreen Leaf - on a blue Ford p/u 
GREMMALouisa, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota Corolla 
GREY FXPetersburg, VirginiaGrey Fox - on a silver Jeep 
GRISWOLChester, VirginiaOn a white Jeep 
GRITS-43Petersburg, VirginiaOn a yellow & black Jeep 
GRITY FTChester, VirginiaGritty Feet - on a gold Chevy Tahoe 
GRMA 1XColonial Heights, VirginiaGrandma One Time - on a white Ford Explorer 
GRMA IXColonial Heights, Virginia9 Times a Grandma - on a white Ford Explorer 
GRNS GRLHopewell, VirginiaGranny’s Girl - on a yellow Ford GT Mustang 
GRUVEYChester, VirginiaGroovy - on a red Mitsibishi 
GSTN LKEChester, VirginiaLake Gaston (a lake on the VA/NC state line) - on a burgundy GMC 
GTOWNFalls Church, VirginiaGeorgetown - on gray Toyota 
GTRDUN7Colonial HeightsThis car had big letters on the rear window which said, 'Excuse Me For Driving The Speed Limit' 
GTRDUNNHenrico, VirginiaGet It Done - on a black Cadillac Seville 
GTTR MANChester, VirginiaGutter Man - on a white Ford panel truck 
GTYR-DUNMechanicsville, VirginiaGetter Done - on a white Chevrolet p/u 
GUBRTRKChester, VirginiaGoober Truck - on a green Dodge p/u 
GUMChester, VirginiaGUM - on a white Ford Explorer 
GUM GUMChester, VirginiaOn a red Ford Explorer 
GUMBALLMechanicsville, VirginiaOn a grey Chevrolet Suburban 
GUMPYPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 
GUN RAKPrince George, VirigniaGun Rack - on a black Chevrolet p/u 
GYM BUGChester, VirginiaOn a gray VW Jetta 
GYM_RAT2Hopewell, VirginiaOn a white Dodge Ram 1500 p/u truck 
H20 MDHarrisonburg, VirginiaWater Doctor - on a white Honda Pilot 
H2O PPLChesterfield, VirginiaWater People - on a burgundy Toyota Sienna 
H2O TAXIAlberta, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Virginian 
H2OFREEDewitt, VirginiaOn a gray Ford (North Carolina tags) 
H3LO-KTYColonial Heights, VirginiaHello Kitty - on a burgundy GMC Yukon XL 
H8 DOORSColonial Heights, ViriginiaHate Doors - on a black Jeep 
HA MERCYHopewell, VirginiaHave Mercy - on a black Hyundai Elantra 
HAIR DOCChester, VirginiaOn a white Hyundai Elantra 
HALFULLChesterfield, VirginiaHalf Full - on a white Honda 
HANDFULPrince George, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chrysler Pacifica 
HANDY4UPetersburg, VirginiaOn a tan Chevrolet p/u 
HANG-ARTLouisa, VirginiaOn a brown Scion 
HAP FAM1Richmond, VirginiaOn a white Ford 
HAPI NOWChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue VW 
HATE ITPetersburg, VirginiaDon't You Just Hate It? 
HAWK FANHarrisonburg, VirginiaAtlanta Hawk Fan - on a blue Dodge Grand Caravan 
HAWK GALColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser 
HDN2LAMidlothian, VirginiaHeading to Los Angeles - on a white Nissan Rogue 
HEALTHMidlothian, VirginiaOn a brown Volvo 
HED LNRSHenrico, VirginiaHead Liners - on a blue and silver Honda Element 
HEDNWESTChesterfield, VirginiaHeading West (North Carolina tags) - on a blue Jeep 
HEN MADHopewell, VirginiaOn a tan Jeep 
HENRIEPetersburg, VirginiaOn a white GMC Terrain 
HER BMW3Chester, VirginiaOn a silver BMW 
HERD UMHopewell, VirginiaOn a burgundy Toyota 
HEVIMETLNorth CarolinaHeavy Metal - on a white Ford 
HEY UColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a blue Caprice Classic Chevrolet 
HI RDRPrince George, VirginiaHigh Rider - on a jacked up black Chevrolet p/u truck 
HI YLLChester, VirginiaHi You All (southern speak) on a gray Toyota Camry 
HIGHChester, VirginiaOn a red Dodge p/u truck 
HIGH NUFChester, VirginiaOn a jacked up black GMC p/u 
HILLZBGEnon, VirginiaDriver's last name and model of car - on a gray VW Beetle 
HIRPWRChester, VirginiaHigher Power - on a gold Honda Pilot 
HISWAYEnon, VirginiaHis Way - on a gray Ford Focus 
HIZ LOVEHenrico, VirginiaHis Love - on a gray Toyota 
HL2DQNPrince George, VirginiaHail to da Queen - on a yellow VW convertible 
HLF SIZELouisa, VirginiaHalf Size - on a red Mini Cooper 
HLPUMOVColonial Heights, VirginiaHelp You Move - on a Gray Toyota Avalon 
HLY MTNRichmond, VirginiaHolly/Holy Mountain - on a silver Jeep 
HND TLKRMidlothian, VirginiaHand Talker - on a white Jeep Compass 
HNTTEDHarrisonburg, VirginiaHunted or Hinted - on a blue Toyota Cruiser 
HNYPIEHopewell, VirginiaHoney Pie - on a burgundy Ford Taurus 
HNYTHDRColonial Heights, VirginiaHandy Tooth Doctor - on a burgundy Hyundai 
HNYTHDRColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a blue Hyundai 
HOG-LESSHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
HOGWASHChesterfield, VirginiaHog Wash - on a silver Scion 
HOKE FAMRichmond, VirginiaFamily Fans for VA Tech - on a black Honda Pilot 
HOLD MEZions Cross Road, VirginiaOn a red Ford Expedition 
HOMR ROXChester, VirginiaHomer Simpson Rocks - on a red Ford Focus 
HONY BEEChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white GMC Sierra p/u truck 
HOOS FVRGum Spring, VirginiaUniversity of Virginia fan - on a blue Ford Focus 
HORSRCNMechanicsville, VirginiaHorse Racing - on a white Kia 
HOT DOTMidlothian, VirginiaOn a black Honda 
HOT RODRChester, VirginiaHot Rodder - on a silver Dodge p/u 
HOW-EZRUChester, VirginiaHow Easy Are You? - on a gold Ford p/u 
HR & NOWChesterfield, VirginiaHere And Now - on a gray Honda 
HRTDOCHopewell, VirginiaHeart Doctor - on a white Jaguar 
HSHOLD 6Dinwiddie, Virginia6 in the family - on a silver GMC Acadia 
HSILVUColonial Heights, VirginiaDriver's Significant Other initials with I Love You - on a silver Ford 
HT PINKChesterfield, VirginiaOn a hot pink Nissan 
HT THNG2Harrisonburg, VirginiaHot Thing 2 - on a blue Kia 
HU I MOChester, VirginiaOn a black Ford pickup 
HUGABLEPrince George, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Explorer 
HUGCUBRichmond, VirginiaOn a black GMC p/u 
HUGEMPetersburg, VirginiaHug Them - on a green Chevrolet Trail Blazer 
HUMDNGREttrick, VirginiaHumdinger - on a gray Hummer 
HUMNBRDEnon, VirginiaHummingbird - on a blue Honda Civic 
HUNEBNColonial Heights, VirginiaHoney Bun - on a black Nissan Altima in Colonial Heights 
HUNNYBBelleview, FloridaOn a yellow Ford Mustang 
HUSKERZMidlothian, VirginiaUniversity of Nebraska Fan - on a black Dodge Avenger 
HV MERCYChester, VirginiaHave Mercy - on a black Hyundai Elantra 
HZ BOOColonial Heights, VirginiaHis Girlfriend - on a white Lexus 
I APRAISPrince George, VirginiaReal Estate Appraiser - on a white Mercedes Benz station wagon 
I ASK1STChester, VirginiaI Asked First - on a black GMC p/u 
I B ELLEChesterfield, VirginiaI Be Elly - on a red Ford Escape 
I CAN BIColonial Heights, VirginiaI Can Buy - on a silver Toyota RAV4 
I FIATEDColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Fiat 
I GVMYLFColonial Heights, VirginiaI Give My Life - on a white Hummer 
I HLP KDSChester, VirginiaI Help Kids - on a black Honda Civic 
I I 3Colonial Heights, VirginiaDriver's grandfather had this tag when they used Roman numerals and it (the tag - updated, of course) has been in his family ever since 
I TCH2NDColonial Heights, VirginiaI Teach 2nd Grade - on a gray Toyota Highlander 
I TRUSTUColonial Heights, VirginiaI Trust You - on a black Honda 
I WANA RDPrince George, VirginiaI Want To Ride - on a green Ford F150 p/u 
I WORK TOColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Chrysler Town & Country (sporting a retired Navy PL8 holder) 
I-BINGOChesterfield, VirginiaFor a Bingo Player - on a white Chevrolet Mazda 
I-FIATEDHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Fiat 
I-MS THEMShort Pump, VirginiaI Miss Them - on a gold Dodge 
I-RESTLERichmond, VirginiaI Wrestle - on a black Chevrolet Super Sport 
I17Colonial Heights, VirginiaI 17 - Winning Bingo Number - on a burgundy Toyota Tundra p/u 
IACED13Chester, VirginiaHad a hole in one on the 13th hole - on a white Nissan 
IALWZWNHopewell, VirginiaI Always Win - on a blue Hyundai 
IAM-MAIChesterfield, VirginiaI am Mai - on gray Cadillac 
IAMGONEChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Hyundai Santa Fe 
IB JerryPrince George, VirginiaI Am Jerry - on a gray Chevrolet p/u 
IB TCHNColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet 
IBBACKPrince George, VirginiaI Be Back - on a gray Toyota Rav4 
IBDEBBChester, VirginiaI Be Debb - on a silver Saturn Vue XE 
ICANTW8Prince George, VirginiaI Can't Wait - on a gray Dodge Grand Caravan; also seen on a blue Chevrolet in Hopewell, VA 
ICRASHWakefield, VirginiaOn a red Dodge Ram p/u truck 
ICU GRTNChester, VirginiaI See You Greeting - on a black Chevy Cavalier 
IDOIT4UBaltimore, MarylandI Do It For You - on a white Ford F250 p/u truck 
IFXTTHColonial Heights, VirginiaI Fix Teeth - on a gray Mercedes Benz 
IFYTEMPrince George, VirginiaI Fight Them (fires) - on a fire fighters vanity plate on a silver Nissan Actima 
IGO HARDHopewell, VirginiaI Go Hard - on a white Chevrolet 
ILUVUMAHopewell, VirginiaI Love You Ma - on a black Nissan Altima 
ILVGBAYChesterfield, VirginiaI Love Green Bay - on a black Honda 
ILVJOYRichmond, VirginiaI Love Joy - on a burgundy Ford Excursion 
ILVTECHChester, VirginiaDriver loves Virginia Tech - on a white Jeep Laredo 
ILVTNChesterfield, VirginiaI Love Tennessee - on a orange Ford Mustang 
IM APPLEColonial Heights, VirginiaI'm Apple - on a gray Ford Taurus 
IM AWSOMEnon, VirginiaI'm Awesome - on a white Toyota 
IM BLU4UColonial Heights, VirginiaI'm Blue For You - on a blue Honda 
IM DRVNGColonial Heights, VirginiaI'm Driving - on a burgundy Dodge Caravan 
IM FRYDHopewell, VirginiaI'm Fried - on a white BMW 
IM JANETChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Kia 
IM SUGARChesterfield, VirginiaOn a yellow Ford 
IM ZMNMidlothian, VirginiaI'm Zoomin' - on a silver Lexus 
IM4 YNKSColonial Heights, VirginiaFor a New York Yankees fan - on a silver Mercury Grand Marquis 
IMATWN2Chester, VirginiaI'm A Twin, Too - on a black Chevrolet 
IMIRUIPrince George, VirginiaI Am One, Are You One? - for a real estate agent on a blue Hyundai station wagon 
IML8Hopewell, VirginiaI'm Late - on a black Honda Accord 
IML8 DAMEnon, VirginiaI’m Late, Damn - on a p/u truck 
IMNOT OKChesterfield, VirginiaI'm Not OK - on a silver Dodge 
IMPATNTHopewell, VirginiaImpatient - on a white Subaru Infinti 
IMSMLINPrince George, VirginiaI'm Smiling - on a silver Toyota 
IM_KOOLColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Toyota Camry 
IN BOUNDChesterfield, VirginiaOn a silver Hyundai 
IN2YOGAMidlothian, VirginiaOn a black Ford 
INA HRYHopewell, VirginiaIn a Hurry - on a black Chevrolet 
INAFEWHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Ford 
INLUV X3Midlothian, VirginiaIn Love Times Three - on a gray Ford Explorer 
IO GOD 1Colonial Heights, VirginiaI owe God One - on a green Honda 
IOWEYU1Petersburg, VirginiaI Owe You One - on a white Nissan Altima 
IROOFITHarrisonburg, VirginiaI Roof It - on a black GMC p/u 
IRUN13.1Dinwiddie, VirginiaRuns a Half Marathon - on a white BMW 
IS4 LVRSChester, Virginia{Virginia} is for lovers - the state tourism slogan - on a burgundy Ford Mustang 
ISABEL CRichmond, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chevrolet Tahoe 
ISEALITFredericksburg, VirginiaI Seal It - on a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser 
ISELL4UChester, VirginiaI Sell For You - on a blue Toyota Camry 
IT HPPNSHopewell, VirginiaIt Happens - on a white Chevrolet 
ITALY 7Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white BMW 
ITELLUColonial Heights, VirginiaI Tell You - on a red VW beetle 
ITIREDColonial Heights, VirginiaI’m Tired - on a gray Toyota Camry handicap plate 
ITRSTGDChester, VirginiaI Trust God - on a gray Toyota 
ITS CZJColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Jeep 
ITS DFNTEnon, VirginiaIt's Defiant - on a black Nissan 
ITS JEANColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Cadillac 
ITS-DFNTChester, VirginiaIt's Different - on a black Nissan 
ITSGAGAChester, VirginiaOn a white Ford Expedition 
ITSMIMIColonial Heights, VirginiaIt's Mimi (Florida tag) - on a tan Toyota 
ITWASMEPrince George, VirginiaIt Was Me - on a silver Ford 
ITZ TIFFChester, VirginiaOn a gray Ford 
IWRK911Chesterfield, VirginiaFor an Emergency Communications Operator on a burgundy Toyota Corolla 
IWSH UWDChesterfield, VirigniaI Wish You Would - on a black Chrysler, also seen on a gray Kia Sportage in Hopewell, Virginia 
IYM CDNChester, VirginiaI’m Canadian - on a black Kia 
IZME NOWChester, VirginiaIt's Me Now - on a white Nissan 
JAC DANLHopewell, VirginiaJack Daniels Whiskey - on a green Ford E-150 van 
JACJAC1Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a black Mazda 
JAGGN1Chester, VirginiaOn a gray Jaguar 
JAIMETXHarrisonburg, VirginiaJamie from Texas - on a gold Chrysler Town & Country 
JANE TOMMidlothian, VirginiaOn a red Ford Expedition 
JAX GIRLColonial Heights, VirginiaJack's Girl - on a yellow Ford Focus 
JAZZBOChester, VirginiaOn a blue Lexus 
JBEAN-2UHopewell, VirginiaOn a burgundy Lincoln 
JCK KNEEChester, VirginiaJack or Jock - on a red Chevrolet Silverado 
JCK KNFEChester, VirginiaJack Knife - on a red Chevrolet Colorado LS p/u truck 
JCK-USAFChester, VirginiaJack was in the United States Air Force - on a burgundy Dodge Ram p/u 
DR NRSEnon, VirginiaLove Doctor & Nurses - on a black Mercury 
DSTLRZChester, VirginiaLove The Steelers - on a black VW 
JEEP 7Prince George, VirginiaOn a white Jeep 
JEEP VAHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Jeep Wrangler 
JEEPSMidlothian, VirginiaOn a copper Saturn 
JENA-GRLRichmond, VirginiaOn a blue VW Beetle 
JERI BEEFt. Lee, VirginiaOn a gold Mercury Grand Marquise 
JMU RICHHopewell, VirginiaJames Madison University Driver - on a silver Toyota 
JOEKNOWSColonial Heights, VirginiaNorth Carolina tags - on a grey BMW 
JOES WYFHopewell, VirginiaJoe’s Wife - on a black Hyundai Santa Fe  
JOY2WLDHopewell, VirginiaJoy Too Wild - on a gray Honda Accord 
JR GOLFRChester, VirginiaOn a burgandy Honda p/u truck 
JST-RINAColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet 
JST1MOHopewell, VirginiaJust One More - on a tan Ford p/u 
JST4KDSChesterfield, VirginiaJust For Kids - on a blue Ford Mustang 
JSTBNMEChester, VirginiaJust Being Me - on a black Infiniti G37 
JUBYLEEEnon, VirginiaJubilee - on a burgundy Jeep Wrangler 
JUCEEYChester, VirginiaJuicy - on a silver VW Tiguan 
JUKE BXEnon, VirginiaJuke Box - on a white Nissan 
JULIA TMidlothian, Virginia(Forida tags) on a gray Ford Mustang 
JULY 17Chesterfield, VirginiaA Special Day for the Driver - on a white Ford 
JUS ANUFColonial Heights, VirginiaJust Enough - on a green Honda Odyssey (also seen on a silver Toyota) 
JUST ALHenrico, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota 
JUST UColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver GMC Arcadia 
JUST1MEColonial Heights, VirginiaJust One Me - on a black Toyota Corolla 
JUSTUS 3Chester, VirginiaOn a gray Dodge Durango 
FUL4CEEnon, VirginiaLove Full Force - on a white Toyota Highlander 
K&L KIDHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
K8LYNNColonial Heights, VirginiaKatelin - on a silver Ford Explorer 
K8S TOYBowie, MarylandKate's Toy - on a black Toyota Corolla 
K9 LIMOWChester, VirginiaOn a gray Pontiac 
KARP8 DMChesterfield, VirginiaCarpe Diem - on a black Audi 
KAT KRZYKing George, VirginiaCat Crazy - on a tan Chevrolet 
KAT PRSNHopewell, VirginiaCat Person - on a white Mercury 
KATHEADHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white Subaru 
KAYBABYPrince George, VirginiaOn a tan Ford Explorer 
KC CHFZChesterfield, Virginiaa fan of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs - on a black Nissan 
KCKNBKColonial Heights, VirginiaKicking Back - on a red Ford Mustang 
KDSRKDSChesterfield, VirginiaKids are Kids - on a green Chevy Trailblazer 
KDS_VANChester, VirginiaKid’s Van - on a gold Honda Odessey 
KENZ GRLHopewell, VirginiaKen's Girl - on a blue Ford F150 p/u 
KEYGRLChester, VirginiaKey Girl - on a black Nissan 
KG WELD1King George, VirginiaKing George Welding 1 - on a black Chevrolet Tahoe 
KIDKATSChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Nissan 
KINDHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Honda Odyssey 
KITYZRichmond, VirginiaKitties - on a silver Honda Civic 
KLASSY KChester, VirginiaOn a white Toyota Camero 
KNOT 21Enon, VirginiaOn a black Nissan Titan p/u 
KNTSTRHarrisonburg, VirginiaFor a person who likes to knit - on a green Ford Explorer 
KNWTH1Hopewell, VirginiaKnow The One - on a blue Ford Taurus 
KOLME MRLaPlayta, MarylandCall Me Mr. - (Virginia tag) on a silver Chrysler Town & Country 
KRABBYPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Dodge pickup 
KREEPNColonial Heights, VirginiaCreeping - on a gray Lincoln 
KRUZ MSLPetersburg, VirigniaCruise Missile - on a burgundy Ford Taurus 
KTYHK NCPrince George, VirginiaKitty Hawk, NC - on a green Jeep Compass 
KTZ RIDEPrince George, VirginiaKate's Ride - on a burgundy Chevrolet 
KUT-HAIRColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Honda HR-V 
MYPUPSGum Spring, VirginiaLove My Pups - on a blue Toyota 
U PAPAHopewell, ViriginiaLove You Papa - On a red Nissan Quest 
L-V1LLEChesterfield, VirginiaLouisville - on a white Toyota 
L8 4WRK2Prince George, VirginiaLate For Work, Too - on a yellow Ford Explorer p/u 
L82FSHPrince George, VirginiaLate To Fish - on a white Chevrolet p/u 
L8K LVINHarrisonburg, VirginiaLake Living - on a white Chrysler 
L8R H8RSChester, VirginiaLater Hours - on a grey Honda 
LABELLChester, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota 
LABGEEKPrince George, VirginiaLab Geek - on a white Ford 
LADY BGSColonial Heights, VirginiaLady Bugs - on a burgundy Toyota Tacoma 
LADY CEOChester, VirginiaOn a burgandy Chrysler minivan 
LAHBSTAChesterfield, VirginiaNorthern Speech for Lobster - on a creme SAAB 
LAKER-24Richmond, VirginiaA fan of #24 with the Los Angeles Lakers - on a white Dodge Grand Caravan 
LAL FANRichmond, VirginiaA Los Angeles Lakers fan - on a silver Dodge Journey 
LANDLAWColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Cadillac 
LAS WALZHopewell, VirginiaLast Waltz - on a black Nissan Altima 
LASTCALChester, VirginiaLast Call - on a Ford Explorer 
LATERChester, Virginia(NC tags) on a black Ford p/u 
LAUGHSHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Dodge pickup 
LBEARYNColonial Heights, VirginiaLibrarian - on a black Honda 
LBR JACKEnon, VirginiaLumber Jack - on a blue and gray Chevrolet p/u truck 
LD BCKColonial Heights, VirginiaLaid Back - on a black Ford Thunderbird convertible 
LDYBUUGColonial Heights, VirginiaLadybug - on a black GMC Yukon 
LDYNREDHopewell, VirginiaLady In Red - on a red Ford Mustang 
LEAVUSBDayton, VirginiaLeave Us Be - on a white Honda CRV 
LETHERVirginiaOn a white Chrysler van 
LETSKIPowhatan, VirginiaLet's Ski {WV tags) - on a silver Nissan 
LF GZ ONChester, VirginiaLife Goes On - on a black Toyota Corolla 
LGL HLPChester, VirginiaLegal Help - on a white Chevrolet Impala 
LIBITSChester, VirginiaLittle Bit South - on a blue Toyota Tundra p/u truck 
LIFT_LBSColonial Heights, VirginiaFor a Weightlifter - on a white Dodge p/u truck 
LIL BUGYChester, VirginiaLittle Buggy - on a blue Jeep 
LIL SHOTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white GMC 
LIL2L8Mechanicsville, VirginiaLittle Too Late - on a white Toyota Highlander 
LILBIT7Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Dodge Charger 
LILDINKSutherland, VirginiaOn a white Ford F250 p/u 
LIMEPIEHopewell, VirginiaLime Pie - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
LIONELChester, VirginiaOn a white Honda Civic 
LIQUID2Henrico, VirginiaOn a black Mercedes Benz 
LIQUID3Richmond, VirginiaOn a black Dodge p/u 
LISN 2MEColonial Heights, VirginiaListen To Me - on a gray Honda Acura 
LITL GRLPetersburg, VirginiaLittle Girl - on a white Pontiac 
LIV4FAMZion Crossroads, VirginiaLive For Family - on a gray Honda 
LIVED ITHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue BMW 
LIVG WTRRichmond, VirginiaLiving Water - on a black BMW 
LIVMOREEnon, VirginiaLive More - on a gray Honda Accord 
LIZ KINGPetersburg, VirginiaOn a black Honda 
LIZATOYHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Cadillac 
LK2TANPetersburg, VirginiaLike To Tan - on a black Nissan 
LK4MEChester, VirginiaLook For Me - on a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser 
LKY OLMNHopewell, VirginiaLucky Old Man - on a gray Mitsubishi 
LNG BONEHenrico, VirginiaLong Bone - on a green GMC p/u 
LOCEMUPHopewell, VirginiaLock 'Em Up - on a burgundy Jeep 
LONBOWHarrisonburg, VirginiaLong Bow or Lawn Bowl - on a green Chevy Z71 
LOTSMPGChester, VirginiaLots Of Miles Per Gallon - on a blue Toyota 
LOVEBUGKing George, VirginiaOn a black Ford 
LOWEFINChester, VirginiaLoafing - on a tan Toyota Highlander 
PRAYYEColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Dodge Caravan 
LTEFOOTHopewell, VirginiaLight Foot - on a white Honda CRV 
LU SALLYChesterfield, VirginiaLove You Sally - on a burgundy Ford 
LUCHAS 1Zions Cross Roads, VirginiaLuscious One - on a white station wagon 
LUKY 777Colonial Heights, VirginiaLucky 777 - on a blue Cadillac Brougham 
LUMBRJKHopewell, VirginiaLumber Jack - on a green Ford F250 p/u truck 
LUNA BBYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Thunderbird 
LUNATICHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Chevrolet Eldorado p/u truck 
LUREChester, VirginiaOn a green Jeep 
LUV CADNVirginiaLove Acadians 
LUV WKNDHarrisonburg, VirginiaLove Weekend - on a green Toyota 
LUVN-IT2Chesterfield, VirginiaLoving It, Too - on a white Chevrolet Equinox 
LV CNTR 1Colonial Heights, VirginiaPremier Love Center - on a black Mercedes Benz 
LV DKIDSChester, VirginiaLove The Kids - on a silver Chrysler 
LV NY&NEColonial Heights, VirginiaLove New York and New England - on a black Infinity 
LV USOFAChester, VirginiaLove You Sofa - on a white Pontiac SunFire 
LV-GOLF2Richmond, VirginiaOn a gray Honda Odyssey 
LV-MY3BZMidlothian, VirginiaLove my 3 boys - on a blue Subaru Legacy 
LV2ARGUColonial Heights, VirginiaLove To Argue - on a blue Chevrolet p/u 
LV2BALLPrince George, VirginiaLove To Do Ballet (with a ballet dancer emblem on rear window) - on a gray Toyota Camray 
LV2DNCEHenrico, VirginiaLove to Dance - on a black Cadillac 
LV2LAF2Louisa, VirginiaLove To Laugh, Too - on a black Honda Pilot 
LV4LOLOHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Kia 
LV4MEMAEnon, VirginiaLove For Their Grandmother - on a silver Ford Fusion 
LVCWBYSChester, VirginiaLove Cowboys for a Dallas Cowboy fan - on a black Ford Escape 
LVG_DADPetersburg, VirginiaLoving Dad - on a red Dodge Stratus 
LVMIGYZHenrico, VirginiaLove My Guys - on a silver Hyundai Santa Fe 
LVN HBRGHarrisonburg, VirginiaLoving Harrisonburg - on a gray Honda CR-V 
LVN4QTZHopewell, VirginiaLoving Four Cuties - on a black Dodge Nitro 
LVNBAYChester, VirginiaLoves the Chesapeake Bay - on a blue Chevy Tahoe 
LVSHACPetersburg, VirginiaLove Shack - on a white GMC (previously on a white Ford Excursion @ Chesterfield, VA) 
LYALTYChesterfield, VirginiaLoyalty - on a black Kia 
M CHUBBYChester, VirginiaOn a blue VW Beetle 
M4 KIDSChester, VirginiaMy Four Kids - on a white Pontiac station wagon 
MA NATVEChester, VirginiaMassachusetts Native - on a silver 97X SAAB 
MA PUGPrince George, VirginiaDriver's Nickname - on a cream Chrysler 300 
MACEWENEnon, VirginiaOn a white Ford Focus 
MAD RUSHHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Ford F150 p/u 
MAGICJChesterfield, Virginiaa fan of Magic Johnson - on a gray BMW 
MAGPI2Hopewell, VirginiaMagpie 2 - on an orange Honda 
MAIL BAGSurry, VirigniaOn a letter carrier's white Jeep 
MAINHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a black Jeep 
MAJ MOVChester, VirginiaMajor Move - on a white Dodge Ram 
MALIBUChesterfield, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chevrolet Malibu 
MAMA-4GKRichmond, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford Taurus 
MAMACASColonial Heights, VirginiaMama Cass [from the Mama’s & Poppa’s) - on a white Dodge Caravan 
MAOF2Prince George, VirginiaMother of 2 - on a green Ford Explorer 
MASS THERVirginiaFor a massage therapist 
MAWGAWShort Pump, VirginiaNickname - on a burgundy Ford Fusion 
MAYHEMChesterfield, VirginiaDelaware tag - on a white Ford Focus 
MAYZ TOYHarrisonburg, VirginiaMay's Toy - on a tan Chevy Geo 
MAZE GRZHopewell, VirginiaAmazing Grace - on a gray Chevy Tahoe 
MC E MSEPrince George, VirginiaMickey Mouse - had Mickey decals all over the tag plus a few on the car 
MCSISYVirginiaOn a grey Subaru 
MCSMASHRichmond, VirginiaOn a gray Honda 
MD GURLColonial Heights, VirginiaMaryland Girl - on a white Nissan Sentra 
MDI DAYRichmond, VirginiaOn a gold Honda 
MDLEOF7Mechanicsville, VirginiaMiddle of 7 - on a gold Chevrolet 
MDOVERPrince George, VirigniaMade Over - on a silver Toyota 
ME & 3DZChester, VirginiaOn a tan Chevy Impala 
ME HARPChesterfield, VirginiaFor a Harpist - on a white Cadillac 
ME MAMAHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Lincoln Town & Country 
ME&U-72Hopewell, VirginiaMarried in 1972 - on a gray Toyota 
ME-MEEEHopewell, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford Edge 
MEAN JOEColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Kia Amand 
MEAT BOYPrince George, VirginiaOn a white Ford p/u 
MELZBUGHopewell, VirginiaMel's Bug - on a gray VW Beetle 
MEM MARCLouisa, VirginiaIn memory of Marc - on a blue Ford Escape 
MEME 2X3Richmond, VirginiaOn a gray Hyundai Sonata 
MEMORYZChester, VirginiaMemories - on a white Toyota Tacoma p/u 
MEN PRAYChesterfield, VirginiaOn a tan Cadillac 
MENGRLSEnon, VirginiaOn a white Honda Accord 
MENU84Hopewell, VirginiaOn a red Ford 
MERM8IDChesterfield, VirginiaMermaid - on blue Hyundai 
MERYMANHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Ford F150 p/u 
MESSNGRSutherland, VirginiaMessenger - on a green Mini Cooper 
MEWZIKRichmond, VirginiaMusic - on a red VW Jetta 
MGNTHTColonial Heights, VirginiaImagine That - on a gray Nissan Rogue 
MI FALTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Chevy Cavalier 
MI TWUKChesterfieldMy Truck - on a blue Toyota p/u 
MIKE DOGHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Mazda p/u 
MIM & HIMHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a gold Nissan Maxima 
MIMI 450Carmel Church, VirginiaOn a black Ford F-450 p/u truck 
MIMI CAMHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Toyota Camry 
MINIGEEKChesterfield, Virginia(NC tags) - on a black Mini-Cooper 
MIS THNGPrince George, VirginiaMiss Thang (Gay slang in a 'Princess' license plate holder) - on a black Nissan 
MISTIFIChesterfield, VirginiaMystify - on a black Toyota Rav4 
MISTY4UHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Mercury Grand Marquis 
MISULUVColonial Heights, VirginiaMiss You Love - on a dark blue Jeep 
MISUMOOZion Crossroads, VirginiaMiss You Moo - on a brown Honda 
MITY DOGCentralia, VirginiaMighty Dog - on a red Chevrolet p/u 
MK-TEETHHopewell, VirginiaMake Teeth - on a blue Toyota Corolla 
MKUSMLEColonial Heights, VirginiaMake You Smile - on a blue Kia Soul 
MLADYEHarrisonburg, VirginiaMy Lady - on a gold Nissan Maxima 
MLBRYHLWinchester, VirginiaMulberry Hill - on a burgandy Volvo 
MLVRN HLChester, VirginiaMalvern Hill - site of a Civil War battle near Richmond - on a tan Ford Explorer 
MMM CAKEMidlothian, VirginiaFor a Baker - on a white Ford Transit 
MNESOTAColonial Heights, VirginiaMinnesota - on a tan Jeep 
MNI SKRTChesterfield, VirginiaMini Skirt - on a red Mini Cooper 
MNKSPNYPrince George, VirginiaOn an orange Ford Mustang 
MNSTAHChester, VirginiaMinister - on a burgundy Nissan 
MOLD MANChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Chevrolet Suburban 
MOM-TWNSOilville, VirginiaOn a burgundy Toyota 
MOMMYChester, VirginiaOn a gold Chrysler Town & Country 
MOMMYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gold Chrysler Town & Country 
MOM_&_COColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Honda Odyssey 
MONEMKRChester, VirginiaMoney Maker - on a tan Chevy Tahoe 
MOOSHAYHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Mustang 
MORJEEPChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Jeep 
MORTICNChester, VirginiaOn a green & black Cadillac hearse 
MOVEN ONHenrico, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford 
MR BOOPetersburg, VirginiaOn a gray Lincoln Mark LT p/u truck 
MR COCKYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a tan Chevrolet Impala 
MR COSBYChester, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Camry 
MR NFNTYChesterfield, VirginiaMr. Infinity - on a white BMW 
MRBONNEHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Ford 
MREAL_RUColonial Heights, VirginiaI’m Real, Are You? - on a green Hyundi Sonota 
MRNIC2UChester, VirginiaMr. Nick To You - on a black BMW 
MRS MLCVirginiaOn a grey Chevrolet Equinox wagon 
MRS WISSChesterfield, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota 
MRS4ESTChester, VirginiaMrs. Forest's car 
MRSFOX1Petersburg, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chrysler Town & Country 
MRSRMT2Hopewell, VirginiaFor a 2nd Wife - on a white Dodge 
MRWIGLYChester, VirginiaMr. Wiggly - on a yellow Chevrolet p/u 
MS BUSHHenrico, VirginiaOn a burgundy Mercury 
MS FIT 75Chester, VirginiaOn a black Honda Civic 
MS HAHAColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gold Dodge Stratus 
MS MY DADColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Honda Accord 
MS SNAZIHenrico, VirginiaOn a white Hyundai Elantra 
MS WAVEColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a white Ford Edge 
MS-U-VICChester, VirginiaMiss You Vic - on a green Chevrolet Blazer 
MSMYDGChester, VirginiaMiss My Dog - on a gray Jeep 
MSN CHLCHenrico, VirginiaMissing Chelsea - had Chelsea's personalized pl8 in rear window - on a gold Nissan 
MSN DADIChester, VirginiaOn a tan Ford Explorer 
MSN HOMEColonial Heights, VirginiaMissing Home - on a silver Toyota 
MSN TODDChester, VirginiaMissing Todd - on a blue Toyota Camry 
MSN TWOColonial Heights, VirginiaMissing 2 - on a burgundy Dodge Caravan 
MSN-U-TIHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Ford Taurus 
MSNUVAChester, Virginiaan alumni misses the University of Virginia 
MSULUKEColonial Heights, VirginiaMiss You Luke - on a gray GMC 
MSVIKKIColonial Heights, VirginiaMs. Vikki - on a white Mercury Grand Marquise 
MT-POCKTHenrico, VirginiaEmpty pocket - on a Hyundai 
MTDO4MEChester, VirginiaMountain Dew For Me - on a white Honda Civic 
MTEERS2Harrisonburg, VirginiaAbbreviation for the University of West Virginia team name - had a WV logo on the rear window. 
MTHW 7-1Chester, VirginiaMathew, Chapter 7, Verse 1 - on a blue Scion 
MTINERHarrisonburg, VirginiaMountaineer - on a gray Mercury Mountaineer 
MTN AYREttrick, VirginiaMountain Air - on a cream Volvo 
MTN HOMEAfton, VirginiaMountain Home - on a tan Chrysler 
MTN LAKEChantilly, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Cobalt 
MTN LANEChester, VirginiaMountain Lane - on a white Toyota Camry 
MTNAIRChesterfield, VirginiaMountain Air - on a red Jeep 
MTNPEAKEnon, VirginiaMountain Peak - on a silver Dodge 
MTV-TVHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Ford F450 p/u truck 
MUCH 2CChester, VirginiaMuch To See - on a red Cherokee sport Jeep (also seen on a burgundy Jeep in Hopewell, Virginia) 
MUDGALSPrince George, VirginiaDriver and her Daughters Like To Play in the Mud - on a black Jeep 
MUGSHOTChester, VirginiaOn a gray Kia 
MUMZ BUGChester, VirginiaOn a white Ford Windstar 
MURF LAWMidlothian, VirginiaMurphy's Law - on a black Honda 
MY CHESYChester, VirginiaLoves the Chesapeake Bay - on a black Hyundai Elantra 
MY LAST1Harrisonburg, VirginiaMy Last One - on a brown Ford F150 p/u 
MY LEGAZHopewell, VirginiaMy Legacy - on a gold Nissan Legacy 
MY ONLYHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Taurus 
MY PUGGColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Ford p/u truck 
MY RAMKeswick, VirginiaOn a silver Dodge Ram p/u 
MY THREEPrince George, VirginiaOn a blue Dodge Intrepid 
MY X BOXColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Scion xB 
MY1MULEMidlothian, VirginiaMy One Mule - on a black Hyundai Sonota 
MY3SAMSSutherland, VirginiaOn a red Chevrolet Cavalier 
MYEBNIColonial Heights, VirginiaMy Ebony - on a black Mercedes Benz 
MYFATGFHopewell, VirginiaMy Fat Girl Friend - on a blue and gray Chevrolet p/u 
MYISLNDChesterfield, VirginiaMy Island - on a black Honda Accord 
MYSECRTPetersburg, ViriginiaMy Secret - on a silver Honda Civic 
MYWF-HS2Enon, VirginiaMy Wife Has Two - on a blue Lincoln 
MZ ELLENChester, VirginiaOn a white Buick 
MZ WAYNEColonial Heights, VirginiaOH tags - on a red Ford Taurus 
MZCOCOAColonial Heights, VirginiaMs. Cocoa (GA tags) on a black Nissan 
MZNDAD1Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
N HISFTTChesterfield, VirginiaNo Hissy Fit - on a black Toyota 
N2 SHRKSChester, VirginiaInto Sharks - on a green Ford F-150 p/u 
N2BOOPPrince George, VirginiaLikes Betty Boop - on a burgundy Dodge Caliber 
N2MUZIKColonial Heights, VirginiaInto Music - on a blue Chev. Lumina 
N2OPERAColonial Heights, VirginiaInto Opera - on a silver Chevrolet Camaro 
NAMRATColonial Heights, VirginiaVietnam Veteran - on a maroon Chevrolet p/u truck 
NANA X2Chester, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Focus 
NANBOBMidlothian, VirginiaOn a white Toyota RAV-4 
NANI 11XColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota Camry LE 
NANN POPColonial Heights, VirginiaNicknames for Grandparents - on a white Ford Excursion 
NANS GYMHopewell, ViriginiaOn a blue Dodge pickup truck 
NAUGH DPetersburg, VirginiaNaughty - on an Accord 
NAWLUNZMidlothian, VirginiaSouthern Pronunciation for New Orleans - on a black Mazda Tribute 
NAWT GIRChester, VirginiaNaughty Girl - on a red Mercury 
NBLISSFluvanna, VirginiaIn Bliss - on a silver Lexus 
NC-AVONHopewell, VirginiaA town in North Carolina - on a white Lincoln Mark LT p/u truck 
NCEN EZYPrince George, VirginiaNice and Easy - on white Pontiac Grand Prix 
NCGAFLAChester, VirginiaNorth Carolina, Georgia, & Florida - on a 1500 gray Chevy p/u truck 
NCJ611WRichmond, VirginiaNorfolk & Western (rr) Class J (steam locomotive) #611 - on a burgundy Chevrolet p/u 
NDLGMEChester, VirginiaIndulge Me - on a black Chevrolet HHR 
NEW 2 USHenrico, VirginiaOn a white Cadillac 
NEW TOYHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a silver Chevrolet Silverado 
NEWSTVRichmond, VirginiaNews TV - on a blue Chevrolet p/u truck 
NGHTSHopewell, VirginiaNights - on gold Jeep 
NGSHD NCHopewell, VirginiaNags Head, North Carolina - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
NHL PENSChester, VirginiaOn a gray Hyundai Elantra 
NIFTYNew YorkNifty - on a Chartreuse car 
NIKULChesterfield, VirginiaOn a gold Toyota 
NJ FNST2Chesterfield, VirginiaNew Jersey's Finest Two - on a gray Ford 
NJNATVZHopewell, VirginiaNew Jersey Natives - on a silver Chevrolet Tahoe 
NJYMNTEnon, VirginiaEnjoyment - on a blue Ford Freestyle 
NMVETChester, VirginiaVietnam Vet - on a gray Nissan Frontier 
NNEEDOFPetersburg, VirginiaIn need of - on a burgundy Pontiac Grand Prix 
NO 1FEARColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Ford F150 p/u truck 
NO 2 NAUPetersburg, VirginiaNo To North American Union - on a white Saturn 
NO EXCUZColonial Heights, VirginiaAlso seen previously on a silver Chevrolet in Prince George, Virginia 
NO FUNDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a white VW 
NO INFOHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Lincoln 
NO RUSTChantilly, VirginiaOn a red Ford Thunderbird 
NO SHAWNPrince George, VirginiaOn a black Hyundai 
NO-JOYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Hyundai Santa Fe 
NO1 WIFEHopewell, Virginia#1 Wife - on a green Chevy Cavalier 
NODROPMidlothian, VirginiaOn a burgundy Honda Motorcycle 
NOMO IDOChesterfield, VirginiaOn a silver Nissan 
NOTBAD UHenrico, VirginiaNot Bad, You? - on a creme Cadillac 
NOTROD 1Hopewell, VirginiaOn a red Chevrolet Colorado LT p/u 
NOWUCITRichmond, VirginiaNow You See It - on a gray Ford Ranger p/u 
NOWUNO YChesterfield, VirginiaNow You Know Why - on a red car 
NRSKERIEnon, VirginiNurse Keri - on a red Chevy Cavalier 
NRSY PUChesterfield, VirginiaNursery Pick Up (driver picks up kids to and from nursery school) - on a burgundy Hyundai 
NTE-SKYSChester, VirginiaNight Skies - on a blue Toyota 
NTNGALEFinchley, VirginiaNightingale - on a black Chevy Cavalier 
NTRL MEDChester, VirginiaNatural Medicine - on a green Saturn Relay 
NTYGRTYHopewell, VirginiaNitty Gritty - on a white Chevrolet 
NUTHOWZColonial Heights, VirginiaNut House - on a tan Chevy Geo 
NVR2TLLPrince George, VirginiaNever Too Tall - on a jacked up gray Ford F250 p/u truck 
NX2NRMLPetersburg, VirginiaNext To Normal - on a blue Honda Escape 
NY RAZDColonial Heights, VirginiaNew York Raised - on a gold Honda Odyssey 
NY SISTAHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 
NYC GRLChesterfield, VirginiaNew York City Girl - on a white Triumph convertible 
NYY MLBChester, VirginiaNew York Yankees Major League Baseball - on a white Toyota 
O JO &Chester, VirginiaOh Jo Ann - on a white Ford 
O2D SEADisputana, VirginiaOh, To The Sea - on a tan Lincoln 
OBX 2CChesterfield, VirginiaOuter Banks To See - on a burgundy Toyota Tacoma 
OBX BOYSChester, VirginiaOuter Banks boys - on a green GMC Suburban p/u truck 
OBX BUM 3Chester, VirginiaOuter Banks beach bum/lover - on a blue Chevy Venture 
OBX FANChester, VirginiaOuter Banks Fan - on a blue Buick 
OBX MPIIPrince George, VirginiaOuter Banks Mile Post 2 or 11 - on a green Ford F-150 p/u truck 
OBX STYLChester, VirginiaOuter Banks Style - on a black Mercury Mountaineer 
OBX TICKChester, VirginiaOn a gray Honda p/u truck 
OBXGRPAChester, VirginiaOuter Banks Grandpa - on a silver Jeep 
OBXKDZHopewell, VirginiaOuter Banks Kids - on a silver Ford Explorer 
OBXXERChester, VirginiaOBX in this area stands for the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That is where William and Orville Wright flew the first airplane and made aviation history. So an OBXXER is a person that is native to that area and/or someone who vacations there on a regular basis. 
OCN VUEHopewell, VirginiaOcean View - on a blue Saturn 
OCNLOVRHenrico, VirginiaOcean Lover - on a white Subaru Forrester 
OCT 23-70Baltimore, MarylandSpecial day in their life (PA tags) - on a gray Hyundai 
OCT REDHopewell, VirginiaOn a Ford Explorer 
ODD FOOTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a green Dodge p/u 
OFF2COZChester, VirginiaOff To See Oz - on a white Ford Explorer 
OH 2DIVEChester, VirginiaFor a Diver - on a blue Toyota 
OH DAVEYDarlington, MarylandPA tags - on a gray Audi 
OH GREATPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Isuzu Rodeo 
OH PLEZERichmond, VirginiaOn a blue Honda Civic 
OHH DANChester, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota 
OHQTBUGChesterfield, VirginiaOh, Cutie Bug - on a cream VW Beetle 
OK 2HNTColonial Heights, VirginiaOk To Hunt - on a burgundy Toyota Tundra 
OK2BMEEHenrico, VirginiaOK To Be Me - on a brown Honda 
OKC THDRColonial Heights, VirginiaOklahoma City Thunder (an NBA team) - on a gray Lincoln 
OKIDOKChester, VirginiaSlang for OK - on a green Ford Explore 
OKLN-NFLColonial Heights, VirginiaFor a fan of the Oakland Raiders - on a white Hyundai 
OL WIERDChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue Saturn Vue 
OLD JAZZSandston, VirginiaOn a gray Volvo 
OLD NUFFHopewell, VirginiaOld Enough - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
OLDE TWNMechanicsville, VirginiaOn a burgundy VW Tiquan 
OLDSMOEttrick, VirginiaOn a burgundy Oldsmobile 
OLV OYLHopewell, VirginiaOlive Oil - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
OMG SLOWColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Honda 
ONLY1MEWaynesboro, VirginiaOnly One Me - on a red Toyota 
OOH-YEAHHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Honda CR-V 
OOPS 2L8Prince George, VirginiaOops, Too Late - on a white Ford Explorer 
OPN AIRVarina, VirginiaOpen Air - {PA tags} on a teal Jeep convertible 
OSHEELAChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Nissan Armada 
OSONAZTHenrico, VirginiaOh So Nasty - on a black Pontiac Soltice 
OSZMOSYSChesterfield, VirginiaOsmosis 
OTT3RSAshland, VirginiaOtters - on a burgundy Hyundai 
OU 1Highland Springs, VirginiaOwe You One - on a bright yellow Chevrolet Corvette 
OUHAV1-2Prince George, ViriginiaOh, You Have One Too? - on a gray Chevrolet Silverado 
OUR FORDChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford 
OUR JEEPHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Jeep 
OURS 2Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Hyundai Santa Fe 
OUTAGEChester, VirginiaOn a green GMC p/u 
OUTCASTPrince George, VirginiaThe driver had a bumper sticker (upside down and backwards) at the top of his wind shield which read: IF YOU CAN READ THIS... ROLL ME OVER! 
OUTTHEBXDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a black Hyundai 
OVERFLOChester, VirginiaOverflow - on a gray Honda Accura 
OVRDEDGHenrico, VirginiaOver The Edge - on a white Ford F-150 p/u 
PA3SONSRichmond, VirginiaDad and Three Sons - on a gray Honda 
PADRE D2Harrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
PADYWAKMidlothian, VirginiaOn a black Range Rover 
PAE-ATTNHenrico, VirginiaPay Attention - on a green Jeep 
PAINT 1Enon, VirginiaOn a red Chevy Colorado p/u truck 
PAINT 11Chesterfield, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Tundra p/u 
PAINTERColonial Heights, VirigniaOn a blue Toyota Camry 
PAPA GUSSutherland, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford F150 p/u 
PASSNUChesterfield, VirginiaPassing You - on a creme Cadillac Escalande 
PASTORChester, VirginiaOn a tan 500 Ford 
PATCAN2Chesterfield, VirginiaGA tag - on a blue Dodge Ram p/u 
PAW CATColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a purple Honda Civic 
PAYD PHOColonial Heights, VirginiaPaid For - on a black Chevy Tahoe 
PAYZLAYChester, VirginiaPaisley - on a burgundy Honda Civic 
PENCLLNHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a silver Honda Odyssey 
PENGW3NPrince George, VirginiaPenguin - on a green Jeep 
PETER GHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 
PEZNAPDChester, VirginiaSaw the driver on this one so asked her what it meant. She said I wasn't the first to ask. 
PH X 2Colonial Heights, Virginia2 Purple Hearts - on a gold Chevy p/u truck 
PHAN4 VTPrince George, VirginiaFor a Virginia Tech Fan - on a black Dodge Charger 
PHASE-3Prince George, VirginiaOn a white Dodge Ram p/u 
PI5TOLChester, VirginiaPistol - on a black Toyota 4Runner 
PICATSOVirginiaFor a cat 
PIG TOYHenrico, VirginiaOn a red Chevrolet Corvette convertible 
PIK34MEMechanicsville, VirginiaPick Three For Me (wants a winning lottery ticket) on a black Honda 
PILGM2Hopewell, VirginiaPilgrim 2 - on a silver Toyota 
PIN2WINChesterfield, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford F150 p/u 
PITUFA 1Henrico, VirginiaPitiful One - on a gray Chevrolet Areo 
PIZZASHenrico, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford 
PKUP GALHopewell, VirginiaPick Up Gal - on a silver Nissan Frontier p/u truck 
PLAA HRDHopewell, VirginiaPlay Hard - on a gray Dodge Durango 
PLAE TYMChester, VirginiaPlay Time - on a white Chrysler Sebring 
PLANTMChester, VirginiaPlant ’Em - on a gray Toyota Avalon 
PLAYN4UChester, VirginiaPlaying 4 You - on a white Forerunner 
PLEAS DOHopewell, VirginiaAlso seen previously on a silver Kia Soul in Colonial Heights, Virginia 
PLEZ BE18Hopewell, VirginiaOn a silver BMW 
PLMB CRWPetersburg, VirginiaPlumbing Crew - on a burgundy p/u truck 
PLNAKEDDarlington, MarylandPlay Naked - on a black Jeep 
PLNCRZDinwiddie, VirginiaPlain Crazy - on a gray BMW 
PMUSA 1Petersburg, Virginia(Philip Morris Tobacco Co.) - the plate was the tobacco heritage plate so that is why I knew that PM stood for Philip Morris. 
PND FSHNPrince George, VirginiaPond Fishin’ - on a gold Chevy Avalance pickup 
PNUT 4UChesterfield, Virginia(on a VA vanity farming plate) - on a white GMC 
PNUT 94Prince George, VirginiaOn a black Nissan Frontier p/u 
PNY XPRZDayton, VirginiaPony Express - on a mail carrier's white Honda CRV 
PO CHOPSColonial Heights, VirginiaPork Chops - on a tan Cadillac 
POETRichmond, VirginiaOn tan Toyota Corolla 
POISUNChester, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota 
PONI RUNHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Ford Mustang 
POOL MOMZion Crossroads, VirginiaOn a copper Hyundai Santa-Fe 
POPEYEHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant, and on a burgundy Volkswagen Passat 
PPA X5Chester, VirginiaDaddy or Granddaddy of Five - on a gray Nissan Cube 
PRA BLEVColonial Heights, VirginiaPray Believe - on a white Ford Windstar 
PRD-AMCNChester, VirginiaProud American - on a black Jeep 
PREPA1DChester, VirginiaOn a blue Dodge Grand Caravan 
PRK CHP1Petersburg, VirginiaPork Chop 1 - on a blue Saturn 
PRNSEZ DHopewell, VirginiaPrincess D - on a gold Chevrolet Malibu 
PSALM76Petersburg, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Escape 
PSYCH DRHopewell, VirginiaOn a black BMW 
PTSBG VAColonial Heights, VirginiaPetersburg, Virginia - on a white Ford Focus 
PUKEYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a blue Honda Element 
PUP VANColonial Heights, Virginia(North Carolina tags) on a gray Ford Aerostar 
PUTUOUTHopewell, VirginiaPUTUOUT was also used in Hopewell, Virginia on a burgandy Chevy Tahoe ... very interesting ... 
PUTYOUTPrince George, VirginiaPut You Out - on a green Jeep 
PUZZLDWinchester, VirginiaPuzzled - on a green Jeep Wrangler 
PWR GRABHopewell, VirginiaPower Grab - on a blue Ford Mustang 
PZB2HMFredericksburg, VirginiaPraise Be To Him - on a gray Toyota 
QDRPLTSColonial Heights, VirginiaQuadruplets - on a burgundy Toyota Sequoia 
QNOFPAXRichmond, VirginiaQueen of Something - on a blue Honda 
QUEENBOilville, VirginiaQueen Bee - on a silver Scion 
QUEN IAMChesterfield, VirginiaQueen I Am - on white GMC Terrain 
QUTIPChester, VirginiaCue Tip - on a red Toyota Corolla 
QWYLTERChester, VirginiaQuilter - on a white Ford Expedition 
R 3 GYRLSColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Dodge van 
R PROFITThe Villages, FloridaOn a white Geo Tracker 
RACHEL1Colonial Heights, Virginia(Texas tag) On a burgundy Lexus 
RACOONChester, VirginiaOn a gold Honda CR-V 
RADAR B8Richmond, VirginiaI first saw it mentioned in one of the humor blips in Readers Digest saying the car was seen in Richmond, VA. I live in the Richmond area and I did see the car at a Sheetz convenience store on Midlothian Tpke several years ago. 
RAG RIDEChester, VirginiaOn a gray Chevy Tahoe 
RAN 5Richmond, VirginiaFor a marathon runner - on a gold Dodge p/u 
RAVEOLIColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a green Toyota RAV-4 
RAW YOGIThe Villages, FloridaOn a white Toyota 
RAY ONYXPrince George, VirginiaOn a silver Honda 
RD ROOMCrozet, VirginiaRed Room - on a blue Ford Focus 
RD2OBXColonial Heights, VirginiaRoad To Outer Banks - on a red Chevrolet Cobalt 
RDNK CHKChester, VirginiaRedneck Chick - on a gray Jeep 
RDQUEENRichmond, VirginiaRoad Queen - on a silver Mercury 
RDSKFANColonial Heights, VirginiaNFL Redskin Fan - on a grey Ford Escape 
REAPRSRSt. Charles, MarylandReal Estate Appraiser - on a blue Kia Spectra 
REBL DOGColonial Heights, VirginiaRebel Dog - on a blue Ford F-150 p/u 
RED DIRTChester, VirginiaOn a gray GMC 
RED SKN 1Ft. Lee, Virginia(TN tag - a fan of the Washington Redskins) - on a burgundy Chevrolet 
RED TOPPChesterfield, VirginiaOn a white Ford p/u 
REDBOXHenrico, VirginiaOn a red Jeep 4X4 
REFINEWaynesboro, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
RELAX2UColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Toyota Highlander 
RELLIEKPetersburg, VirginiaOn a silver Pontiac Trans Am 
REQDANEColonial Heights, VirginiaRescues Great Danes - on a gray GMC Yukon 
RESQD3Chester, VirginiaRescued 3 cats/dogs - on an animal vanity plate - on a silver Honda 
RET BLDRDayton, VirigniaRetired Builder - on a Chevy p/u 
RETSEALPrince George, VirginiaRetired Seal - on a white Triumph 
REV & MSPrince George, VirginiaA For a minister and his better half - on a black Lincoln Avalon 
REV UPPetersburg, VirginiaOn a red Chrysler convertible 
RG3 ROXChesterfield, VirginiaRobert Griffin III Rocks (quarterback for Washington Redskins) - on a red Jeep 
RGH TRRNHenrico, VirginiaRough Terrain - on a burgundy GMC Terrain 
RHODESYHarrisonburg, VirginiaA play on last name (Rhodes - common name in the Harrisonbur, VA area) 
RIDE5Midlothian, VirginiaOn a black GMC Yukon XL 
RIDNLOWHopewell, VirginiaCar had about a 3" clearance between the body and the pavement. 
RIP GAVNChesterfield, VirginiaRest In peace Gavin - on a black Ford F150 p/u 
RIP LYNNPrince George, VirginiaOn a gray Chevrolet 
RIP NESSHopewell, VirginiaRest In Peace Ness - on a black Saturn 
RIP TMONHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chev. Geo 
RIPRECEHopewell, VirginiaRest In Peace, Reece - on a green Saturn 
RIPTMANHopewell, VirginiaR.I.P. T-Man - on a gold Ford 
RIVR RATMidlothian, VirginiaRiver Rat - on a copper Ford Edge 
RL6 DEEPChester, VirginiaRL is Buried 6 Feet Deep - on a burgundy Honda Pilot 
RLL TYDChesterfield, VirginiaRoll Tide for a diehard University of Alabama fan - on a black Nissan 
RN BOUNDVirginiaFor a nurse to be - on a grey Dodge Caravan 
RN MARYColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford Explorer 
RN NANCYChester, VirginiaNancy Is A Nurse - on a silver Ford Escape 
RN2KIDZMidlothian, VirginiaRegistered Nurse To Kids - on a silver Honda Civic 
RN4UVAChesterfield, VirginiaRegistered Nurse @ University of Virginia - on a blue Honda 
ROCWD_TNColonial Heights, VirginiaRockwood, TN - on a white Pontiac 
ROKN REVHarrisonburg, VirginiaRocking Reverend - on a green Hyundai 
ROLLREDPetersburg, VirginiaOn a red Cooper 
ROMANCChesterfield, VirginiaRomance - on a white Mercedes Benz 
RONNIEColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Lexus 
ROOFN 4UDinwiddie, VirginiaRoofing For You - on a white Ford p/u 
ROOFN MNHarrisonburg, VirginiaRoofing Man - on a black GMC p/u 
ROQ DRMRHarrisonburg, VirginiaRock Drummer - on a black Honda Civic 
ROSA LVDPetersburg, VirginiaRosa Loved - on a blue Chevrolet 
ROZS4USmithfield, VirginiaRoses For You - on a blue Plymouth Voyager 
RSKN ESQPetersburg, VirginiaRedskin Esquire (a fan of the Washington Redskins) - on a silver Toyota 
RT 4 EMColonial Heights, VirginiaRoot For Them - on an orange VW 
RTD FRMNEnon, VirginiaRetired Fireman - on a sage Chevy Malibu 
RTHLSSColonial Heights, VirginiaRuthless - on a red Ford Escape 
RUBLESColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford 
RUELITEPrince George, Virginia(AZ tags) On a black Infinity 
RUF TOYHenrico, Virginiaon a faded red Toyota p/u 
RUN LOTColonial Heights, VirginiaA Runner's Car - on a silver Ford 
RUNMDWNSutherland, VirginiaRun ’em Down - on a white Chevy p/u truck 
RUNTWHOHenrico, VirginiaOn a gold Honda 
RUPHIN3Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Toyota Solara 
RUSHHHDayton, VirginiaOn a blue Honda 
RVR BUCKColonial Heights, VirginiaRiver Buck - on a red Toyota p/u 
RVRCTY1Powhatan, VirginiaRiver City Lawn Care Co. - on a gray Ford F250 p/u truck 
RWDYCATMidlothian, VirginiaRowdy Cat - on a gold Ford Explorer 
RX XOSQDRichmond, VirginiaOn a burgundy Scion 
RYZMOMPrince George, VirginiaRay's Mom - on a green Toyota 
SAFETY 1Chesterfield, Virginia(NY tags) on a black Ford p/u 
SAIL BUSPrince George, VirginiaOn a gray GMC van 
SAITALLMidlothian, VirginiaSay It All - on a silver Toyota 
SALVOPrince George, VirginiaOn a tan Chevrolet Suburban 
SANTA 4USalem, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible 
SANTA GMOcala, Florida(on the license pl8 holder: 'Real Santas know the real reason') - On a gold Nissan Altima 
SAUCEDHopewell, VirginiaOn a tan Ford 
SAY UNCLDinwiddie, VirginiaSay Uncle - on a black Ford p/u 
SC84VERHopewell, VirginiaSkate Forever - on a white car 
SCENE1Chesterfield, Virginia(Texas tag) On a tan Lexus 
SCENTSYChester, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Malibu 
SCL RREttrick, VirginiaSeaboard Coastline Railroad - on a silver Hyundai 
SDLRGALColonial Heights, VirginiaSoldier Gal - on a red Ford Expedition 
SEA LANECharlottesville, VirginiaOn a white Chrysler Town & Country 
SEA WAYCumberland, VirginiaOn a burgundy Buick LeSabre 
SEABUGRichmond, VirginiaOn a burgundy Dodge van 
SEAWTCH Hopewell, VirginiaSea Witch - on a red Ford F-150 p/u truck 
SEDUCTVSandston, VirginiaSeductive - on a black Hyundai Sonata 
SEROSLYChester, VirginiaSeriously - on a silver Toyota 4Runner 
SERV IAMRichmond, VirginiaOn a black Ford p/u 
SEW4KDZColonial Heights, VirginiaSew For Kids - on a gold Lincoln LS 
SH9 ONHarrisonburg, VirginiaShine On - on a red Dodge Ram p/u 
SHEENHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a black Abrata (a small foreign car) 
SHERUFFDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a red Ford F150 p/u 
SHORTYDewitt, Virginia(NC tags) on a silver Chevrolet Impala 
SHOW OFFChester, VirginiaOn a white Ford Explorer 
SHRK FINChester, VirginiaShark Fin - on a black Ford 
SHRT STFHopewell, VirginiaShort Stuff - on a bright yellow Ford Mustang 
SIGHColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgandy Saturn 
SIMPLYBRichmond, VirginiaSimply Be - on a burgundy Toyota Tacoma 
SINGL-1Harrisonburg, VirginiaSingle One - on a gray Toyota Tacoma p/u 
SISRICHColonial Heights, VirginiaA Gift From Sister - on a copper Saturn 
SIXNAPSChester, VirginiaFor a retiree - on a gray Chrysler Town & Country 
SIZEMUPHenrico, VirginiaOn a white Ford F-250 p/u 
SK-WISDMChester, VirginiaSeek Wisdom - on a gold Mazda 
SKEWZ MEEnon, VirginiaExcuse Me - on a black Ford p/u 
SKUNKY-1Raphine, Virginia(PA tag) - on a blue Chevrolet 
SKYNS1Chester, VirginiaFor a Washington Redskin fan - on a white Chrysler 
SLEEVEZChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue Nissan Frontier p/u 
SLF-MDE2Hopewell, VirginiaSelf Made Too - on a silver Mercury Grand Marquise 
SLIK FOXMechanicsville, VirginiaSlick Fox - on a black Mazda convertible 
SLO GINHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet Cruz 
SLVR 7Chesterfield, VirginiaSilver 7 - on a silver Nissan 
SMAL BUSColonial Heights, VirginiaSmall Bus - on a burgundy Chevrolet van 
SMIL MORColonial Heights, VirginiaSmile More - on a white Pontiac Grand Prix 
SMILEZ PEnon, VirginiaOn a black Jeep Grand Cherokee 
SMILIN2Chesterfield, VirginiaA Happy Couple - Florida tags on a gold Honda 
SMURFY3Henrico, VirginiaOn a blue Chrysler Sebring 
SND CHEFChester, VirginiaSandwich Chef - on a creme Mitsubish Galant 
SND DLRColonial Heights, VirginiaSand Dollar - on a black Lexus 
SNDSUBColonial Heights, VirginiaSand Sub - on a jacked up green Chevrolet Surburban 4 Wheeler 
SNGDADZion Crossroads, VirginiaSingle Dad - on a white Ford Expedition 
SNOOPY 5Petersburg, VirginiaOn a white Mercury Tracer 
SNUF BOXMidlothian, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Mustang 
SNUGGLYChesterfield, VirginiaOn a gray Ford 
SNYS GRLPrince George, VirginiaSonny's Girl - on a gray BMW 
SODA GALEnon, VirginiaOn a black p/u truck 
SONDMANColonial Heights, VirginiaSoundman 
SOSAXYRichmond, VirginiaOn a black BMW 
SOSINSRChesterfield, VirginiaSo Sincere - on a maroon Nissan 
SOUPX6Chester, VirginiaOn a tan Ford Taraus 
SPAZ OUTChester, VirginiaSpaced Out - on a burgandy Ford Expedition 
SPDRBTEColonial Heights, VirginiaSpider Bite - on a black Jeep 
SPEEDY 3VirginiaSpeedy Three 
SPICEVarina, VirginiaOn a green Chevrolet p/u 
SPRAY4UPrince George, VirginiaHad Spraying Equipment in Back of Truck - on a white Chevrolet p/u 
SQUAWHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Chevrolet Trailblazer 
SQUOOSHColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a gray Buick LaSabre 
SSSSSHChester, VirginiaShush - on a white Toyota 
STAND 4UPrince George, VirginiaStand For You - on a blue Nissan Frontier p/u truck 
STAR LTEDewitt, VirginiaOn a teal Chevrolet Tahoe 
STBRN2Colonial Heights, VirginiaStubborn, Too - on a black Saturn Vue 
STEV WIFHopewell, VirginiaSteve's Wife - on a white Hyundai Sonota 
STGAZRRichmond, VirginiaStar Gazer - on a blue Honda 
STILESPetersburg, Virginia(MD Tags) - on a black Cadillac Escalade 
STOPHenrico, VirginiaOn a tan Chevrolet Malibu 
STOP MEChester, VirginiaOn a gray Nissan Frontier p/u truck 
STP BCKHighland Springs, VirginiaStep Back - on a black Chevrolet 
STPBUGNColonial Heights, VirginiaStop Buggin' - on a silver VW Beetle 
STPIAMCHopewell, VirginiaStop, I Am, See - on a gold Honda 
STRAYKing George, VirginiaOn a gray Mercury 
STREUTHChester, VirginiaOn an orange Cooper Mini 
STUN GUNChester, VirginiaOn a tan Chevrolet Silverado 
SUBARVNCharlottesville, VirginiaOn a burgundy Scion 
SUBXCPNChester, VirginiaSue Be Escaping - in her blue Ford Escape 
SUE OBXPrince George, VirginiaSue loves the Outer Banks of NC - on a burgundy Honda 
SUEELNChester, VirginiaSue Ellen - on a white Ford Explorer 
SUES RDEChester, VirginiaSue's Ride - on a burgundy Chevrolet TrailBlazer 
SUGA PIEColonial Heights, VirginiaSugar Pie - on a burgundy Dodge Caravan 
SUGAH X2Chesterfield, VirginiaSugar Times 2 - on a silver Volkswagen 
SUGAPIEChester, VirginiaSugar Pie - on a red Dodge Caravan 
SUIT GYRichmond, VirginiaSuit Guy - on a black VW 
SUMITUPSandy Springs, GeorgiaSum It Up - on a black Toyota Sequoia 
SUNSHN1Chester, VirginiaSunshine 1 - on black Honda 
SUNY RAYHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Escape 
SUPR BILHopewell, VirginiaSuper Bill - on a gray Dodge Ram p/u 
SUR2PLZPetersburg, VirginiaSure To Please - on a copper Pontiac 
SWE-TATAStandardsville, VirginiaSweet Potato - on a red Mazda 
SWEDEYColonial Heights, VirginiaSwedish Sweetheart - on a green Chevrolet 
SWEEP 04Hopewell, VirginiaBoston Red Sox Fan - on a black Honda Civic 
SWITCHHopewell, VirginiaFor an electrician - on a black & white Ford panel truck 
SWTPKLSZion Cross Roads, VirginiaSweet Pickles - on a gray Honda 
SXC-BLUEPrince George, VirginiaSexy Blue - on a blue Ford Mustang 
SXY-MPRTPetersburg, VirginiaSexy Import - on a black Mitsibshi 
SXYCATHopewell, VirginiaOn a green Jaguar X-16 
SZRHNDZChester, VirginiaScissor Hands - on a white Ford Explorer 
T 4 TXChester, VirginiaOn a black VW Jetta 
TACHIColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a maroon Chevy Impala 
TANGIERChester, VirginiaTangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay - on a burgandy VW Passat 
TANK FULHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Sienna LXE 
TANKMAMAColonial Heights, VirginiaNC tags - on a green Ford Excursion 
TARABLEColonial Heights, VirginiaTerrible - on a black Cadillac Esclande 
TARAMUPPrince George, VirigniaTear 'Em Up - on a gray Chevrolet Cruze 
TATTOOSHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Ford p/u 
TAXPUNKHopewell, VirginiaOn a gold Honda 
TCH A2ZGoochland, VirginiaFor a teacher - on a gray Toyota 
TCHNITChester, VirginiaTeaching It - on a red Jeep Compass 
TCHR L8YChesterfield, VirginiaTeacher Lady - on a gray Hyundai 
TCHR TOYHarrisonburg, VirginiaTeacher Toy - on a gray Hyundai 
TD-TBONEChester, VirginiaFor a Washington Redskins Fan - on a white Chevy p/u truck 
TEE N1UPChesterfield, VirginiaFor a Golfer - on a red Chevrolet Corvette 
TEE PTYPrince George, VirginiaTea Party - on a black Chevrolet p/u 
TEE2UPHenrico, VirginiaOn a black Cooper Mini 
TEECHACHPetersburg, VirginiaTeacher (NC tags) - on a black BMW 
TEMPTDHopewell, VirginiaTempted - on a black Pontiac 
TEN-JQKAChester, Virginia10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) - on a silver Toyota Camry 
TENY WNYChester, VirginiaTeenie Weenie - on a burgundy Ford p/u 
THATS ITShort Pump, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford p/u 
THE NOBEnon, VirginiaOn a burgundy Ford F250 p/u 
THEGRLZChester, VirginiaThe Girls - on a tan Ford Escape 
THEHAWKChesterfield, VirginiaThe Hawk - MD tags on a black Pontiac Bonneville 
THINKTWCMarylandThink Twice(NY tags) - on a black GMC Yukon 
THK GIVRichmond, VirginiaThanksgiving - on a dark green Toyota Camry 
THRNWLLChesterfield, VirginiaThornwell - on a gold Nissan Altima 
THX D&MChesterfield, VirginiaThanks Dad and Mom - on gray Chevrolet p/u 
TIN BEARMidlothian, VirginiaOn a silver Dodge 
TKE TMEChester, VirginiaTake Time - on a grey VW convertible 
TKIT2GDChester, VirginiaTicket To God - on a burgundy Nissan 
TKSMEMEColonial Heights, VirginiaThanks Meme - on a white Hyundai Sonata 
TOEKNEEChesterfield, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Camry 
TOM8TOHarrisonburg, VirginiaTomato - on a bright red VW Beetle 
TOO NICEColonial Heights, VirginiaToo Nice - on a gold Chevrolet Trailblazer 
TOO-NICEEnon, VirginiaOn a green Honda 
TOOPAMidlothian, VirginiaNickname - on a gray Hyundai Accent 
TOOT TEEBel Air, MarylandOn a white Nissan Maxima 
TOP USMCChester, VirginiaNC tags - on a bronze Dodge Ram p/u 
TOPSWIFHopewell, VirginiaOn a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 
TOPWACPrince George, VirginiaOn a white Cadillac 
TOSS 1BKChester, VirginiaToss One Back - on a gray Ford p/u 
TOT TCHRColonial Heights, VirginiaTeaches Tots - on a blue Buick Lucerne 
TOURSRichmond, VirginiaOn a silver Ford Focus 
TOXICKPrince George, VirginiaOn a copper Dodge Charger 
TOY-SHOPLouisa, VirginiaOn a gray KIA Sportage 
TOY4 RJBColonial Heights, VirginiaToy for driver's initials - on a red Ford F150 p/u 
TPLS-BLNChester, VirginiaTopless Blond - on a yellow Mazda 
TRAVLLNChester, VirginiaOn a white Buick Lucerne 
TRIFLINGoochland, VirginiaOn a gray VW 
TRIM-ONAfton, VirginiaOn a red pickup truck 
TROL DOGVirginiaOn a black Mitsibui 
TRU RNColonial Heights, VirginiaTrauma Room Nurse - on a green Ford Mustang 
TRU2ALChester, VirginiaTrue To All - on a gray Honda 
TRVLMOMLouisa, VirginiaTravel Mom - on a tan GMC 
TUFLUCKChester, VirginiaTough Luck - on a gray Honda 
TUNEDUPCapon Bridge, West VirginiaHas a black silhouette of a guy playing a guitar on the plate holder 
TWEETY3Midlothian, VirginiaOn a red Dodge Durango 
TWINZPetersburg, VirginiaTwins - on a tan Lexus 
TWIZIDPetersburg, VirginiaTwisted - on a gray Chevrolet p/u 
TWN4EVRColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Honda 
TWNBOYZChesterfield, VirginiaTwin Boys - on a white Jeep Compass 
TWO FOR 1Enon, VirginiaOn a black Chevrolet Silverado p/u 
TWZTID1Colonial Heights, VirginiaTwisted One - on a white Chevrolet Impala 
TX CWBOYColonial Heights, VirginiaTexas Cowboy - on a black Dodge Advenger 
TYLN MAColonial Heights, VirginiaTelling Ma - on a white Nissan 
TYNK BELPrince George, VirginiaTinker Bell - on a green Dodge Stratus 
TZ MEHopewell, VirginiaTease Me - on a black Lincoln 
CNDRLEHarrisonburg, VirginiaLove Cinderella - on a black Kia Sedona 
U DIDNTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a black Honda Accord 
U H8T MEColonial Heights, VirginiaYou Hate Me - on a black Dodge Charger 
U LKETHTColonial Heights, VirginiaYou Like That? - on a gold Hyundai 
U MY VIPChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Lincoln taxi cab 
U OLGOATChester, VirginiaYou Old Goat - on a silver Honda Accord 
U2BADChesterfield, VirginiaYou Too Bad - on a white Ford p/u 
U2GIRLGoochland, VirginiaOn a tan Jeep 
U2GOODChester, VirginiaYou Too Good - on a burgundy Nissan 
UBCALENColonial Heights, VirginiaYou Be Calling - on a black Pontiac Grand Pri 
UC24WINChesterfield, VirginiaNascar fan for #24 - on a burgundy Chevrolet Malibu 
UCFAITHPetersburg, VirginiaOn a silver Nissan 
UGET NUNColonial HeightsOn a white Cadillac 
UHATIN 2Colonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Honda 
ULKETHATVirginiaYou’ll Like That - on a gold Hyundai 
ULOOKN2Hopewell, VirginiaYou Looking, Too - on a black Nissan 
UMOVEMEPetersburg, VirginiaYou Move Me - on a white Ford F-150 pickup truck 
UMWGRLRichmond, VirginiaUniversity of Mary Washington Girl - on a teal Chrysler 
UN4GTBLWaynesboro, VirginiaUnforgettable - on a gray Ford Expedition 
UNC BALLHopewell, VirginiaFor a fan of the University North Carolina sports - on a blue Ford Mustang 
UNC SUXPrince George, VirginiaSomeone who dislikes the University of North Carolina - on a white Toyota Tacoma p/u 
UNCORK 1Hopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chrysler Sebring 
UNEEK-AColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a blue Chrysler 300 
UNIHORNHopewell, VirginiaOn a silver Chrysler 
UNKOOTHColonial Heights, VirginiaUncouth - on a black Jeep 
UNLOCK 1Midlothian, VirginiaOn a burgundy Chrysler 
URWEBDHopewell, VirginiaThe nickname for the sports teams of the University of Richmond are the Spiders. 
USA HOG2Zion Crossroads, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Mustang 
USMC MOMDayton, VirginiaOn a white Toyota Rav4 
USOWYLDColonial Heights, VirginiaYou So Wild - on a yellow Mustang 
UTR KAOSChesterfield, VirginiaUtter Chaos - on a Blue Honda 
UVA RN92Enon, VirginiaFor a University of Virginia School of Nursing 1992 Graduate - on a white Toyota 4Runner 
V8YWAITColonial Heights, VirginiaV-8 Why Wait - on a blue Chevrolet Camaro 
VA 5UX5Colonial Heights, VirginiaVirginia Sucks - on a black Honda 
VA CATSHenrico, VirginiaVirginia Cats - on a white Ford Ranger p/u 
VA DLITEChester, VirginiaVirginia Delight - on a black Lexus 
VA POETVirginiaFor a poet laureate 
VALUATEHopewell, VirginiaOn a tan Ford 
VANNABOOVarina, VirginiaNot a friend of Vanna White (NC tags) - on a red Dodge 
VAPAPAMidlothian, VirginiaOn a black Toyota 
VBAL MOMChester, VirginiaVolleyball Mom - on a gray VW 
VERBOSEZion Cross Roads, VirginiaOn a burgandy Toyota Prius 
VET TECHRichmond, VirginiaOn a gold Honda Pilot 
VFW WW2Hopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
VIKTORYColonial Heights, VirginiaVik’s Victory - on a blue Chevy Cavalier 
VIRGNIARichmond, VirginiaVirginia - on a gray Mercedes-Benz 
VMI 1953Hopewell, VirginiaDriver graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1953 - on a green Ford F-150 p/u 
VN4 FMLYPetersburg, VirginiaVan For Family - on a burgundy and gold Dodge Ram 
VOIS DRChester, VirginiaVoice Doctor - on a tan VW van 
VONETOYHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Honda 
VRTOUSColonial Heights, VirginiaVirtuous - on a silver Mercedes Benz 
VT GRADChester, VirginiaVirginia Tech Grad - on a gray Toyota 
VT32RIPColonial Heights, VirginiaHonoring the 32 killed at Virginia Tech - on a blue Toyota Tacoma 
VTLVRColonial Heights, VirginiaVA Tech Lover - on a gold Chrysler 
VUE4UColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a silver Saturn Vue 
W ABLAZEHopewell, VirginiaWhat a Blaze - on Miami Heat license tag holder on a white Chrysler 200 convertible 
W MARINEChester, VirginiaOn a burgundy Mercury Milan 
W-WAR IIHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
W8 4 K8Richmond, VirginiaWait for Kate - on a blue Ford Focus 
W8UFSTHenrico, VirginiaWait, You First - on a blue Chevy Corvette 
WA1T1NGHarrisonburg, VirginiaWaiting - on a blue Toyota 
WADKINSMidlothian, VirginiaLast Name - on a black Mercedes Benz 
WANAFSHHopewell, VirginiaWanna Fish? - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
WAR ONEHenrico, VirginiaDriver's Initials - William Archibald Robinson - and definitely #1 - on a silver Hyundai 
WARRANTColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a burgundy Jeep Grand Cherokee 
WATER4UColonial Heights, VirginiaWater For You - on a black Ford 
WE BSMLNChester, VirginiaWe Be Smiling - on a silver (needs to be washed) Honda 
WE CRUSNHopewell, VirginiaOn a red Ford Mustang 
WE FSHMidlothian, VirginiaWe Fish - on a gray Ford F150 p/u 
WE SELLMPrince George, VirginiaWe Sell Them - on a tan Chevrolet 
WE2R ONEColonial HeightsWe Two Are One - on a white Mercury 
WEBADDChesterfield, VirginiaWe Bad - on a black Ford Explorer 
WEDGEChester, ViriginiaOn a white Ford Explorer 
WEDOTAYSRichmond, VirginiaOn a New York tag - on a burgundy Dodge 
WEMSUJOChester, VirginiaWe Miss You Jo - on a gray Honda station wagon 
WETRVLChester, VirginiaWe Travel (Alaska tags) - on a blue Honda Oddessey 
WHERNOWChesterfield, VirginiaWhere Now? - on a burgundy van 
WHO LADYEnon, VirginiaOn a gray Volvo 
WHO MEHopewell, VirginiaWho, Me? - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
WHOA PNYPrince George, VirginiaWhoa Pony - on a burgundy Ford Mustang 
WHOLVZUColonial Heights, VirginiaWho Loves You - on burgundy Toyota Corolla 
WHOS 2EZColonial Heights, VirginiaWho's Too Easy? - on a blue Nissan Quest 
WHP TATRPrince George, VirginiaWhipped Potatoes - on a yellow & white Ford F150 p/u 
WHQS-NXTEnon, VirginiaWho’s Next? - on a black Chev p/u 
WHT DOINRichmond, VirginiaWhat Are You Doing - on a white Honda Acura 
WHTVERPrince George, VirginiaWhatever - on a green Ford Explorer 
WHUTAChester, VirginiaWhat A - on a black p/u truck 
WIKD KTYHopewell, VirginiaWicked Kitty - on a black Jeep 
WINDY DAChester, VirginiaOn the frame around the license plate, the wording was, "I'd rather be sailing." 
WINEMANChester, VirginiaOn a gray Ford Fusion 
WIRE GUYKing George, VirginiaFor an electrician - on a white Silverado Chevrolet p/u 
WISE MOMPrince George, VirginiaOn a gray Chrysler Town & Country 
WKENDRSChester, VirginiaFor a line of clothes - on a black Saturn 
WLD GDSSChesterfield, VirginiaWild Goddess - on a blue Toyota RAV-4 
WLD-BOYJCarmel Church, VirginiaWild Boy - on a silver Honda Acura 
WLVS DENChester, VirginiaWolves Den - on a green Dodge Durango 
WN-DC1TYChesterfield, VirginiaWindy City (from Chicago) - on a gold Ford 
WOKS UPVirginiaOn a Teal Toyota Corolla 
WON 1Prince George, VirginiaOn a gray Toyota Avalon 
WONAGO2Colonial Heights, VirginiaWant To Go To ? - on a silver Saturn 
WOOKEELouisa, VirginiaOn a gray Honda Odyssey 
WORLD BChesterfield, VirginiaOn a black Ford Fusion 
WRK CARHopewell, VirginiaWork Car - on a black Honda 
WRNGLRSWranglers - on brown Ford Expedition 
WROTE ITChester, VirginiaOn a gray Honda Civic 
WTCH 8WNPrince George, VirginiaWhat Are You Waiting On? - on a gray Chevy Trailblazer 
WTHPN2 UChesterfield, VirginiaWhat Happened To You - on a white Jeep 
WTRBABYFt. Lee, VirginiaWater Baby - on a gray Ford Excursion 
WUF PAKHopewell, Virginiaa military plate - on a burgundy Chevrolet Silverado 
WVA WMNChester, VirginiaWest Virginia Woman - on a white Honda 
WVFTBLLPrince George, VirginiaWest Virginia University football fan (on a WV logo vanity plate - VA tag) - on a gray Honda 
WVMOMMAColonial Heights, VirginiaWest Virginia Momma - on a burgundy Chrysler Town & Country 
WWJD2MEPetersburg, VirginiaWhat Would Jesus Do To Me? - on a green Lexus 
X-DA-SEAColonial Heights, VirginiaEcstasy - on a burgundy Kia Sorenta 
X-RAYChesterfield, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota Camry 
XCELINDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a black and yellow Nissan 
XFINITYHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a gray Dodge Dart 
XKEWZ MEChester, VirginiaExcuse Me - on a black Jeep 
XMAS GIFLouisa County, VirginiaOn a red Chrysler PT Cruiser 
NIKLBKChester, VirginiaLoves Nickelback (Canadian band) - on a black Ford Escape 
XRAY RM2Prince George, VirginiaX-Ray Room 2 - on a silver BMW 
XTERIORHopewell, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet panel truck 
Y B MADHopewell, VirginiaWhy Be Mad - on a black BMW 
Y H8 MEHenrico, VirginiaWhy Hate Me? - on a burgundy GMC Envoy 
Y U SLOWChesterfield, VirginiaWhy Are You Slow - on a blue Ford 
YA 2 CLSEHenrico, VirginiaYou're Too Close - on a tan Kia 
YAMA KNWColonial Heights, VirginiaYour Mom Know? (southern translation) - on a black Dodge Charger 
YANKS NYHopewell, VirginiaA New York Yankees fan - on a silver Nissan Maxima 
YASMINEHopewell, VirginiaOn a blue Mazda 
YEA IZMEPrince George, VirginiaYeah, It’s Me - on a red Ford Mustang 
YEAHAWWChester, VirginiaOn a blue Ford Expedition 
YES IML8Prince George, VirginiaYes, I’m Late - on a red Ford Focus 
YH8MEPrince George, VirginiaWhy Hate Me - on a burgundy Nissan Altima 
YISREALHopewell, VirginiaWhy Israel? - on a yellow Chevrolet Cavalier 
YNKYGRLChesterfield, VirginiaYankee Girl - on a red & green Chevrolet Camaro 
YOUR DRMSmithfield, VirginiaOn a blue Chevy Uplander 
YOUTUBEMidlothian, VirginiaOn a gold Chevrolet Tahoe 
YRKIEZChesterfield, VirginiaYorkies (dogs) - on a white Lexus 
YVONNESColonial Heights, VirginiaOn a red Chevy Cavalier 
ZACK COXCharlottesville, VirginiaOn a white Chevrolet 
ZEEEBRAHopewell, VirginiaInside the K&L Barbeque restaurant 
ZINFULDinwiddie, VirginiaOn a gray Infinity 
ZOES TOYChester, VirginiaOn a blue Toyota 4Runner 
ZRO-DRMAChesterfield, VirginiaZero Drama - on a black Ford Mustang 
ZZZOOMNChester, VirginiaZooming - on a Mazda 

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