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License Plate Submissions   #1 - 200

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“When metal license plates were first distributed, many people tagged along.”

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Looking for a unique license plate for your own vehicle(s)?  These license plates from around the world are sure to give you 'food for thought'! Just because a personalized plate is 'taken' in a particular province/state/hamlet doesn't mean that it's not available where you live... (A) Do you have a personalized plate that you could share with us?  (B) Have you seen a plate that you'd like to let us know of?  (C) Do you have a name for a license plate that you wish you had?  Send us your license plate (from anywhere in the world) and we'll add it to this list - if it's unique and is exceptionally good, we'll send you a personalized Calendar. Send your plate name to Submit-A-Plate...


1. REVRUN & 10S NUT  from Roy Taylor, Mission, B.C.

2. IBI UBU  from Rysa Gordon, Surrey, B.C.

3. CHAOS E  from Larry Nettleton, Langley, B.C.

4. 4 BID  from Holly Scott, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

  "California plates have the option to have symbols - I chose ND LUCK. My favorite Jimmy Buffett Song is "Love & Luck". The plate is surrounded by my license plate frame that says: "'It's a Jimmy Buffett Thing, You Wouldn't Understand'" - from Brens Beaverhausen, Cordelia, California.

6. LEFT AMA  "... means Left Against Medical Advice (when you leave the hospital when your health is in danger)" from Zee Wizard, Cleveland, Ohio (own plate).

7. YYUR, YYUB,  ICUR,  YY4ME"Remember a saying when you were a young kid?"

YYUR    Two Wise You Are
YYUB     Two Wise You Be
ICUR     I See You Are
YY4ME     Two Wise For Me

from Shawn Kennedy, Abbotsford, B.C.

8. GIVE ME A  from an inspiration from Robert Tassé, Gatineau, Quebec.

9. GROUPW  "Reference to the song 'Alice's Restaurant' by Arlo Guthrie (A place for people who just don't quite belong)" from Chris Edwards, Chicago, Illinois.

10. FA LO ME, QTP2T & Z20ATE  "Follow Me on a Trans Am;  Cutey P Tooty on a VW Beetle;  and Z20ATE on a Z28 Camaro" - from Terry Grimm, Dallas, Texas.

11. 1 UP U
"Used to belong to British heavyweight boxer Joe Bugner";   B1OXAM "My surname is BLOXHAM or BLOXAM"; & PEN 15  "belongs to Fiano Fullerton, famous actress in the U.K." - from Barry J.F. Bloxham, United Kingdom.

12. SKRTMAN  "Skirt Man for a cross dresser - this guy goes to the local mall (I used to work there) dressed in drag and then gets pissy when he draws attention to himself." - from Jonathan Bell, Little Rock, Arkansas.

13. 2-QUADS  "2 four barrel carburetors on a 1965 - 289 Mustang." - from Parl Guthrie, Bothell, Washington State. Here's his vehicle...

14. XN VLDZ  "Exon Valdez on a Ford Suburban." - from John Grenache, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

RAGN ON  "Here's one that got past the censors: Raging hard-on, on a black convertible 'Vette." - from Eric Paulsen, Orange County, California.

16. CRUISIN, FASTRNU & OFFROAD  "CRUISIN on my '55 Chevy;  FASTRNU (Faster 'n you) on a '96 Impala SS that I had;  OFFROAD on my 4X4 truck. I've had this plate for 15-20 yrs. on two different 4X4's (254,000 miles on first one, and > 209,000 on current 4X4)." - from Joe Henry, aka WideGlideJoe (rides a Harley Wide Glide), Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (just outside Tulsa). Also, see WideGlideJoe's poster for the new Oklahoma speed limit!

17. 2MEAN4U  "Too Mean For You - belonged to a mean girl." - from Valarie Bryant, Seward, Alaska.

18. DSTRYR, HYDE & JEKYLL  "DSTRYR on my '69 GTO in Iowa;  HYDE on my '69-1/2 440 6bbl Roadrunner in Colorado - it FLIES!;  and JEKYLL on my '69 GTO Judge in Colorado." - from FB Smolik, Colorado.

19. 7T3 BUS& ASULTAN  "7T3 BUS on my '73 VW Bus;  ASULTAN on a '64 Ford Galaxie 500XL in the 'Sultans of Long Beach' custom car club." - from Jack, Long Beach, California.

20. Y2K 986  "On a 2000 Porsche Boxster (also known as a 986). I own the vehicle with this plate." - from John Winterton, Downington, Pennsylvania.

PD2FLY & RDFLSH  "ASCHER for Jerry Aschermann - not very original (Erik is much smarter than his daddy!); Paid To Fly - for commercial airline pilot, on a 1991 Toyota MR-2;  Red Flash - on a 1988 Red Toyota MR-2." - from Jerry R. Aschermann, St. Joseph, Missouri.

22. CANYNRO  "Canyonero from the episode of 'The Simpsons'." - from Jeremy McKinnon, Calgary, Alberta.

  "Go Forth And Multiply, and Can You Say - on a HEMi powered Dodge Ram" - from Graham Jones, Newport News, Virginia.

24. THREDZ  "Threads - belongs to a Home Economics teacher'." - Anonymous, Lakeside, Ontario.

25. JEDI  "From the Star Wars movies." - from Michelle Anderson, Phoenix, Arizona.

26. ALC HOL  "Alcohol." - from Pierre Belleau, Quebec (plate from Virginia).

27. BLK PRL  "Black Pearl - on a black C6 Corvette." - from Curt Norman, Montana.

28. DR 4 DK  "Doctor For Decay - for a Dentist." - from Tyler Johnson, Portland, Oregon.

29. NITOULU HAFUN2 & WEHAFUN  "'Night Owl' - our old plate in Los Angeles, California;  'You Have Fun 2' - license plate on our other vehicle in Las Vegas, Nevada;  'We Have Fun' on our present Las Vegas, Nevada license plate." - from Connie, Las Vegas, Nevada.

30. RD APL  "This plate was originally on my '63 Chevy II and meant 'petrified piece of horse bleep' or some like the Tragically Hip meaning better. Now it's transferred to my Truck and 'Road Appeal' is more appealing!" - from Julee, White Rock, B.C.

31. 0260N4S6-O PBR
THEBOSSZ516SPD & Z-51  "'0 - 60 MPH in 4 seconds; 6.0 Liter (2005 Corvette Engine Displacement... PB for Lead) + rest from 'The Boss' - owner's occupation." - from Guy, Cortland, Ohio.

32. 8ITCUTE  "Ain't it cute." - from Norman Hinton, Toledo, Ohio.

33. IFNRULE  "I f'en rule - got past the
Dept. of Transportation..." - from devalk, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

34. MSTG ETR  "Mustang Eater - on my Ram-Air Firebird" - from Mark Blackman, Ohio.

35. MY BROOMWILLYFAST & WO HORSY  "'MY BROOM on my wife's 2002 GT Mustang;  WILLYFAST on my '41 Willy's; and WO HORSY on a '65 Mustang." - from Thomas Stanley, Cambridge, Ontario.

36. 1PGT2NV  "One Probe GT to Envy - its a 1989 Probe Gt Turbo..." - from 'The Pope Says', Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

37. IHATE50SPARKZ & YUHATN4  "'I Hate 5.0 (Cops) on my 2001 Kawasaki NInja;  Truck Sparks When I Slam It to the ground (skid plates) on my 1999 Chevy S10 (With Hydros);  Why You Hatin' For on my 2004 Lincoln LS." - from Michael Davisson, Lorain, Ohio.

38. NAVIG8R  "Navigator - for a merchant mariner" - from Gloria Rooney, Naples, Florida.

39. SXY SQRL  "Significance? Squirrels like nuts!" - from Stacy  Rodgers, Columbus, Ohio.

40. IMN_XTC  "I Am In Ecstacy - on a Delaware License plate." - from Matt, Wilmington, Delaware.

41. VRY 6XY  "Very Sexy" - from Sarah King, Toronto, Ontario.

42. YZ XY  "Oh, indeed he was a wise man." - from Manu Nicholas, New Zealand.

43. UK IN LA  "I'm originally from the UK and I'm now living in LA." - from Rachel Blake, Los Angeles, California.

44. XSHTMTL  "For an EX Sheet Metal Worker - my personal plate." - from Herb Cober, Forest Ontario.

& BELLS  "I'm the owner of Bell Buggy Express - your complete Handbell supply store." - from Blanche Kangas, Spokane, Washington.

46. RD CANDY  "Road Candy - on a white Saturn." - from Jane Orto, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

47. BAC OFF  &  I AM THAT "BAC OFF: Originally on a customized 1982 Datsun Diesel pickup - 10 years ago, after removing the rusted out box, I made it into a flatdeck with stake sides. Hence, I took the back off. Presently the plates are on a 1989 GMC 1500 extended cab pickup; I AM THAT: Preston Heller's plate." - from Wayne A. Nowazek, Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, B.C.

48. POSE4ME  "I am a photographer in Minnesota - I have a red Z3 BMW convertible." - from Lane, Minnesota.

49. 6APEAL  "'Six' Appeal (and Sex Appeal) - on a Triumph TR-6." - from Tim Lloyd, Calgary, Alberta.

50. IM_SEXY  "'This is my plate - cost me though, for speeding & misleading!" - from Jack Byrd, Atlanta (aka Hotlanta), Georgia.

51. IKND  "'Eye Candy on a 2002 female driven Turbo charged WS6 TransAm." - from JC Young, Kansas City, Missouri.

52. MY FIRE,
RUGRAT1 & WDRSBTR:  "MY FIRE: My Fire - on a Triumph Spitfire;  RUGRAT1: My mother's nickname when she was a child (she was 1 of 2 children);  WDRSBTR: On a 1999 Grand Prix - of the 'Wider's Better' Series." - from Jessica Rosenstengel, Dorr, Michigan.

MAZELTOV & TRY WAIT  "ASK: never asked the owner, but I suppose he encouraged people to ask questions and ask for what they want, politely;  BOOGIEMAN: I don't know, but it might be to lessen fear of people;  IQUOTE: used by a salesman;  MAZELTOV: Good luck & congratulations in Hebrew;  TRY WAIT: Hawaiian expression to get people to back off." - from Harry Pearle, Rochester, New York.

54. MCDAD  "'Mary Beth, Chris, Doug, Alita & Don - on a Toyota Tundra V8." - from Dr. Doug Rhodes, Santa Barbara, California.

&DS GIRL & JUNK 007  "&DS GIRL: On my 1996 Jeep - my hubby is Andy!;  JUNK 007: on an investment banker's car." - from Andy's Girl, Virginia.

56. PP DOC  "'
My wife, 3 sisters and a sister-in-law work at hospitals in the area - a urologist has this personal plate." - from Pat Turcotte, Hamilton, Ontario.

57. XTREMEH2  "'On a Nevada, Lake Tahoe Commemorative State plate, owned by owner of Xtreme Electric in Las Vegas." - from Sarah Wammack, Las Vegas, Nevada.

58. PU55Y  "'My favorite plate was in Autoweek magazine - it's self-explanatory - on a Porsche in California." - from Michael Damsky, Washington, D.C.

59. ZACKLY  "On a 1992 Camaro Z28. This entertained me 'cause there's a joke about when you're hungover and you have the zacklies... when you mouth tastes 'zackly' like you ...!" - from Bruce H., Toronto, Ontario.

60. 10ESEINDWIND & THRPY  "'10ESE - Tennessee - where Susie was born;  INDWIND - on a Biker's truck (AZ plates registered to Susie on her '94 Softail HD);  THRPY - Therapy on a '99 Ultra Classic Harley Davidson." - from Susie Golden, Glendale, Arizona.

61. BAH HUM  "'BAH HUM on a VW bug!" - from Walt Strockbine, Florida.

62. ML8ML8  "'Am I Late? Am I Late? (... for a very important date...) - on a White Rabbit (VW)." - from Ed Schleyer, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

63. BELLMAN  "'I'm the Western Canada distributor for Schulmerich Handbells - a supporter of Joe Defries and The Possibells as they recently made a Guinness World-1st Record for "Solo Handbells Marathon" at a Canadian Ringing Link conference in Penticton, B.C." - from John Nelson, Calgary, Alberta.

64. ISPEED  "'On my wife's white Old Alero." - from Mike Schneider, Russell, Kansas.

65. AT LA5T  "''AT LAST' - because I finally was able to i) afford a Porsche and ii) get the 'right' 911 and iii) AT LAST was our wedding song (Etta James)." - from Gerry Murray,
Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

HOW KUM & JUS KUZ  "HOW KUM - Wife's;  JUS KUZ - Husband's." - from Randy Ufholz, Windsor, Ontario.

67. HOT44D  "'This tag was not specially ordered. It came to us this way from the Department of Motor Vehicles! Plate was so appealing some kid stole the rear one..." - from Cindi Cooke, Millville, New Jersey.

68. SMLRED1  "'Small Red One - On a red Miata." - from Paul, Arizona.

69. I8A B  "'I ride a motorcycle and wear an open-face helmet. I have been hit by many bugs, including bees. I wanted a personal plate and we're limited to 5 characters (incl. spaces) so I came up with this one. "I ate a bee" equals I8A B. It's on a 1999 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom, owned and ridden by a woman (me). I stopped for a donut and coffee once and my donut had an ant stuck in the icing. I went back in and told them I preferred my bugs fresh, but the joke went right over the girl's head." - from Nuala Robinson, Durham, Ontario.  We like our bugs fresh @!

70. READY2GO  "'Self explanatory - on a White Mustang." - from Patty Markleyl, Tunnelton, West Virginia.

71. BRUSH_M, FLOSS_M, PNY XPRS, & TYTYVM  "'Brush Them' and 'Floss Them' (two dentiss' cars);  Pony Express - seen on a Ford Mustang convertible in rural Iowa;  &  'Thank you. Thank you very much' - for a big Elvis fan!" - from Betsy, Burlington, Iowa.

I2CANOE & ICANOE2  "A gentleman with whom I worked in California and his wife were both into camping and the outdoors. These are their respective plates." - from Ed Tietz, California.

73. H20U8N4  "'What're You Waitin' For?" - from Sean Horner, Michigan.

74. GETBENT  "'I own a custom exhaust shop in south Alabama. This plate is on an '85 Silverado." - from Stan Cotten, Alabama.

75. GRRILLA  "'For a Zoo gorilla keeper aide (adult male gorillas are called silverbacks)... on an Acura RSX, Silver color." - from 'Spider&Joan', Seattle, Washington.

76. MAM'S  "'Bought the car for my mom while I studied in the US, to have it imported into Holland. (Mom is written mam in Dutch)." - from Martijn Tenham, St. Louis, Missouri.

77. WASHIS  "'Bitter divorce? On a Jeep Grand Cherokee in a Walmart parking lot." - from David G., Des Moines, Iowa.

78. 4ME2NJOY  "'For me to enjoy - On a Porsche." - from Craig Cook, Perth, Western Australia.

"My Submission is a plate I applied for and got for my wife's car. I got it for her b day last year - which Means All My Love Forever And A Day." - from Steven, Johnson County, Iowa.

"The REDROCKS plate belongs to a young, vivacious redhead who drives a red Nissan pickup truck and they both rock!" - from Bob French, Brampton, Ontario.

"My license plate is Lilo-Wiz in NY on my L'il Ol' TC that I thought I'd never drive again - after legs artery surgery last year @ age 70. My child made me learn a PC in this ripe ol` age also so am now a L`ilOl`Wiz in both my TC & PC - to God Thanx Be!" - from ElizaBeth, New York.

82. DA HAWG 
"On a 1996 Harley Nostalgia (FLSTN)." - from Robert, Orlando, Florida.

"Mud on me
" on a white Jeep - from Kathy Brummett, Indianapolis, Indiana.

84. 0FRNDS 
"Zero friends on a Harley Davidson custom. I usually ride alone." - from John Angel, New Mexico.

& HED TRNR  "RNHRT-JR: we're big fans of Earnhardt Jr. - plate's on our 1993 Explorer;  HED TRNR: Head Turner on my '67 Camaro - it does turn some heads!" - from Mark Huggins, Winter Springs, Florida.

86. HD2HVGT 
"Had To Have GT - on my 2005 Mustang GT" - from Sheila Dimatteo, California.

87. 2GQ4U 
"Too 'GQ' (Gentlemen's Quarterly) for you - seen in Kansas City, MO on a 99 ZR1 corvette." - from John B. Schupp, Kansas City, Missouri.

88. LWAYSL8,
TOP R8TD, HRTBRKR, & 2L84LOVE  "'LWAYSL8 (Always Late) from Guelph, Ontario.  Originals: TOP R8TD (Top Rated), HRTBRKR (Heartbreaker), & 2L84LOVE (Too Late for Love" - from Ed McDonald, Edmonton, Alberta.

89. 3V1L
  "'Evil', in pseudo-l33t, on a VW Fox wagon." - from Sara Patrick, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

90. V-GER
  "Voyager - a la Star Trek: The Motion Picture, on a '91 Ford Probe, manual transmission, white body, dark red/maroon interior, and fun as fur to drive. V-ger is a loyal transport device and enjoys those loong road trips. Consequently, she gets awesome gas mileage on said road trips. I have a sticker bedecking her rear that reads 'Official StarFleet Vehicle' and a green alien head affixed to her antenna." - Howlz from Amber Wolf, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

91. TIH20
  "Look at it in a mirror - on a 2002 Subaru Forester. Note: after 10+ years plate was revoked when someone call the state with the 'lewd or obscene' meaning." - from Richard Dubinsky, Johnson County, Kansas.

  "On a yellow VW beetle, seen in Montpelier, VT." - from Jane Tucker, Middlesex, Vermont.

  "On a yellow 2005 Mazda R-X8." - from Randy Lane, Minnesota. Click here to see plate @ Randy's blog site.

94. IH8MYX
  "I Hate My Ex" - from Jessica, Honolulu, Hawaii.

  "For 'Premier Skating Schools' - I own the plate." - from Gord Folk, Markham, Ontario.

  "Alberta license place seen in Edmonton. The car also has custom detail work on the side: butterflies." - from Glenn St-Germain, Edmonton, Alberta.

  "Got Speed - On the back of a Subaru WRX." - from Steve Finley, Rossville, Indiana.

98. PB4UGO
  "Pee Before You Go." - from Michael Carnevale, Rochester, New Hampshire.

99. SWMBKRN & LEMONS  "SWMBKRN: I am an active triathlete (swim, bike, run);  LEMONS: On my wife's van - that's our last name." - from Max Lemons, Biloxi, Mississippi.

100. ATT2D
  "Attitude." - from Wendy Dailey, Toledo, Ohio.

101. LUNY2NZ
  "Loony Tunes - for a Loony Tunes fan (or possibly description of the owner of the vehicle/plate)." - from Anita Wheatley, Missoula, Montana.

102. LIV2HAK
  "My plate since 1994. I am professional Hacker ( retired these days ) but when asked by a cop or too pushy a person I tell them I like "golf" ( Hacker/Hacking are also Golfing terms ).  me next to the plate ... my home page." - from Pete Shipley, Berkeley, California.

103. DE5MO
  "Fitted to Ducati Desmo Monster." - from Brian Madeley, Kingston, Ontario.

  "This is on our 2000 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE. We believe riding our motorcycle is our therapy (R Thera P). We call the bike Thera for short. I have yet to see or know of anyone who uses this." - from Warren Harris, Ohio.

  "It used to be on my Jeep Wrangler that had a monster lift on it. My Jeep was black like the black panther that was featured in the Hall and Oats music video of the song titled: Maneater. Plus I am a girl and it makes people go... "Hmmmm..." - from Laini, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
 Click here to see plate on Laini's present car.

106. BRRRRRIM LATE & SPLAT  "'BRRRRR - on a Maine plate;  IM LATE on a white VW Rabbit (Washington);  SPLAT on a new VW Bug (Washington)." - from Jim Sutton, Graham, Washington.

107. HSIF I
  "Read backwards, 'I Fish' gets attention from the car in front of you when they read it." - from Dave, Virginia.

108. 4ORD
  "Play on the word FORD." - from Harv Welch, Victoria, B.C.

  "Our swim coach would always tell us to "pee in the pool" - from Sarah Bradshaw, Thousand Oaks, California.

110. IMN2XS
  "I am into excess, seen on a Jaguar soft top." - from Deacon Gary, Santa Barbara California.

111. 1EZPUSH
  "One Easy Push - for the car I used to push more than I drove." - from Scott, California.

  "I saw this plate on a bright red Range Rover." - from Tim Geary, Neenah, Wisconsin.

  "Never his/ her fault - on a BMW 325 Ci. Inspired by Shaggy's song, "It wasn't me"." - from Joyce Santos, Georgia.

114. N2DEEP
  "In Two Deep (owe more on it than its worth)." - from Stephen Tuttle, NRS Cedar Rapids.

115. IYQYQR 2
  "I wike you wike you are too" (baby-talk)." - from Ed Douglas, Peoria, Illinois.

116. MENURSE RNURSE & UQTU  "'MENURSE & RNURSE - I am a registered nurse/the driver of the car is (are) a R.N.;  UQTU - 'You cutie you' (for my flirtatious hubby's car)." - from Sarahjeanne Goldstein, New York.

  "I moved to Las Vegas, NV from Toronto, Canada and saw the NOMOSNO license plate. I thought the owner of the car had probably come from the north, and just like me, was glad to see no more snow!" - from Ann Rudkin, Las Vegas, Nevada.

118. SEXTON,  & 6-FTDP  "'Had a '93 Toyota Camry - plate reads - SEXTON - means a gravedigger. I now own a '03 dodge p/u, did have plates for a year that read - 6-FTDP - which means 6 feet deep. I was a gravedigger in a cemetery for ten yrs." - from Stacey Burge, Pinehurst, Texas.

119. KNOTT4U
  "Since having this on the truck, seems that our marriage has went out the window. After having it for a year, my mate came to me and said I know what that means, and I said "Oh, so why a year later with your changing ways?" So need to say, watch what you have put on your license plate." - from Becky Jenkins, Ohio.

120. H8N WNTR
  "Hating Winter. Displayed on a 1998 Mercedes 500SL convertible in Dayton, Ohio (mine)." - from Chris Wise, Dayton, Ohio.

  "Giants Baseball." - from Dave Bayles, Palm Desert, California.

  "This is my license plate on my 2002 Jeep Liberty. Am a big fan of Donald Trump and his show 'The Apprentice.'" - from Renee Royle, Fairfax County, Virginia.

  "'Number Please'. It's how telephone operators use to answer in the days when an operator was necessary. Owner of this license plate is a 72 year old lady that started a career with the telephone company at age 18." - from Bob Rennick, Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

124. SEE-658
  "SEE 65(MPH) ATE - on a 1980 Chevy Camaro Z-28. This was a DOT issued plate not a personalized, but I thought it was appropriate for my car." - from Eric Holey, Wisconsin.

125. IAM-469
  "I am for 69 - Seen in Belgium." - from Petit Patrick, Belgium.

126. 2COIMKE
  "II am a huge Coca-Cola fan and collector. I had a hard time getting a plate with COKE in it because the DMV associates it with the drug, not the drink. I got this on by them. It is on a radiant red Toyota Tacoma X-Runner truck - only 4,000 made." - from Jon Pruitt, Moreno Valley, California.

127. GUR SLO
  "Gee You Are Slow, on an '88 Corvette Convertible." - from David Bosley
,  Lindsay, Ontario.

128. KEL FAM
  "Quelle Femme - What a woman (in French). We are a bi-lingual country." - from Janet McKerrow
,  Toronto, Ontario.

129. SNAAB
  "On a current model SAAB, seen in Phoenix, Arizona." - from Nashville, Tennessee.

130. KNGSMAN,  & STDGLAS  "Kingsman - School Mascot of Trinity Lutheran School.   Stained Glass - Stained Glass crafter / business." - from Rich Hackbarth, St. Joseph, Michigan.

131. T70TAL
  "T70TAL it reads TTOTAL. I have this on my Audi TT, I am a recovered alcoholic ie Tea Total!" - from John Selman
,  Southampton, United Kingdom.

  "See Me Pass You - I own it!" - from Kerry Scholer,  Des Moines, Iowa.

  "Snug As A Bug, kinda cute, which I saw in Westminster, VT on a new VW Bug! " - from Janet Nelson,  Springfield, Vermont.

134. ILUVK8T
  "I Love Katie (my fiancee)" - from Tom Wheeler,  Ohio.

135. 1STTEE,  & VNYRDS  "First Tee,  Vineyards" - from Tom Castrilli, Connecticut.

  "South African rugby jargon... WP stands for western province, and the other mighty team this side is the Blue Bulls, or in Afrikaans the 'blou bulle'... there's a song in Afrikaans that goes "ek skree nie WP nie Ek bly n bul" "I don't shout for WP, I'm staying a bull!!! I'm sure there must be 1 or 2 SA-expats up that side that would enjoy that tho'?" - from Ken Duff,  Cape Town, South Africa.

137. UR GONE
8MUSTANG & GONE 2  "You Are Gone - message to my X very fast, on a 1988 Corvette Pace Car - Real Working Pace Car;   8MUSTANG: A plate registered to me that I display at car shows to let Mustang owners know that my Corvette eats them.;   GONE 2 - On a 1998 Chev Z24, to go along with the UR GONE theme of my Corvette Pace Car." - from Mike Maguire,  Newmarket, Ontario.


138. IMLUCKY  "I'm Lucky - I'm a professional prize winner!" - from Carolyn Wilman,  Oshawa, Ontario.


139. IODAD1  "I owe Dad 1 - On a convertible BMW driven by a young girl." - from Kim Smith,  Atlanta, Georgia.


140. CLG FND  "College Fund - on a 69 Pontiac GTO." - from Deb Strahler,  Greenville, South Carolina.


141. HIS 928  "On a 1991 Porsche 928 GT with 67,500 miles. It's the car I always wanted and the car my father had always wanted. I recently retired and now is the time." - from Charles Palmer,  Middletown N.Y. Orange County.


142. 0IIII0  "My license plate on my 1998 Jeep Wrangler is: "0IIII0" - Which is my visual adaptation of a Jeep with round headlights, and the trademark Jeep slotted grille. It is a Pennsylvania license plate. I get a lot of questions about this, the most common being if this is a binary sequence??!!!" - from Frederick M. Grant,  Pennsylvania.


143. IB6_UB9  "Sexual reference to a 69er." - from David Raposo,  London, Ontario.


144. KEIKIS SCRIBE UNO LEG & UCLAWGN  "KEIKIS: Child in Hawaiian - my plate on my '99 Suburban;   SCRIBE: I'm a Medical Transcriptionist - my plate on my 2006 Sonata;     UNO LEG: A patient of our's plate - she only has one leg, the other one is a prosthetic!;   UCLAWGN: UCLA BRUINS/STATION WGN, Santa Ana, California." - from Patty,  Norfolk, Virginia.


145. ARCS7  "Homonym for RX7 on a Mazda RX7." - from M. Finley,  Oklahoma.


146. LV2HVFN  It's my personal plate on my Red 1985 Corvette cuz I "Love 2
Have Fun.
" - from Barbara Bartemes,  Polk County, Iowa.


147. BIGHT ME  "BIGHT ME (on my car) in Virginia Seems pretty self explanatory to me!" - from Michelle Wing,  Virginia.


148. ANIL8U  "Annihilate you - On a '65 427 Cobra." - from Marc Madrian,  Placitas, New Mexico.


149. 4SBWIDU  "Force Be Wid (with) You (as in 'May the Force be with you')... from Star Wars) Seen on the San Diego freeway (the 405) in Los Angeles." - from Sharon Solomon,  Manhattan Beach, California.


150. FI COBRA  "FI COBRA = Fuel Injected Cobra." - from Steve Watts,  Santa Maria, California.


151. DTBSCRD  "Don't Be Scared or Don't Be Scurd (Getto Style)." - from Abby Lee,  Alexandria, Virginia.

152. EXOB,  & HRLY ETR  "EXOB on a Retired OB-GYN's Mercedes in Fort Payne, Alabama;   HRLY ETR (Harley Eater) on a Honda VTX 1800 in Alabama." - from Michael Mitchell, Alabama.


153. NUT  "Being I've had this plate for over 25 years (It's on it's third pressing), I thought you might like it. It simply reads "NUT" and I got it because, well, I'm a fairly nutty kind of guy. The history of the plate is interesting too. It was one of the very first vanity plates issued in Illinois. I worked at a gas station in the early eighties and Illinois Senator Sam Vadalabean frequented this establishment. One day he rolled in with a new tag on his car reading "Sen Sam" so I asked if he pulled some strings to get such a plate since Illinois didn't have a Vanity plate program at the time. He said he did, but only since they had JUST started the program and no one knew about it yet (His was the FIRST vanity plate pressed in the state.). I said I had wanted a vanity plate myself and he asked what I wanted. When I told him he asked if he could use the station phone for a minute. He called Springfield and asked if the plate I wanted was taken yet. It wasn't so he did some stuff and got me fixed up with the plate you see! I still had to go through the ordering process but it was reserved for me by him! Still in use today." - from Mike Turk,  Illinois.


154. LPRECON  "Plate means Leprechaun. On a Lincoln Town Car with Shamrocks on the Side." - from Wally Peel,  Helena, Montana.


155. CUMINTHRU  "Ontario plate on a '98 Dodge Cummins diesel truck for a speed demon." - from Scott St. George,  Brampton, Ontario.


156. 2L82D8  "Too late to date. Seen in Belpre, Ohio (but not an Ohio plate, don't know what state)." - from Morris Bower,  Belpre, Ohio.


157. DGTRANR  "For a Dog Trainer." - from Nikki Crossley,  Idaho.


158. 95SVT50  "My personal plate on my 1995 Ford mustang SVT Cobra with the final year of the 5.0L engine in a Mustang." - from Joseph M. Knudson,  Norfolk, Virginia.


159. UAW2SKI  "You ought to ski!  Somewhere travelling in the USA." - from Faith Thomson,  San Antonia, Texas.

160. IM_A_BUM,  & REMR 911  "IM A BUM (I'm a bum) on my 1993 Harley Davidson motorcycle, and REMR 911 (remember 9-11) on my 1997 Ford Explorer. Both of these license plates belong to me." - from William Goldsborough, Tampa, Florida.


161. WTC_XKP  "World Trade Center Escapee - on a Mercedes in the Chicago suburbs." - from Erin Henderson,  Decatur, Illinois.


162. VET GASM,  & VETGSM  "VET GASM: for a Corvette Owner;   VETGSM: Corvette owner's matching Bike License Plate for my 2006 Suzuki." - from Steve Osekowsky,  Cape Coral, Florida.


163. TWISTER  "On a 2006 Honda Ridgeline - I am a semi-professional tornado chaser - see" - from Allan Detrich,  Fremont, Ohio.


164. BAD HIP  "Means that I have a disability, because of my hips and they will eventually be replaced." - from Dan Marois,  Ontario.

165. HORSALE,  & XLR8IN  "HORSALE on a white 2500 Sierra pickup (OKC, OK). I am guessing he sells horses or well, umm... yea;   XLR8IN - It was supposed to be XILR8IN for exhilarating but now its more like acceleratin' - on my red Monte Carlo." - from Aaron Clasby, Edmond, Oklahoma.


166. SCRAPIT  "Scrapit means to recycle scrap metal." - from Michael Brody,  Lawrenceville, Gwinnett / Georgia.


167. SHRK_B8  "On a Toyota truck carrying a windsurfing board and sail." - from David Macie,  Comox, B.C.


168. REV2_9G  "Redlines at 9 Grand, on a Honda S2000." - from Denise Senft,  Pennsylvania.


169. JIMY BFT JIMEBFT & TTEFFUB  "JIMY BFT: I own the plate and I was at a Buffett Conert in Chicago last night 08/05/06 and was the first person along with my plate, shown on the big screen during the show. Previous plates I have owned were:  JIMEBFT: Phonetically the way Buffett sounds;   TTEFFUB: Which is BUFFETT spelled backwards." - from Michael Bradfield,  Illinois.


170. VEGD_VW  "VEGD VW: on a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta that I converted to run on WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil)." - from Dave Viksna,  Minnesota.


171. IMA_QT2  "I am a cutesy too. I had to catch up while driving to see it the older blond matched the Corvette she was driving. Yes the license plate fit..." - from Bill Kerr,  Calgary, Alberta.


172. MST3K  "Stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (my favorite tv show from the early 90's...)" - from Tim Walker,  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


173. 2TMPRD  "Too Tempered - my plate... the reason why she left me!" - from Gary Jeannotte,  Bradford, Ontario.


174. RDNK4RE  "Red Neck Ferrari - on a 3rd generation Chevrolet Camaro Super Street class-type race car. The owner is either from the South or makes fun of Southern people by referring to the Chevrolet Camaro as being the American equivalent of the Italian Ferrari as far as 'Southern people know' or he wants to intimidate his opponents with this plate. Or it's just plain humour." - from Wishnu Ville,  Washington, D.C.


175. BIGLOG  "A play on the name of the truck (Sequoia)  - on a Toyota Sequoia SUV. We couldn't get BIGTREE, so we took BIGLOG!" - from Salena Day,  Reston Virginia.


176. BX 4 DX  "'Biopsy for Diagnosis', automobile belongs to a pathologist at a local hospital, here in San Diego, CA. Bx = common medical abbreviation for Biopsy, and Dx is same for Diagnosis)." - from Irving "Jake" Jacoby,  San Diego, California.


177. HIGH_BID PUMPIN & UVETCHA  "HIGH BID: Old Classic Corvette - Owner is a Auctioneer;  PUMPIN (& PUMPIN 2): Concrete Pumping Service - Company Trucks;   UVETCHA: L82 Corvett." - from Michael W. Root,  Kalispell, Montana.


178. VE1OCTY  "Velocity" - from Christian Gloria,  South Gate, California.


179. KAR-FRE  "It's my plate on a Cavalier and cavalier means carefree. Many people think it means car free but kar-fre is the dictionary punctuation of the word carefree." - from Tania Novak,  Imperial, Missouri.


180. I B4 E  "It is on a school teacher's Honda Accord." - from Patty Price,  Lincoln, Nebraska.


181. OVRNOT  "Over And Out" - from Robert Milton,  Toronto, Ontario.


182. SS502FI  "On a red metallic '67 SS Chevelle, 502 cubic inches/horse power, fuel injected." - from Terry Robbins,  Victorville, California.


183. SLUGGO  "Sluggo is Nancy in the comic strip Sluggo that is her boyfriend. And Sluggo is a my nickname and my name is part of the name Sluggo. This plate is on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle." - from Bill Sugg,  O'Fallon, Illinois.


184. IVSKIN,  & PURRRZ  "IVSKIN: Back in the early days of vanity plates in California when the censors were still at work I saw this on a 15 year old BMW with what appeared to be an elderly Jewish couple. You have to think Roman numeral then you get foreskin. Morgan Hill, California;   PURRRZ: My wife's plate on her 1999 Cougar whom she calls Ms Kitty. In Gilroy, California." - from Bill Wenholz,  Gilroy, California.


185. GOT MSL  "Got Muscle? Put on my 1969 Camaro." - from Tyler Nadon,  Regina, Saskatchewan.


186. THE I 7 LITRE & 4SPD460   "i have 3... all on my own vehicles, THE I(al), for the one, all other versions were taken, on my wife's explorer, because she's "the one" for meme and my best friend are currently working a song titled so, and the other 2 are for my mustang, 1 from the previous state(ga) 7 LITRE, at the time it had a 429 engine, which is equivalent to 7 litres, and the current plate i have is 4SPD460(al), because it has a 460 in it now. i currently run the 7 LITRE tag on the front of my wife's explorer..." - from  Spike Linton,  Georgia.


187. ICUFFM  "My own plate! I work in a prison/jail." - from Michelle Derry,  Corvallis, Oregon.


188. REC FLYR  & LRN 2FLY  "I have two plates to add... first is my own plate from Caledonia Ontario, Canada REC_FLYR. I am a recreational pilot, say no more. The next one is owned by a friend of mine who would like everyone to learn to fly. He is from Hamilton, Ontario and his is (LRN 2FLY)." - from Pat Turcotte,  Caledonia, Ontario.


189. MISSY  "All my life my mom has always called me MISSY; although my name is Christina. LOL! Everyone in Newfoundland, where I am originally from, still call me, Missy to this day! A couple of years ago; when my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, a lot of the older folks from my childhood days were there and to my surprise they called me Missy. My parents came to Nova Scotia to visit and I took them on a tour of our plant, Moirs Chocolate Factory (Hershey Division) and my mom happend to call me Missy, in front of my boss. As a matter of fact, when our uniforms came it, low and behold, mine had Missy on it. They actually though that was my real name in the office. It is a name that will be with me the rest of my life. The name that I would love to have on a license plate is NEWFIEMISSY; as I am a real Newfie and a Missy to boot. LOL!" - from Christina Fuller,  Newfoundland.

190. 4X4P1AY I KAN D JOYTOY LKN438D WHY WED & Z3 WAY   "4X4P1AY: Mobile, AL - "Before and After" on '97 Green Jeep Wrangle;  I_KAN_D: Mobile, AL - Eye candy on a 1997 Green Jeep Wrangler; JOYTOY: Gulfport, MS - Joy Toy on a Red '97 BMW Z3 Convertible; LKN438D: Mobile, AL - Looking for 38D bra size on a '97 Green Jeep Wrangler;  WHY_WED: Gulfport, MS - Why Get Married? On a '91 Buick Regal; Z3_WAY: Gulfport, MS - "Before and After" - on a '97 Red BMW Z3 Conv." - from  Michelle Shanks,  Mobile, Alabama.


191. MR CANDY & RONG WAY  "I own a bulk candy vending machine business. When I lived in NY I had RONG WAY." see also
OWLS ROK, HOOTR-OW - from Arthur Levine,  York, Pennsylvania.


192. BOXLOVR  "Provocative double meaning." - from A. Wood,  Scottsdale, Arizona.


193. MYSTRES  "My stress, or Mistress, depending on the day. On the front bumper of a Kenworth. Trucks can be so much like a woman..." - from Daryl Medd,  Rangeland Truck & Crane Ltd., Debolt, Alberta.


194. WE WON 5  "It's my truck plate - I'm a die hard Steeler fan and after we won Super Bowl XL (which made 5 Super Bowl wins), I got the plate!" - from Jim Ross,  Chesapeake, Virginia.


195. SNOW KAT  "On a white Honda CRV 4WD in North Carolina - anticipating snow to use the 4WD!" - from Katherine Nicely,  North Carolina.


196. I8A4RE  "On a bright yellow Nissan Skyline show car. Means "I ate a Ferrari."" - from Ben Hamilton,  Victoria, Australia.


197. 2ND2NO1,  & 4X4 USA  "2ND2NO1 second to No one! On a 95 3000GT VR4 SPYDER; 4X4 USA - on a fully modified 93 4Runner Off Rd." - from Michael P Gilbert,  Arizona.


198. LUV TTS  "California plate belonging to one of our So Cal 3S owners (3000GT's and Stealth's) which may seem obvious at first, but actually stands for "Love Twin Turbos"" - from Tom Eckhardt,  San Diego, California.


199. PIGL80  "Pig Lady (I collect pigs, have probably 800+)." - from Debbi Rice,  Asheville, North Carolina.


200. SINGLE2  & ROOM 4 2  "She's "Single Too" - on a l973 450SL;  I always wanted a two seater with plates that said 'Room 4 2'." - from Ken Kellogg,  SF Bay Area.

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