Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1755

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Recycling the year's bubbly
Christmas Wine Tree
Going out on a limb with a friend
Owl Twins
Holiday Season gowns for hospital emergency personnel
Twelve Doctors Screaming
Breaking away from holiday shopping mall crowds
Rudolf Is Out Of Control
Preparing for Christmas Eve in Miami
Florida Christmas
What the Wise Men saw in a dream
Christmas Birth
AT-AT Walkers on the prowl
The Dark Side of Christmas
The Force Awakens for Jewish Star Wars fans
Keep The Han in Hanukkah
Christmas presents are a thing of the past
Forget The Present
Holiday books to en-lighten your reading
Book Christmas Tree
Gearing up for a Merry Christmas
Mechanic Ornament
How to fit even the biggest tree into your living room
Christmas Roof Tree
A nondenominational winter scene
Heathen Card
Indigenous Christmas scene
Gingerbread Reservation
A Newfie's true Spirit of Christmas!
Newfie Christmas Tree
Taste something funny in your coffee lately?
Dog Hair Coffee
Japan doesn't quite understand Christmas yet
Japanese Christmas
Santa's helpers now wear hard hats
Elf Safety
Are you qualified to enter the Pearly Gates?
Christmas Possessions To Enter Heaven
Turning VW's marketing plan upside down
VW Bed Bug
Courtship is such a hoot!
Bird Buddies
Bubba heard about caring for his Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Relief
Food for thought turns into bird of prey
Fruit Owl
Mathematical proof of Non-Existence
Santa Claus or Santa Clause?
Relationship warning in the park
Cougar In Area
Why Rudolph's nose is so bright
Waynedeer Lighting
Have you been naughty this year?
Save Santa The Trip
This sums up Manitoba's weather this week
Manitoba Cold
Streamlining the federal Christmas budget
12 Days of Christmas - Government Economizing Measures
Decorating an edible Christmas tree
Christmas Fruit Tree
Turning into a key signature on the mountain slopes
Music Note Chairlift
Invite your whining, diverse group of employees to the company Christmas Party
Company Christmas Party - Whine and Dine
PC users find a perfect fit for Apple computers
Mac Supports Windows
Bubba's Christmas tree shrunk a little this year
Christmas Budget
Christmas clothing for illiterate children
Santa For Kids
Transmission lines in Montana are deer to the country
Wired Waynedeer
Merry Moosemas
ChristMoose Tree
Art in the petrified forest
Firewood Tree
Weight scale proportional to food allowance
Diet Scale
Christmas greetings from the All-Pervading One
We Vishnu a Merry Christmas
Need a cheap unassembled snowman? Saskatchewan has a deal 4U...
Saskatchewan Entrepreneur
Owl fit perfectly on the Christmas tree!
Ten reasons supporting Santa's farming background
Santa Claus as a Farmer
Farm tractors for hobby farmers
Show Stopper
Pushed off the boat dock by your 'friends'
Water Aerobics
When is a Pilsner not a Pilsener?
First Drink And Drive Promo
Seeing eye to eye towards a relationship that gives a hoot
Owl Friends
Revealing the true figure behind owl candle art
Owl Skeleton
Juan of the scariest films of all time
On becoming a vegetarian
Vegetarian MissSteak
Gender Equality for the past two hundred years
Women's Rights
Got an eye for someone who gives a hoot?
Owl Get Around To It
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