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License Plate Submissions   #301 - 400

World License Plate Humour   &

“When metal license plates were first distributed, many people tagged along.”

License Plate Submissions for Credits  #1 to 200
License Plate Submissions for Credits  #201 to 300
License Plate Submissions for Credits  #401+

301. GOTOPLS   "I own a 1975 oldsmobile delta 88 holiday coupe convertible in hamilton, ontario, canada the plate reads gotopls [go topless] it gets a lot of laughs and looks when my wife drives the car." - from  Larry McAllister,  Hamilton, Ontario.


303. STV-MCQ  "Steve McQueen - on a Ford Mustang GT." - from  Mac McDonald,  Cape Coral, Florida.

304. RD2LV
  "Ride to Live" - from  David L. Bross,  Edgerton, Kansas.

305. UNMEL8R
  "You and me later - just got this for my hummer h2.
" - from  Blake Dorris,  Daytona Beach, Florida.

306. LSN2ME
  "Listen to me.... maybe a singer or something." - from  Aryanna Phan-Hill,  Winnipeg, Manitoba.

307. 2DACAMP
  "I want to give you my license plate. I always love hearing the comments made about it. We do own a camp and will say this when we're ready to go. The funny thing is, our Jack Russell knows exactly what this means and jumps with joy about going. (we cannot say it until we are absolutely ready to go out the door!)" - from  Debbie Dube,  New Hampshire.

  "My RV plate is *NOVAKNC* (No Vacancy). I have a frame around above it, says *Elms Motel* & *don`t even ask* underneath the plate!" - from  Mark Elms,  Choctaw Oklahoma.

309. U8R_TRKY
  "You Ate Our Turkey - turkey farmer." - from  Trenda Varner,  Head Waters, Virginia.

  "Flew by You; on a 2001 toyota celica." - from  Jillissa Balcom,  Marshalltown, Iowa.

311. C_U_N_OZ & LOST_N_OZ  "C U N OZ - ON MY SUV FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS; LOST N OZ - ON MY CAR." - from  Dorothy Brown,  Columbus, Ohio.

312. HSECAT ITCHY & YRDDOG  "HSECAT - Due to wife's spite of my YRDDOG plate. On a 04' ZX636 motorcycle; ITCHY - On 02' BMW. Nickname due to siblings not being able to pronounce Richie when we were kids; YRDDOG - On 06' ZX14 motorcycle. Due to not being able to have dog in house." - from  Richard Henry,  Kapolei, Hawaii.

313. RX_&_SLT
  "Rocks and Salt - how she likes her margaritas." - from  Tina Bridges,  Parrot Head Plate, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  "For My Dad - 'STORMIN NORMAN ROOT' - on a FORD F-150 S-CREW (Kalispell, Montana plate)." - from  Michael Root,  Gilbert, Arizona.

315. FN_KEWL
  "fun and cool - on my 89 corvette." - from  Ken Kettles,  Kelowna B.C.

316. NOS_4_ATU
  "NOS 4 ATU is nosforatu as in vampire. The lady in the car looked a bit goth - I thought it was a very funny plate. Massachusetts plate. Saw on Mass Pike." - from  Kate Skelton  Woodbury, Connecticut.

317. GDAY-M8
& G-LOPPY  "GDAY-M8 - Friendly Australian greeting. Personal plate on my white Cadillac;  G-LOPPY - Jalopy (not really) - Personal plate on my 34 Mercedes replica." - from  Diane Schwendener,  St. Charles, Missouri.

318. BBDEER CORP_SIS & PAPA_SRF  "BBDEER - My name is Fawn, means
"fawn"; CORP_SIS - Brother is a Navy Corpman; PAPA_SRF - Grandpa is a surfer." - from  Fawn Rigali,  Ventura, California.

319. GO2DGYM
  "Driver is personal trainer." - from  Dominique Swinson,  Montgomery, Alabama.

320. ISUE4U
  "I sue for you - Lawyer." - from  Matthew Dyer,  Auckland, New Zealand.

  "Pulitzer - On a Black Thunderbird Convertible, registered in Atlanta, driven by a Novelist with very high ambitions!" - from  Irene Walsh,  Atlanta.

  "ARCHITK - I have the plate on my Black 2007 Envoy, I am an Architect. Before that I had the plate I BIKE - on my 2004 CTS-V because I bicycle race. I am looking at creating the plate FLSGRID for False Grid for the Envoy because I race a 1959 Austin Healey and we start on the False Grid." - from  Doug Bruce,  Bloomington, Indiana.

  "Saw this one on another web site: If you read it fast, you probably need to re-read it to see that it was supposed to reference Ana's Lexus." - from  Chad Portenga,  Michigan.

324. BI G 454 H
  "BI G 454 H (H means historic = over 30 years old); Bielefeld (= BI), NRW (Northrhine Westfalia), Germany, on my Corvette Bigblock 454." - from  Gerd Gratenau,  Bielefeld, Germany.

325. 8 DGRMR
  "Great Dog Groomer on a Tahoe." - from  Ken & Darlene Zapp,  Fairbury, Illinois.

  "Parks at the Abbott Public Library, Maverick St Marblehead, MA in a NO PARKING zone on the wrong side of the street half on the sidewalk! HUMBLE #1  HUMBLE #2" - Anonymous submission,  Marblehead, Massachusetts.

  "Most 'vanity' or personalized plates usually say something about the car or it's owner. I chose to display a friendly greeting instead. Seems almost everyone around here says 'Hi, how are you?' when they greet someone, so I was surprised to find that this plate was not already taken when I applied for it. It draws lots of positive response - even cops give me friendly waves.
It just occurred to me that a simple rearrangement of the letters would drastically change the tone of the message, and quite likely get you pulled over: HOWHIRU  Sunny Skies & No Worries.
" - from  Rip Lichliter,  Idaho.

328. CND-USA
  "See the USA in your Chevrolet on a '57 chevy - Dina Shore song advertising the new 57 Chevrolet." - from  Dave Nickles,  Denver, Colorado.

329. GR8 MPG & 4U2DCODE
  "GR8 MPG - Great Miles Per Gallon (on Prius);  4U2DCODE - For You To Decode." - from  Glenn Zuch,  Lockport, New York.

330. U1D10T
  "You idiot, seen in Albany, Georgia" - from  Jeff Schlarb,  Leesburg, Georgia.

  "Ton of Fun on my Jeep Wrangler." - from  Randy Price,  Brandon, Mississippi.

  "Down For Whatever" - from  Cee Cee,  Birmingham, Alabama.

333. NTOTO2
  "Dorothy's question to Glinda the good witch in Wizard of Oz, 'And Toto too?' " - from  Seymour Butz,  Chestertown, Maryland.

334. OK2BOK
  "It means many different things to different people (lots of comments)... but mainly high self-esteem." - from  Gene Hocutt,  Birmingham, Alabama.

335. NO_DRIP
  "Plate reads NO DRIP on water company van with Tap / Faucet on top seen in Tauranga, New Zealand while on holiday." - from  Alan Needham,  Cornwall, United Kingdom.

336. RS67SS
  "1967 numbers matching RS SS Camaro " - from  Clay Moorhead,  Oregon.

  "Rumble Seat - a friend of mine has this plate on his Harley. He is from Calgary, Alberta." - from  Kathy Smith,  Onoway, Alberta.

  "95 NEON - was on my 1995 dodge neon when i owned it; DZNYNUT - Disney Nut on my 2001 Tahoe before i sold it. Believe it or not, i got a notice that they had to have a hearing to pass that plate when i got it; HRSPWRD - Horsepowered- on my 99 mustang in phoenix, az-traded car for cobra but have plate still; MEECHEL - Me'Chaele-on my wife 05 Mazda 6 in Phoenix, az, it's her middle name; URSNKB8 - You are snake bait - on my 1999 mustang cobra; WDW_LVR - Walt Disney World Lover was on my 99 mustang." - from  Art Carter,  Phoenix, Arizona.

  "GO GOLF - on my 2001 S-80 Volvo. This is my version of the proper golf cart;  NSTYLE - on my 2000 Magnetic Red Corvette. How else can a 50's y/o couple ride 'in style'?" - from  Johnny Jones,  Georgetown, Kentucky.

  "Y - WRE - B - AP - Why Worry Be Happy." - from  Matt Venick,  Burlington, Ontario.

  "'HeySanta' on a Hyundai Santa Fe." - from  Angela Marlin,  St. Thomas, Ontario.

  "AUDIOS - 98 audi a4 1.8T 400 at wheel horse power;  NAUDI - 2002 audi a4 1.8T" - from  Kelly Hebert,  Manchester, New Hampshire.

  "HEMINOW - Hear Me Now (hear that engine)! - on a Dodge Hemi;  P0N1RYD - Pony Ride - on a Mustang GT Convertible." - from  Lynette Jones,  Brandywine, Maryland.

344. BT_MBLE
  "'I always wanted this on a new black mustang cause they look like the Bat mobile to me! I have yet to see it around." - from  Kali Gilbert,  Snohomish, Washington.

  "LVMYWF - on 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT, 'love my wife when I am in good mood, leave my wife when I am not';   MYPONY - on 2006 Suzuki C50C motorcycle 'my riding pony';   SMILNG on 1983 Honda Sabre motorcycle that runs fast 'Riding put smiling on my face'." - from  James Chien,  Houston, Texas.

  "FNDLEME - Fondle me;  SHRTSTF - Short stuff... mom being short and son being stuff - both on my truck." - from  Lisa Richardson,  Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I BENZO  "'My husband recently bought me a Mercedez Benz E63 AMG and I love it so much, so I decided to have this as my license plate. I am a pharmacist, so I decided to be a little creative that I chose Benzo. Benzo is a short name for "Benzodiazepine" - a class of drug that can be used to treat anxiety or anxiety associated with depressive symptoms!" - from  Christina Cao,  Victorville, California.

348. 4X4_XTC
  "'4X4 Ecstasy - On a Nice Lifted 4X4 Truck." - from  Russ Frazier,  XTC Truck & Toy, Hood River, Oregon.

  "My last name is 'Link' and I use it as my nickname (very few people know my first name). 'ITB LINK' means 'It Be Link' (kind of an ebonics play on words)." - from  Link,  Mission Viejo, California.

  "saw it in moorhead, mn 'escape with me' - on a ford escape." - from  Courtney Thompson,  Moorhead, Minnesota.

  "SINFUL1 - Sinful one;   STOLLEN - Saw it on a BMW years back. Thought it was clever;   WATUPYO What up, yo?'" - from  Christopher Rozmus,  San Marcos, California.

DVIANT_1 GETN_WLD GOTTA_GO KLUNK3R MITY_GIRL MUVE_OVA 00WHEEE & TNY_BRAT  "BCKWILD - a Kansas plate, on a Toyota truck;   BNANAS - on a banana yellow Dodge Colt (also describes owner). Alaska;   DVIANT_1 - Deviant one. Old Camaro California;   GETN_WLD - Get'n Wild. On a Dodge Ramcharger California;   GOTTA_GO - Gotta Go, on a Plymouth Barracuda. (ya really gotta ask?!) California;   KLUNK3R - Klunker, on a KLR650 dual sport bike (old, beat up looking) California;   MITY_GIRL - Mighty Girl, on a GS500 bike. Describes the tiny rider. California;   MUVE_OVA - Move over, on a Dodge Caliber California;   00WHEEE - oo Wheee!! on a ZRX1200 street bike. (Damn fast!) California;   TNY_BRAT - Tiny Brat, on a Mercedez. Describes the owner. California" - from  Ron Hutchinson,  California.

& ZZZZOOM "CHPRPLT - Chopper Pilot - for hubby that is an active duty US Army Apache Longbow helicopter pilot;  ZZZZOOM - for my brand new RX8. Hubby thought I should have done "MIDLIFE" but I'm in denial!" - from  Sheryl Davis,  Savannah, Georgia.

354. 82CMP99
  "The pl8 that I have on my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee is in memory of my son, who I lost 10 years ago at the  age of 17 in a car accident. It is the year he was born, his initials and the year he died, 82CMP99." - from  Renea Dennis,  Jacksonville, North Carolina.

  "Well... That you love yourself." - from  John Chesterfield,  San Antonio, Texas.

  "My last name is Barbee (as in Barbie) on an 2007 Jeep Wrangler... i.e. the Barbie Jeep!" - from  Leslie Barbee,  Sophia, North Carolina.

  "Inspired by 'Fahfrd and the Gray Mouser' by Fritz Lieber - on our Jeep. And it fits right with where we live!  #1  #2" - from  Steve & Chris Jacobs,  Gray, Maine.

  "A little lady that everybody always says she prisses when she walks. I can't help it, it's just me trying to walk - the pris comes natural I guess in Cullman." - from  Susie Bonner,  Cullman, Alabama.

359. SPBP
  "I have 'SPBP' on my Pennsylvania registered Chrysler Town and Country. I spend as much time as possible on the beach in Seaside Park, New Jersey during the summer months. All the Jersey resort towns have their beach rescue crews wear a logo with the first letter(s) of the town they guard followed by BP (for beach patrol). So everyone on the Jersey Coast who sees my plate should conclude that I am." - from  Marita Gaudini,  Narberth, Pennsylvania.

& KINKII "FETISH - Use your imagination! On my 1997 BMW Z3;  KINKII - Use your own imagination! On my 91 Buick Regal" - from  Darren Bies,  Biloxi, Mississippi.

CIPNGAS - My car is a Yaris 3dr Hatchback denoting it is easy on fuel." - from  Judy Konos,  Slidell, Louisiana.

  "Ho + Gasm ... aka orgasm. Plate was Massachusetts, seen in New York State, Interstate 90, near Utica, NY." - from  Brian Mitchell,  Utica, New York.

363. P-POD
  "P-POD On a light green BMW Z3 convertible." - from  Jan Cullum,  Vancouver, B.C.

364. OL_FIAT
  "On a '78 Fiat Spider." - from  Reggie Callis,  Kenbridge, Virginia.

  "DR MY I - New Jersey plate, owned by an optometrist on her Cadillac;   OMG BBQ - Texas plate (Austin resident), owned by a network engineer tired of acronym use;   PKTACES New Jersey plate, owned by a high-stakes amateur poker player." - from  Mike Holovacs,  Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

366. MOOSB8
  "Up here, your car is Moose Bait." - from  Frank Holomshek,  Anchorage, Alaska.

367. IPLUM4U
  "On a plumber's work truck." - from  Dennis Devereux,  Orange County, California.

  "BRK RD - Follow The Yellow Brick Road - saw this while following a yellow Ford coupe in Van Nuys, California; WUZAFOX - Saw this in Ojai, Calif. on a car being driven by a cute little old lady." - from  David Moxness,  Newhall, California.

369. DTP
  "'Disturbin' Tha Peace,' from rap artist Ludacris' record label. I chose these specific letters because I have an extremely loud (competion) stereo (subwoofer) system as well as an exhaust system that gets me pulled over for several times a month. Not even Ludacris himself has thought of this idea from his own creation." - from  Bruce-Bruce Lee,  Maryland.

  "LIL ZUM - 'Little Zoom' on my Mazda Miata; I also saw ZUM ZUM - (Zoom Zoom) on a Mazda RX-8 in Marietta, Ga." - from  Catherine Grunke,  Canton, Georgia.

371. RUNCUT   "'Are you uncut?' On a VW Rabbit convertible, with four twenty-something blond males inside." - from  John Wildermuth,  West Hollywood, California.

372. BORGYVER   "Combination of my last name and the Macgyver TV show - on a 2005 Ford Focus." - from  Ken Borgen,  Manteca, California.

373. 9TEEN6T3   "It is on my 1963 Buick Electra convertible." - from  Burt Kasson,  Baldwinsville, New York.

374. ABCEISM   "No Deism, seen @ Monroe Twp., NJ." - from  Craig Bersak,  Sewell, New Jersey.

375. FUNNMUD “Fun in Mud on a Hummer H2” - from  Chris Freeman, Indianapolis, Indiana.

376. SYCOCIK “Psycho Chick - on a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma” - from  Dani Hoffman, Livermore, California.

377. WIKDRN “Wicked RN (Registered Nurse) - seen in Brimfield, Ohio” - from  Shelby Pratt, Rootstown, Ohio.

378. OWL_NUT_8 “Owl Nut - for someone who gives a hoot!” - from  Karen Lund, Genoa, Illinois.

379. LOVGSD “We live in San Diego. People think it means 'Loving San Diego' - it really means 'Love German Shepherd Dogs' - GSD is the known abbreviation.” - from  Rich Atherton, San Diego, California.

380. 5_CLOCK, 8_DANE, 82_WORK, “5 o'clock somewhere; Great Dane; Hate to work.” - from  Mark Bones, Rockford, Illinois.

381. FRISBEER FRISBEER - which I - as a disc-tossing/chase-catching devoté (and brief brewery browser) had on my car a few years.” - from  Joe Tomczyk, Black Mountain, North Carolina.

382. ONABLAT & NO_LUCAS ONABLAT - A “blat” is a British term for going for a drive in a Lotus 7; NO LUCAS: Plate was on a Mazda Miata. Any one who has ever owned a British car will know exactly what it means - all old British cars had Lucas electrics. I nearly fell down I was laughing so hard.” - from  Skip Cannon, Erie, Colorado.

383. TOPGEAR & MCFLY1 TOPGEAR: Favorite BBC Car show of the same name - on my Lotus Seven Replica; MCFLY1: on a Delorean.” - from  Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, Georgia.

384. HOMWRKR “Homeworker, my handyman's truck. Many ask if it is 'homewrecker'. I reply: 'my wife doesn't let me do that anymore'!” - from  Chris Sampson, Calaveras County, California.

385. XPNSIV XPNSIV - EXPENSIVE” - from  Jeff Garmer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

386. CYAHL8R “I was in Engineering Project Management and now am in the Peppermill Hotel Resort Casino Facility for 5 Years! I Love my business, leadership and ownership, they lead by example. I always believe in going full circle to insure customer satisfaction, thus the license plate: CYAHL8R, it is on a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS.” - from  Jimmie Oaks, Reno, Nevada.

387. RD1_TK2 RD1 TK2 - Ready One Take Two - (NBC-TV) Burbank, CA on a TV Director's Car.” - from  Dennis Lunsford, Burbank, California.

388. 2A_TRACK 2A TRACK - Don't street race - take your car to a track. On a 1988 Corvette Special Events Pace Car (REAL WORKING PACE CAR with 12 STROBE LIGHTS). Built years ago for the P.A.C.E.R. Program, Police And Community Educating Racers a program to educate people of the dangers of street racing. This Pace Car can be seen at many special and track events and has been displayed in 73 parader of which it has lead 62 of them. It is also known as the LUCAS Oil Pace Car and can be found on their website (on the NEWS link) and on Google and other sites.” - from  Mike Maguire, Newmarket, Ontario.

389. MRONEI &  IREFILL MRONEI - This plate is on a friends car, a late model Honda. He is blind in one eye - therefore the plate 'Mr one I';  IREFILL - This was on a vehicle advertising cartridge re-fills for printers. Here in Melbourne our number plates are limited to 6 characters. They can't start numerically, can't start with the letter V nor can they be abusive or foul.”
- from  Lozza Bloom, Melbourne, Australia.

390. ITWSHIS   “Plate was put on the ex's car after a divorce. I have had the plate since 1995 - I have changed cars but I always make sure it is on something unique. Currently on an 85 McLaren Capri convrt.” - from  KaDee Callahan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

391. WCKDKWK   “ 'Wicked Quick' on a modified Subaru STi.” - from  Scott Andrews, Draper, Utah.

392. POISNIS   “On my 2004 Cobra Terminator.” - from  Randy Riske, Lacombe, Alberta.

393. PRPLTRD   “My daughter drives a purple PT Cruiser. When she drove it back to college a year and a half ago, her best friend said, “That looks like a purple turd!” We bought her a personalized license plate reading PRPLTRD.” - from  Roger Myers, Larned, Kansas.

394. AUNS4US   “Goldens for us - we own Golden Retrievers.” - from  Dorothy Neff, Wisconsin.

395. K9RESQ &  SKEEBUM   “K9RESQ: K9rescue dog rescue - non profit organization finds permanent homes for dogs; SKEEBUM: Self explanatory - I love to ski.” - from  Brian Olson, Calgary, Alberta.

396. AL_BUNDY   “For Al Bundy  from 'Married With Children'. ” - from  Josh Boehm, Bismarck, North Dakota.

397. XKWIZIT   “Exquisite on a 2009 Pontiac G8.” - from  Krys Miller, Thompson, Manitoba.

398. GOTCHA6, PLAY_0N, 0NP01NT    GOTCHA6 on a 1995 Dodge Ram Truck. Belongs to a retired Marine. “Gotha 6” means I got your back!   PLAY 0N on a 1970 Grand Prix. Play on, Player (old school phrase)!   0NP01NT (On Point) on a 2006 GMC Sierra.” - from  Lynette M. Jones, Brandywine, Maryland.

399. PWRTRIP   “Power Trip - Originally on Blue 98 Supercharged Twin Inter-cooler Corvette C5. Now on Silver 2006 CTS-V somewhat modded. Louisiana Plate (Covington, LA) and gets lots of looks!” - from  Michael Gardette, Covington, Louisiana.

400. BCKNBLAK & BCKTHEAD    BCKNBLAK From the AC/DC album, on my black 1967 Camaro;  BCKTHEAD for guitarist BUCKETHEAD on a 2002 Ford Focus.” - from  Mark Huggins, Waynesville, North Carolina.

License Plate Submissions for Credits  #1 to 200
License Plate Submissions for Credits  #201 to 300
License Plate Submissions for Credits  #401+

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