Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Oh we, like sheep...
Greek Financial Path
Cardboard box makes a perfect hiding place for the cat
Drawn To Curiosity
Impatient fans after a slow start to CFL season in Regina
Roughrider Cheerleaders
Some pickups aren't big enough for amateur tree fallers
Where Not To Fall A Tree
You're never too old to take up ballroom, latin, and swing dancing
Ballroom Dancing for Seniors
Does your Doctor have a good sense of humour?
In Stitches
Looking for a used truck in Wyoming?
Mad Mother Sale
Recognizing Quasimodo Syndrome
Back Problem
How to make your cell phone battery last longer
iPhone Battery Life
It started out with a kiss...
Sucker Fish
Anyone for a backwards piece of cake?
Stressed Desserts
Location, Location, Location
Mountain Lookout
Best dating sites in the early 1900's
Before Online Dating
Moose pool... only in Canada!
Backyard Canadian Pool
Stork delivery from above
Here Comes Another One
Sweet iPhone Apps
iPhone Cookies
When breakfast catches up with the news
Morning Paper
Camping in style for Aussie Jeep drivers
Laid Back In The Outback
Risk venture rising to the occasion
Cobra Games
Experiencing real fan support
Thank You To All My Fans
Cheap rate auto body shops
New Mechanic
Walks through paradise valleys
Amazing Paths
Car bumpers for the not so rich and famous
Redneck Car Upgrade
Bollywood groupies start young in India
What Do You Think?
What's in a word - really!
Waiting for your next power outage
Open Air Wiring
Hospitals resort to hiring Doctors
Breaking News
Full-time jobs for hardcore bikers
Killing Bugs
Making a wrong impression with business logos
Advertising Truths
It's licking like a friendly relationship
What An Earfull
Rounding up backyard chickens
Angry Bird
To eat or not to eat, that is the dilemma
Many Mouths To Feed
Great Moms' Secret
Can I Lick It
Martin Handford bales out on country illustration
Where is Waldo?
How not to display a positive image
Know Where You Stand
How to turn drab into rad
Rainbow Road
And you thought wine in a box was good value!
Home Wine Delivery
Saying goodbye to a cell phone relationship
Last Selfie
Don't go bacon my heart!
Bacon Birthday Cake
Eggsiting gourmet breakfast recipes
Master Chef Eggspert
Wolf pack inspiration
How A Leader Leads
Taking the calories out of fast food
Nice Try, Mom
Remember, it could always be worse
Having A Bad Day?
Bubba's free alternative to laser tattoo removal
Redneck Tattoo Removal
Can you find the exit wall door?
PC users find a perfect fit for Apple computers
Mac Supports Windows
Don't believe what I post
Post Research
How To manual for your newly purchased elephant
Elephant Instructions
When $5 goes a long way between cousins
Babysitting Kids
Playing with your wardrobe
Piano Dress
Instructions on how to properly cook a deer
How To Cook A Deer
The nursing home phoned to say that Dad was off his rocker
Elderly Rocker
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