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When metal license plates were first distributed, many people tagged along.
Cartographer: A guy who takes pictures of his car
From what kind of dish does a car eat?
What driver doesn't need a license?
New Illinois License Plate
Police Car Of The Year

Looking for a unique license plate for your own vehicle(s)?
These license plates from around the world are sure to give you 'food for thought'! Just because a personalized plate is 'taken' in a particular province/state/hamlet doesn't mean that it's not available where you live...  
(A) Do you have a personalized plate that you could share with us?  (B) Have you seen a plate that you'd like to let us know of?  (C) Do you have a name for a license plate that you wish you had?  Send us your license plate(s) (from anywhere in the world) and we'll send you a personalized Calendar...
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What is the world record amount paid for a license plate?
Highest # of personalized plates in America?
No Drip

Joe's Car - so that's where the Joe-kster's car went!

License Plate of the Year?

The Joe-kster's Personal Plates
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Redneck House Siding

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