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Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Crowston Connector Hike, Sechelt
Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Hidden Grove Hike, Tuwanek -/ Sandy Hook
Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Elphinstone Hike, Roberts Creek
Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Triangle Lake Hike, Half Moon Bay
Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Soames Hill Park Hike, Gibsons
Discovering Nature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.
Crossroads Hiking Club
The Joe-kster goes 'Hi'-Tech to cover the bald spots
Why Settle for a Toupe When You Can Have a Threepe?
Who inspired Valentine candy gifts?
Valentine's Day Trivia
Is it 'Right To Bear Arms' or 'Right To Bare Arms'?
the Right To Bear Arms for a Canadian
A fruit stand without fruit in Creston, B.C.
No Orchard
Time to ring out the old and ring in the new!
New Year's Quotes
In memory of Ed Schellenberg (the joe-kster's brother-in-law)
In Memory of Ed Schellenberg
Latest sujoCube 6D Puzzle: #15167
sujoCube 6D Sudoku
World's Largest Source of Personalized License PL8s
Personalized License Plates
on the west side of the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Watch For Moose On Road
Bubba's Recreation Vehicle is very 'high' tech
Redneck Motor Home
'Solo Marathon Handbells' Record, 1-Year Anniversary, July 5-6, 2006
Guinness World Record Certificate
Joe-kster's 1st World Record @ 28 hours, 50 minutes, 21 seconds on 5-6 July 2005
Guinness World-1st Record - Solo Handbells Marathon
Latest Christian Sudoku Puzzle: #15877C
Christian Sudoku Puzzles
Catholic Church with licensed lobster tales
Lobster Suppers
Jaws of Life to the Joe-kster's rescue
No, This Is Not A Joe-k
Raising the bar at Baylor University in Waco, Texas
Baylor vs All
Why did God kill people who touched or looked into the Ark?
Ark Of The Covenant
Latest kSudoku Sudoku Puzzle: #15662E
Quality takes its time in a depressed Israel real estate market
Tel Aviv Luxury Penthouse
Latest Killer Sudoku Puzzle: #15534A
Killer Sudoku
Why drivers ignore warning lights on school buses
School Bus Warning Lights
Public service announcement
How To Identify If Your Cow has Mad Cow Disease
Wacky library books
Funny Book Titles
What's wrong with this clock?
Spot The Clock
Take this quiz if you think you know B.C.!
British Columbia Place Names
Names that fit their situation
What Do You Call A Guy Who Has...
Rivalry in U.S. College Football
TCU Taunt
Is Astrology in your cards?
Horoscope and Zodiac Signs
The last time I saw Santa he was loading up the truck...
Santa Truck
Create your own Mission Statement
Mission Statement Generator (Manual Version)
How to solve Killer (samunamupure) Sudoku puzzles
Killer Sudoku Rules
Celebrity roasts have been around since the 1920's
Celebrity roasts and toasts have been around since the 1920's
Toasts and Introductions to Speakers
The power of the pencil drawing over the gun
Je Suis Charlie
This computer mailbox is tuned into the RIGHT station!
Redneck's Computer Mailbox
For those who give a hoot!
2004 Hooters Calendar
Random Acts of Kindness in Israel
Chesed Week
Can you think 'Outside The Box'?
Reading Between The Lines
Latest Roman Numeral Sudoku Puzzle #15008
Roman Numeral Sudoku
You can do anything you want when you win at the casino
Cruise Bikini
Latest Trivia Sudoku Puzzle: BUSHELARM
Trivia Sudoku
All of these moved to Daffynitions Section
Not Found In The Dictionary
Inspirational world-1st release of Buddhist songs
Buddhist Choir of B.C. Sings for the Dalai Lama
Latest 16x16 Sudoku Puzzle: #19907
16x16 Sudoku
Inspiration to all who have a 'taste' for music
Beethoven's Favourite Fruit Symphony
Ultimate Sudoku
Sudoku e-Booklets
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