Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1714

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Don't believe what I post
Post Research
Farm tractors for hobby farmers
Show Stopper
Do you carrot all?
Emotion Stew
Hang in there!
Cloud Swing
Kids having fun at the park
Playground Drivers
Looks like this driver needs target practice
So Close
Daring something to break the silence
Wireless Doorbells Sitting On Their Chargers
Life is fine if you're in the cheap seats
Front Row Seats
How to tie knots without being funny
A Frayed Knot
Outhouse chemical reaction raises the bar
Smoking In The Boy's Room
Harley digs his new girlfriend
Digging Up A Date
Weight scale proportional to food allowance
Diet Scale
Finally finding the true source of drinking water
Waterfall Path
Choosing the best strawberry next door
Berry Funny
Inline skating is for kids like you!
Roller Derby Princess
Root-bound tree searches for camouflage path
Adaptive Roots
Antique-ated way of entering a used car dealership
Why my beach party rocks!
Stoned On The Beach
Bear with me while I get my bear-ings
Shy Guy
Government grants help families in the Moistwet Territories
Modern Eskimos
Searching for the best free TV signal
Luxury Wheel Chair
How Betty Sue gets the ATV to Bubba
Redneck ATV Trailer
Why Grandpa walked everywhere
Ford Was All We Had
Protecting passengers from aggressive employees
United Airlines Travel Pillow
Poaching the poachers - saving one rhino at a time
Save A Rhino
Bubba excels at furniture refurbishment
Redneck Chair Repair
Best dating sites in the early 1900's
Before Online Dating
Preparing for any kind of weather in the Moistwet Territories
Manitoba Spring Preparation
Don't have to go far to find Bubba's firewood
Far Wood Sale
Redneck tie down straps
Secure Your Load
Electricians finally found where the dam was leaking
Hydro Water Power
Juan of the scariest films of all time
Affirmation for Positive Thinking
Dream The Impossible
A better way to tell time
Domino Time
I gotta hand it to you
Selfie Arm
Making a quick exit from a playground swing
Fresh Out Of The Saddle
Latest in low-tech rotary phones
Cell Phone For Seniors
When Prohibition footwear was 'still' in vogue
Truck lifts that let you down more than they lift you up
Truck Lift Repair
Tolkien Trees come alive in the park
Ent Tree Art
Going to Australia on the farm
Down Under Bat
Stop procrastinating - how to get organized
Procrastination Workshop
Never turn your back to a bus stop!
Karate Sign Kick
Wooden you love to ride this wheel-e good idea!
Carpenter Unicycle
Grounds for Sculpture
Stoned In The Garden
Relationship warning in the park
Cougar In Area
Evel Knievel tops off another performance
Motorcycle Moon
Motorcycle for wheelchair wannabes
Harley Half Ton
High-strung, lazy guitarists make idle frets
Noteable Bartender
Bending over backwards on the farm
Tractor Roll
Putting cyclists to work on logging roads
Bicycle Logging
Flying with the entire plane is probably better
Partial Flight
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