Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1714

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No one has friends over to microwave
Friendly BBQ Reminder
Proving that math can be fun in the kitchen
Accurate Pie Chart
Beach rock sculpture for loving relationships
Love Rocks
Something puzzling you?
Pencil Puzzle
When you might want to give a backhoe a bit more road room
Dent Stop
How to avoid parking lot door dents
Eye Testing In Progress
What well worn brakes look like
Worn Brakes
Does it sink or float in water?
Ant Gender
Finding the best place to store your DVDs
Storage Puzzle
Looking for a SalmonChanted Evening?
Unscented because you're not going anywhere anyway
Introvert Soap
English grammar lesson
I Before E
Weight loss programs that are hard to handle
Diet Utensils
Bubba's home-made truck ignition key
New Truck Key
Also works well for Werewolfs and Zombies
Vampire Hunting Kits
Why Bubba changed his name to Chesthair
There seems to be a hitch with this tractor hitch
Tractor Pull
Footwear with the yeast appeal
Art sculpture ideas for scenic walkers
Missing Piece Statue
Bubba's one-for-all TV remote control
Grandma's Controller
How resource-full are you?
Never Enough
Where one man's garbage is another man's gold
Free Puzzle
You're never too old to take up ballroom, latin, and swing dancing
Ballroom Dancing for Seniors
Special occasion dress - for when he 'pops' the question
Pop Can Tab Dress
How to lock yourself into a long-term relationship
Engagement Rings for Engineers
When the other cup of latte looks more appealing
3D Latte Art
Wave trend in men's beards
Mustache Breeze
Warning signs for dogs and backward dogs
Beware Of Dog
How to handle a very strong cup of Java
Morning Coffee
Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.
Hopscotch for Seniors
Lower expectations for high-rise completion
Bubba's last shower: Water and Electricity don’t mix!
Shower Lighting
Sculling away to a Guinness Word Record
Long Rowboat
How To manual for your newly purchased elephant
Elephant Instructions
Alternative parts engine repair
Wrench Motor Mounts
Bollywood groupies start young in India
What Do You Think?
When plumbers go fishing
Fishing Along The Shore
Stork delivery from above
Here Comes Another One
Bubba goes fishing twice to get a re-bait
Good Things Come
Moving companies too expensive 4U? Then do it yourself!
Moving Day in Texas
Get kilt, aye told you
Bagpipe Runners
Snake charmers capture attentive audiences
Captain at a ripe old age
Retired Fisherman Walker
Coffee served in suspended animation
The Floater
What happens when someone puts a dollar in your g-string
Why Bob Moog died
For Your Synths
Who waters trees in the rain?
Without Government
Sinking feeling on an emergency response call
Fire Truck Sinkhole
Sea Symphony - percussion potpourri on the beach
I Sea Drums
I'm no longer afraid of the dark
Fear Of Light
Hot Dogs wrapped in history
Mummy Dogs
Cellphone calculators for Alzheimer friends
You Never Call
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