Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1761

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Where refugees are welcome
European Men - History Timeline
Weight loss programs that are hard to handle
Diet Utensils
Footwear with the yeast appeal
Stress-full times for the heavy hauling crew
Dumped Truck
Shopping hours are never long enough for Wilbur's wife
Shopping Wait-er
Moving on to greener pastures
Heading To The Branch Office
Bald is beautiful for illusive motorcyclists
Bald Helmet
A boar-ing hunting day
Tasmanian PiggyBack Ride
The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve
Trillion Dollar Man
Blow it away and move the problem somewhere else
First Snow Blower
Bubba excels at furniture refurbishment
Redneck Chair Repair
Finding the best place to store your DVDs
Storage Puzzle
Boris prepares for the local Motocross race
Training Wheels
Chain links indicate large-scale security system
Beware Of Big Dog
No longer knee deep in snow
Snow Sleep
Traction for the masses
VW Snow Tractor
Which sea do you see down by the seashore?
Sea Sand Art
When New Brunswick runs out of snowplows
Stroller Snow Tires
How to use a pottery wheel when you don't have one
Redneck Potter's Wheel
How long does it take you to unthaw?
Winter Sucks
A cut above the competition
Chainsaw Art
Looking for used snow removal equipment?
Snow Is Coming
Reaching out for more snow
Icy Grip Of Winter
Cutting a path through winter scenery
Snow Wall
Snowstorm provides alternative motorcycle support
Manitoba Kickstand
Famous hairstyles of male solo artists of the '80s
Vinyl Richie
Denver Boot for Tow Truck Drivers
Karma Towing
Geese fly in ground formation as well
Snow Geese
Never forget a birthday, anniversary or special occasion
Family Birthday Reminder
Making your own path through a winter storm
Winter Kayaking
Wave trend in men's beards
Mustache Breeze
Closing down for a few years...
Snowstorm Closure
Bubba's favourite motorcycle sign: Rust In Peace
Motorcycle For Sale
Ford has a better idea for installing snow tires
Winter Ready
Tables turned
Wolf Chase
Canada, home of energy-free beer supply
Canadian Fridge
Beware of Great White Sharks in Winterpeg back yards
Great White
Mixing wheelbarrows and Motorcycles in the garden
Bike Barrow
Budweiser does its part to save marriage relationships
Wife Of The Year
A bootiful Down Under Australian snowman
Yoga Man
Avoiding the 'Weekly Overload Recreational Killer' virus
Work Awareness
The sky has fallen!
Chicken Roost
Winter exercise in the backyard
Snow Aerobics
Spring comes early for diehard Canadian drivers
Winter Convertible Car
Adding more power to cross-country skiing
Motocross Skiing
Marshmallows in the snow
Smore The Merrier
Checking out today's snow crop
Nice Day For A Ride
Knot found in new species of canine tree
Cycling through snowy streets
Motorcycle Snow Clearance
Stress management jumps overboard
Crisis Counseling
Another Canadian doing her part to make Hockey a more popular sport
Making Hockey More Popular
Come search for Pokemon inside my van!
Rare Pokemon
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