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Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!
2020 Hooters Owl and Birds of Prey Calendars (3)
How olives swing in Israel
Olive Weather Forecast
Tilapia - food for thought on the Sea of Galilee
St. Peter's Fish
Bible prophecy fulfilled!
Dead Sea Fish
Apartment for rent: must be able to suck it up
Long Noodles
Can you find the difference between the following two pictures?
Kettle Valley Railroad
When not just any ordinary Joe will do
Small Bills
Peaking at dromedary scenery on top of the Mount of Olives
Camel Photobomb
... except during Queensland's 'Green Season'
Sunshine State
Only in Newfoundland!
Musical Spoons
Being shellfish in Nova Scotia
Does your company specialize in cowards?
Surf Lessons
When in Australia, do as the Aussies do
Didgeridoo Joe
Would you go on a cruise with this lovely nurse?
Cruise Nurse
Inside the grounds of the Crusader Church of St. Anne
Arch Support
Rare close-up view of seabird colony
Newfoundland Is For The Birds
You Go Your Way, I'll Go Maui
Hawaii Scuba Bus
Road safety in Canmore, Alberta takes on a different perspective
Look Both Ways
Hiking in the Indian Canyons, home of the Cahuilla Indians
Yoga in Palm Springs
Unusual Texas pets
Pigging Out in El Paso
Tiny Fingers Tickling The Ivories
Twins' First Piano Lesson
Walking through security at the Needle Gate
The Eye Of A Needle
A Sudoku puzzle with a LOT of playing field AND 1905 solutions!
World's Largest Sudoku Puzzle
Business in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City (Jerusalem)
Gold Silk Fabric
Food basics in Israel
Falafel and Shawarma
Mountain scenery in Canmore, Alberta
Three Sisters
Didn't think it was possible for a fish to burn in water!
Fish Burn
Swiss holiday in the Alps
Appenzell, Switzerland
Strong may be OK, but smell isn't everything!
The Joe-kster Working Out
Were you once a basket case?
Moses Inspiration
Dated at 3,000 years - found at the Diocese Museum of Jerusalem
World's Oldest Menorah
Meeting a man ahead of his time in Hong Kong
Too Soon
Birth of new coffee brand in the West Bank
Starbucks Bethlehem
Guaranteed to remove all your work stress!
How To Reduce Complaints at Work
Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17982A-K
Mega Samurai Sudoku Puzzles
Where food was first made in Newfoundland
Garden of Eat'En
How the Joe-kster thought his trip in Israel was going
Shofar So Good
Promoting Bear Claws onboard the Star Princess
Canadian High Five
Enjoying Canada Day on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast
'Pier' Pressure
Teeing off on the Sunshine Coast
Cautious Ball Crossing
Is that Monk hiding an iPad behind his back?
Friar Thumper
Y'all say high when you drive by!
Hye Spirits
To Jim Farley, every hour is Happy Hour
Jim's Happy Hour
Marriage advice from China
Do Must Marriage
Can you solve this challenging math puzzle?
Math Riddle
Ending a perfect day at Dukes Restaurant in Maui
Kaanapali Sunset
How an East Coast spring snowstorm compares to Canada's Wet Coast
Spring Cleanup in Canada
Convertible drivers in B.C. enjoy the Sunshine Coast
Topless in Sechelt
So delicious, it's scary!
Graveyard Sundae
Putting a dinosaur's height in perspective
How Do You Measure Up?
Add some excitement to your next Fortune Cookie message!
Fortune Cookies - In Bed
Kosher-approved road sign in Shiloh, Israel for the Joe-kster
Joe's Place
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