Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Postal Workers bring Christmas cheer to a 93-year-old widow
Christmas Letter To God
What happens when you upset the maid - crappy service!
Don't Annoy The Maid
How to tell if you've got the Bird Flu
Bird Flu Symptoms
And now for the winner of the porcupine javelin contest...
Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine: Quill He Make It?
When you can hardly wait for your next plate of perogies
Ukrainian Perogies
Reinvesting profits thanks to the dubm barber
Dubm Kid @ The Barber Shop
How not to hot brand a horse - rib-crackler du jour
A New 'Brand' of Pain - OUCH!!!
Got any Prison Insurance for this guy?
Disability Insurance for the New Prisoner
John West - Enduring the worst to bring you the best
Salmon Fight - Only the Tastiest, Most Tender Salmon
Finding a place for Dad at Christmas
What Dads Are For
Count your blessings this Holiday Season
Merry Christmas To All Of You
'Twas the Light Before Christmas
Christmas Laser Light Show
Business Case for Corporate Christmas Funding
12 Days of Christmas - Cost of 'True Love'
Finding a normal or different mind
Are You Normal?
What Santa receives at Christmas
Christmas Letter From Mom To Santa
Santa dressed in Regimental Fashion
Scottish Santa
A legal view of Christmas
Santa's Lawsuit - Violation of Children's Rights
Fixing a poor body image
Santa Goes On Atkins Diet
Another reason to celebrate Christmas
Roses Are Redish
Yule learn something from around the world
Odd Christmas Traditions
Choosing the right stamp of approval
New Christmas Stamps
Determining the most important role
Lead Role in the Christmas Play
How students celebrate Christmas
Jewish Christmas Celebration
Putting spark into the holiday season
Electrician's Christmas Hymn
Paramedic incident report
Eggsellent Christmas Joe-k
Feeling good about not contributing to the energy crisis
Differences Between Christmas and Chanukah
Merging Christmas for Christians and Muslims
Christmukah - Major Holiday Merger
What makes a best-ever Christmas?
Best Christmas Gift
Nominees who have assisted the gene pool the most
2003 Darwin Awards
A Canadian Province-by-Province perspective
Top 10 Reasons To Live In Canada
Preparing for a wonderful Christmas family visit
Christmas Guilt
Adding a special touch to the perfect Christmas photo
Wrapped Christmas Card
Guess who must have come home early?
Interruptus Unexpectus (PG)
Rearranged words
Clever Anagrams
... and Erma's Reply
Martha Stewart's Christmas Letter To Erma Bombeck
Santa takes a break AFTER he goes down the chimney
How To Tell If You've Been Really Bad
Whisky food flavouring
Christmas Fruitcake Recipe
For women who are tired of joe-ks that poke fun at the fairer sex
Best Men Joe-ks
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