Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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What pilots do in fresh snow
Plane Snow Angel
Lose 800 calories in 30 minutes!
How To Burn Calories
When you know it's time to go on a diet
Diet Swing
Trusting axes with wood handles
Shrinking Forest
Personalized pancakes for a special birthday
Concealed foot pedals almost make this a pleasant ride
Puddle Jumper
Resistor Ohmage at a monk convention
Join The Resistance
Buddhism and Reincarnation
Reformed Buddhists
London, 1938, when babies were protected from incoming gas
Gas-Resistant Pram
Deer Me - Clean up on Aisle 5
Walmart Hunting Section
Bubba had a tough time finding those squirrel calories
Wild Game Nutrition Guide
Camouflage farmer waits out winter storm
Manitoba Spring Day
Chair legs for females
Chair Master
How to prevent anyone from eating your cake
Snake Cake
How to graft your own Japanese Bonsai fruit tree
Bonsai Fruit Tree
Archaeological artifact at the Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Centaur of Tymfi
When Jose finally found the illusive tequila worm
How Tequila Works
Finding junk you really need
Crap Sale
She found a lifeguard job for car pools
Pothole Lifeguard
Searching for the best free TV signal
Luxury Wheel Chair
Tolkien Trees come alive in the park
Ent Tree Art
Woody Allen diagnosed with the Kissing Disease
No Stereo Type
Chrome-e bike soon to become a Batman status symbol
Motorcycle Lo Rider Chrome
Feline reward for returning lost car keys
Eddie Reward
Expanding the definition of expensive brewed beverages
Latte Defined
Spring thaw can't come early enough on the prairies
Manitoba Spring
Black Death in Switzerland
Swiss Reaper
Going out on a limb for the casual fisherman
Hammock Fishing
Looking for good deals down the road
Cart Rod
Life is tough when you're the only ugly duckling
Flash Mob
Big expectations for a hot fire fighting season
Bad Ass Fire Truck
How to wear attract-ive eyeshadow
Spider Brows-her
Moving companies too expensive 4U? Then do it yourself!
Moving Day in Texas
Choosing your route to safety
Tsunami Evacuation Area
Why there might be a shortage of lamb Down Under this year
Australian Sheep Farm - Herding Down Under
Preparing for invasive onboard seat removal
They won't drag him off a United flight
How not to extend service box electrical cables
Deadneck Repairs
Post office delivery of mail by male carriers is a touchy issue
Mermaid Mailbox
Dressed up to be man's best friend
Traveling through a Separation of Church and State
No Separation
When you don't have a dog door
He Wants In
Birth of feminism in Redneck County
Wanting Women
Are you a little upset?
Polite Protest
Catching up on the latest Tweets
Seems Like Everyone Is Online
When you can't say something nice...
Say Something
The real thing!
Coke Special Ingredients
To lose weight I went on a dye it
Eat More Greens Diet
Influenza vaccine now available in small doses for Irish adults
Irish Flu Shots
Are Donald Trump supporters deplorable?
'Must Haves' include airplane and hangar
Good Woman Wanted
Why I hate public toilets
Vegan Floater
Prophecy according to the Law of Infinite Probability
Laundry Law
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