Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1762

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A round of beers for the kitchen staff
New Menu Option
The good news about being caught in a cougar's grip
Cougar Sighting
Fighting like cats and dogs
Gang Violence Has To Stop
Say no more
Accordion Lessons
How smart is your car?
Not-So-Smart Car
Go Norse, young man
Vegetarian Viking
Sven went water hunting just for the halibut
Fishing in Norway
Building better social relationships
How To Pick Up Chicks
Doing their bit for the economy
Going The Extra Mile
Silo Serenity in the country
Affordable Prairie Living
Coconut oil - the secret ingredient
Gourmet Kale
More than enough horse power for Pennsylvania roads
Amish 3 Horsepower Country Camper
Facing reality in the men's clothing department
Realistic Mannequin
How James Bond conceals his firearms cache
Ordnance Table
How else are you going to verify Donald Trump tweets?
Why We Need Libraries
Are you content and happy with what you have?
Rich People
Where VW's rust in peace
Volkswagen Traffic Jam
Finding a crack in the earth's fissure
I finally found Rock Bottom
Workplace Safety equation revised for Joe
Accident Free
Analog to Digital - bridging the gap
Grandma's Cell Phone
Poetry In Air - the right time... the right place...
Happy Sky
Mom would give the boys a bath once a year whether they needed it or not
Wash Day On The Farm
Sometimes a Mom just needs a break
Hung Out To Dry
Non-negotiable selfie stick usage
Redneck Wireless Selfie
Baroque Basics for musical coffee drinkers
Bach To Front
What can possibly go wrong?
Trampoline Apartment
Whipping over in front of an 18 wheeler and slamming on your brakes
Slamming On Your Brakes
Finally - proof of aliens on earth
UFO Caught On Tape
Before the beginning of high tech
First Computer Cursor
Brick siding for a sliding illusive building
Camouflage Garage
Never forget a birthday, anniversary or special occasion
Family Birthday Reminder
Justin Trudeau flew a plane over a northern Indian reserve last weekend
Politician Plane
Does he crimp your style at the shopping mall, ladies?
Shopping With Your Husband
Sampling grapes from a blessed wine press
One At A Time
Best buddies enjoy the best scenery together
Enjoy The View
What this country needs more of
Unemployed Politicians
I knew that
Indian Writing
Looking for someone who gives a hoot
How snakes take care of loose ends
Snake Shortener
Reading between the lines
First Impressions
Blown away dog
Living In A Bubble
Raising a baby deer, just for fawn
Fawn Of You
Safe passage for emergency vehicles is a smart move in Germany
German Emergency Road Share
He's been Walken around the block
Christopher Walken
How Redneck popcorn-kernel cremations work
Popcorn Cremation
When workers with disabilities outwork the whiners
Tell Me Why You Can't Work
Finding a substitute replacement for Double A batteries
Vegan Cell Phone
Creating a cup of Java for has-beans
Coffee Bean Grinder
Finding the illusive trophy deer
What Buck?
Darth Vader's rarely photographed wife
Ella Vader
New mechanical tracking pencil - lead to lead
Well Trained Pencil
Create your own clouds on a clear day
Paint The Sky
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