Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1710

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When you don't have a dog door
He Wants In
Wading into wet weather
Daily Rain Gauge
Machine wash instructions for Mom
How It's Done
Which came first - the chicken or the egg?
Cracks Me Up
What more can a sports fan ask for?
Priceless Game
Take my ab-vice - this exercise machine kicks butt
Ab Enhancer
Finding a recipe for success
Recipe Holder
Nature's grand performance on the Canadian prairies
Manitoba Thunderstorm
What goes a-round, comes a-round
The Wheels of Life
Some addictions are worth trying for
Fishing Addiction
Good for what ales you
Peter Cotton Ale
You can find it now!
Dementia Purse
Latest duct tape solution for City Planning
Lego Bridge
Evolution of the Christian fish symbol
Elevator sales rise in feline homes
Going Up
Drop-back lighting to inspire a spot o' tea
Tea Lights
Gotta love pie!
Ho Made Pie
Sign of an impasse
Parking Justice
Dance of the cookie cutter
Yoga Food
Scaring the crap out of your neighbours
Bear Boots
Putting on a good face for an empty plate
Canned Art
Heartbeat signals in the game of life
Ups and Downs
Which bacon came first?
Bacon Is Life
Where did summer go?
Sand Faces
How to extend shopping days
Week Sales for the Weak
Hiding in plain sight
Camouflage Pro
When breakfast catches up with the news
Morning Paper
Patient waiting line awaits unraveling of fish net
Is Lunch Ready?
Church for the rich of mind
Food Bank Closure
Travel on the road to nowhere
Absolutely Nothing
Heritage candle - for unlimited lighting
Light Coil
Bubba has to remember to take off the safety before he sits down
Texas Rocking Chair
Going Green tip: stay away from pointed sticks
Going Green
Why most animals stay away from a hippopotamus
Croc Diet
Bubba's women are over-powering
Woman Sharpshooter
Coffee creation from Sydney, Australia
Cup of Mona Lisa
Preparing an artistic environment for baby 'boomers'
Kinder Surprise
Fender benders across continents
Technology Collision
Hunting for the illusive Tequila worm
Tequila Shooter
How you can tell if your manicure is wearing off
Nailed It Nails
Why Banff is known for its Art culture
Banff Limo
Turning good drugs into bad drugs
Keyboard message for a failed social network
Ultimate Breakup
Sew what if it's a contradiction?
Irony Pin
Bubba uses his other hand for his free-hand drawings
Hand Drawn
'Post' Note: dig this deal!
Lamp Post For Sale
Bubba's after-fire celebration plan
Redneck Fire Alarm
The secret is out in Chelsea!
Gay Marriage
After Sheldon Cooper finished reorganizing the Bouncy Castle
OCD Ball Pit
Tracking down the source of the floatie in my drink
Drink Refill
Strange tool reintroduced in B.C. by the Liberal Government
Tobacco Smoke Enema
When music notes oppose each other
Staff Meeting
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