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Marriage advice from China
Do Must Marriage
Can you solve this challenging math puzzle?
Math Riddle
Ending a perfect day at Dukes Restaurant in Maui
Kaanapali Sunset
How an East Coast spring snowstorm compares to Canada's Wet Coast
Spring Cleanup in Canada
Convertible drivers in B.C. enjoy the Sunshine Coast
Topless in Sechelt
So delicious, it's scary!
Graveyard Sundae
Putting a dinosaur's height in perspective
How Do You Measure Up?
Add some excitement to your next Fortune Cookie message!
Fortune Cookies - In Bed
Kosher-approved road sign in Shiloh, Israel for the Joe-kster
Joe's Place
Pun-e station on the Honk Kong Mass Transit Railway
Saying Pun
Back to Back seat assignments at the Shenzhen, China airport
Backalaureate Degree
Buddhist Worhsip Site in Foshan, China
Baolin Temple
Mobile recycling repair is a future priority
Flat Spare Tire
How to design your gate signs on Maui
Warning Gate
Sour Krauts are good for T-Shirt and burger sales
Grouchy German
Spotting flatulent fish in Hawaii
Open season for sharks in Hawaii
Maui Diver
Maui holiday south of Kihei
Wailea Beach
Inspiring scenery @ start of the winding road to Hana, Maui
Twin Falls
Wifey and the Joe-kster
30th 'Pearl' Wedding Anniversary of Trudy and Joe Defries
Putting on a good face for the Israel tourists
Ancient Shiloh
Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17912A-K
Mega Samurai Puzzles E
Many wealthy men on the Titanic wore ties to history
Why coffee goes a lot farther in Dallas
Everything Is Bigger In Texas
Help your skin for a lifetime - Suntan the Hawaiian Way
Suntan Consultants
Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!
2019 Hooters Owl & Birds of Prey Calendars (3)
Search for the other Princess on the seas
Panama Canal Locks
Spa facial treatment in the Florida Everglades
Redneck Manicure
Why monkeys are rare in Hawaii
Endangered Maui Monkeys
Windows and doors optional - swim right off your own balcony
Acapulco Waterfront Property
Something's 'up' at the Royal Tyrrell Museum
T-Rex Shadow
In Hana, Maui, drivers must yield to beautiful fruit
Baby Papaya Crossing
Israel's floating tourist industry
Swimming in the Dead Sea
Where to catch the waves in Paia, Maui
Surf's Up
Special calendar for handling rush jobs throughout the year
Rush Job Calendar
Something fishy spotted in Pismo Beach
Preparing for a Lebanese Food Fest
Holy Shawarma!
Investing in the future
My Daughter and My Money
Classic puns started in the 1920's
Tom Swifties
Been waiting in line a long time?
Restaurant Wait-er
Special hunter's Merry Christmas to y'all!
Texas Christmas Tree
Italian food that's simply Saucesome!
Without 'Me' It's Just 'Aweso'
Why some relationships end up on the rocks
Hawaiian Surfboard Trade
Bubba gets a kick out of his Ninja
Redneck Kickstand
Victoria, B.C. harbour on a typical beautiful summer day
The Empress
Latest dinosaur egg hatches in produce section
T-Rex Breakthrough
They don't make the wurst - they make the best!
Taking a lobster bite of Fish and Chips in Texas
Fihs Meal
Shopping through the looking glass in Paia, Maui
Alice In Hulaland
Now I know why our mail delivery is so slow!
Dinosaur Delivery
A glimpse through time on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Tombs Of The Prophets
Say it again and it becomes a Re-Pita
How To Make A Pita Wrap
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