Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1683

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Finding the best place to store your DVDs
Storage Puzzle
Also works well for Werewolfs and Zombies
Vampire Hunting Kits
Why Bubba changed his name to Chesthair
Footwear with the yeast appeal
Bubba's one-for-all TV remote control
Grandma's Controller
Special occasion dress - for when he 'pops' the question
Pop Can Tab Dress
Warning signs for dogs and backward dogs
Beware Of Dog
How to handle a very strong cup of Java
Morning Coffee
When plumbers go fishing
Fishing Along The Shore
Moving companies too expensive 4U? Then do it yourself!
Moving Day in Texas
Get kilt, aye told you
Bagpipe Runners
Captain at a ripe old age
Retired Fisherman Walker
Who waters trees in the rain?
Without Government
Sinking feeling on an emergency response call
Fire Truck Sinkhole
Cellphone calculators for Alzheimer friends
You Never Call
Farm tractors for hobby farmers
Show Stopper
Weight scale proportional to food allowance
Diet Scale
Government grants help families in the Moistwet Territories
Modern Eskimos
Searching for the best free TV signal
Luxury Wheel Chair
Protecting passengers from aggressive employees
United Airlines Travel Pillow
Poaching the poachers - saving one rhino at a time
Save A Rhino
Bubba excels at furniture refurbishment
Redneck Chair Repair
Preparing for any kind of weather in the Moistwet Territories
Manitoba Spring Preparation
Juan of the scariest films of all time
Tolkien Trees come alive in the park
Ent Tree Art
Wooden you love to ride this wheel-e good idea!
Carpenter Unicycle
Relationship warning in the park
Cougar In Area
Everybody look what's going down
Stop That Sound
Growing up where you're not supposed to
Out On A Limb
Dog Dessert for Hungry Pugs
Cuddling up to your favourite veggie
I Don't Have Mushroom
Gun control has never been a problem in Texas
Texas Peace Sign
Luke Sky-needs-a-Walker
Star Wars Episode VIII
Job applicants are getting younger all the time
Child Labour
Sign language in Russia
Wave To The Nice Lady
Putting the right slant on acute and obtuse angles
Angel Angles
How long do you cook eggs?
Hard Boiled Eggs
When you have a loose tooth and need to see a Dentist
Shark Dentist
Taking one more run on an aging sailboat
Retired Fishermen Walker
Hawg'n the road in style
Limo Bike
Deer Me - Clean up on Aisle 5
Walmart Hunting Section
Special uses for Duct Tape
Lip Gloss for Whiners
What's your perception of yourself?
The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve
Trillion Dollar Man
Pray that you aren't prey
Eagle Hunt
Before crocodile leather there was...
Crocs Shoes
Little Johnny woke up to the biggest cat he'd ever seen
Stray Cat
Today's weather forecast is going to the dogs
Rufus Cumulus Clouds
A boar-ing hunting day
Tasmanian PiggyBack Ride
How to prevent anyone from eating your cake
Snake Cake
Seedless variety no longer applicable
What better place to put sticky adhesives?
Frog Tape
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