Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1762

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Choosing the best place for Christmas decorations
Door Wreath
Car dealerships in Bible times
Jesus Drove A Honda
Looking for visible proof
Glass Coffins
Evel Knievel tops off another performance
Motorcycle Moon
Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a hand in my pocket?
The Working Man
This bugs me
Tatra Lawsuit
The sky has fallen!
Chicken Roost
For days when you have to go real bad
Restroom Converter
Chippewa Indian Gaa-binagwiiyaas eyes have seen so much
Oldest Native American
When your husband designs the kitchen
4x4 Kitchen Design
Finally found that missing sock!
Sockeye Salmon
Designer beachwear for a fishing vacation
Fish Flops
How to tie knots without being funny
A Frayed Knot
Getting your feathers up
Owls And Bananas
Are you falling for or rooting for this tattoo?
Tree Tattoo
Something puzzling you?
Pencil Puzzle
Road search for the worst hosers
Police Gas
Generations of Volkswagen family cars
Family Affair
Logging in the good old days
Paul Bunyan Load
Alternative parts engine repair
Wrench Motor Mounts
Which sea do you see down by the seashore?
Sea Sand Art
Manfred carries his supplies with him to Octoberfest
You can find it now!
Dementia Purse
Coffee ready yet?
Improving Peace on Earth
Three Wise Women
Proof that mechanics lived in prehistoric times
Wrench Dinosaur
How motorcyclists keep dry in a campground
Motorcycle Campers
When you know you've tried CPR resuscitation too long
Worst Aid
Capturing the last light of day
Moon Filament
Who shall throw the first stone?
Stoned Sign
Merry Moosemas
ChristMoose Tree
Some addictions are worth trying for
Fishing Addiction
Another victim of winter road conditions
Crosswalk Casualty
Truck lifts that let you down more than they lift you up
Truck Lift Repair
If it ain't broke leave it alone
Fix It Later Detour
There seems to be a hitch with this tractor hitch
Tractor Pull
Fake Lake scenery
No-Lake Picture
Feeding at the trough on a Redneck farm
Pail Face
Recipe for gluten-free, sugarless compost
Vegan Brownies
Big fish that got away reported on the dock
Fishing Dog
What about the other 364 days of the year?
Black Friday Scam
Thanks for your donation
Best Friend Theft
Bacon and Turkey - a Redneck's special Thanksgiving meal
Talking turkey - is that a Snood or a Wattle?
Turkey Day Selfie
Stair design inspiration for an arborist house
Stairway Roots
Have you been a turkey this month?
Turkey Not
Big thaw in turkey sales predicted for holiday season
Turkey Weather Forecast
Art sculpture ideas for scenic walkers
Missing Piece Statue
Going back many years ago when you were normal
Three Cats Ago
Beach diversion for wannabe springboard divers
Sand Dive
Fashion Runways in Kentucky
Bungee Cord Suspenders
Make sure you leave enough room for another disabled motorcyclist
Handicap Motorcyclist
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