Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Finally found them!
Eyeglass Bread
Bathroom faucets for an airplane pilot
Jet Nozzles
Burger 'King' just found a new competitor
Bacon Sandwich
Maggie plays her part in Tangiers, Morocco
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
How to avoid an expensive, protractive court battle
Legal Exhibit
Putting on a good face for an empty plate
Canned Art
Latest duct tape solution for City Planning
Lego Bridge
Why most animals stay away from a hippopotamus
Croc Diet
Mechanical conversion for air conditioning mode
Battery Update
Tires making a final round around the flower bed
ReTired Garden Bed
NHL considers expansion team in Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton NHL Team
Han So Low and Dach Vader star in Dog Wars sequel
Wiener Wars
Slugs in home gardens
Slug Strawberry
Which bacon came first?
Bacon Is Life
To Go or Not To Go - that is the question
Executive Decision Time
Achieving environmental results through focused science
Tapping into your imagination
Plumber's Night Light
WalMart make great WallMade shopping carts
Redneck Shelves
Pet pig provides food relief
Delicious Grief
Camouflage auto body painting to hide in plain site
Foiled Again
Hot lips in the garden
Flower Lips
Do you know what the leading cause of drowning is?
Deadly Facts About Water
Antique car sales on the Moistwest Territories
Rock Solid Car
Gurmeet takes a turn for the worse...
Underground Parking in India
Corn maze confusion
Determining baby's arrival date
9 Months On The Inside
Now serving slightly lumpy cocktails in Yukon bars
Sourtoe Cocktail
New line of edible watches by Apple
Apple Watch
Willie Nelson revives hit song 'On The Road Again'
Scooter Music
What happens at Grandma's place stays here
House Rules
Multitasking in the animal kingdom
Antelope Web
Happy Mother's Day from her only child
Mom's Kid
Pedal Power where two Wongs make a right
Lean Two Transportation
After a hard day of skateboarding
Skateboard Rest
Over time, paying customers blossomed forth
Vintage Planter
Where wizard spells cannot pass
Gandalf Crossing
Winning relationships around the world
Complete or Finished
Swimming lessons start early in the Moistwet Territories
Young Mermaid
Replacing the work of many hands
Ground Breaking Invention
Some wide loads take up three Rhode Island lanes
Volunteer Fire Fighter
Some neighbourhoods enforce their own speed limit
Speed Limit Warning
How to adapt to sweet spicy food
Spicy Bacon
New rail line based on roller coaster design
Railway Bend
When Liqueur's Quicker
Edible Serving Glasses
Pigging out at the chocolate dessert buffet
Chocolate Bath
Somewhat slower than a horseback ride
Moose Crossing
Breathless anticipation for unveiling of the Trump Statue
Statue Unveiled
Searching for two pots of gold
Double Rainbow
When you might not want to be first in line
Turtle Lunch Lineup
How to determine directions to anywhere but North
North of Somewhere
Sears Crafstman tools to the rescue
What He Really Wants For Valentines Day
Global Warming takes a step backward in the Pacific Northwest
Two Feet of Snow in Seattle
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