Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1728

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Watch free movies at the neighbour's place
Kids Drive-In
This cow's high jump ended in udder failure
Next, The Moon
Ways to get rid of ants naturally
Ants Know When Something Is Fake
Fun and comfy horse footy pajamas for the discriminating equestrian
Horse Onesies
Jurassic World reaches the Serengeti Plains
Mechanics choose specialized diet plans
Diet Carbs
Best use for the the wife's unused wedding dress
Snow Camo
Some license plates are worth more than a thousand words
Whoop C
Getting prepared for an X-rayted radio station
X-ray Art
New organic, biodegradable method to mow the lawn
Portable Lawn Mower
To Go or Not To Go - that is the question
Executive Decision Time
Finding a quiet place to read
Cool Reading Room
Bubba enjoys a boot-i-full cup of coffee
Redneck Cup Holders
Get a sober ride or call a cab
Don't Drive if You're Tipsy, Buzzed or Blitzen
Guaranteed to work or double your offspring back
Birth Control Kit
Finding Mr. Right
Grow A Boyfriend
Shop Texas for hot metal roofing supplies
Redneck Roof
Going Green-er in the country
Grow Food, Not Lawns
Hot lips in the garden
Flower Lips
How to slow down drivers in school zones
Slow Down Sign
Nature complete with a clapper
Ice Bell
Searching for life on Mars
Mars Images
Where time runs out
Dead End
Growing winter fruit in the Moist West Territories
Frozen Apple Blossoms
Come search for Pokemon inside my van!
Rare Pokemon
Tired of replacing your tree every year?
Christmas Tire Tree
Decorating an edible Christmas tree
Christmas Fruit Tree
Bubba heard about caring for his Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Relief
When Christians and Atheists suspend their belief systems
Shiny Solstice
and a Happy New Year
Happy Solstice
How to fit even the biggest tree into your living room
Christmas Roof Tree
Holiday Season gowns for hospital emergency personnel
Twelve Doctors Screaming
Having a backup when the reindeer go on strike
Merry Christmas from the Moistwest Territories
Breaking away from holiday shopping mall crowds
Rudolf Is Out Of Control
Tire'd of seeing the same Christmas tree decorations?
Tire Store Christmas
Preparing the way for Santa's big night
Reindeer Parking
Musical Menorah celebration in Jerusalem
Happy Harmonukkah
Deer hunting started a little early for Bubba this year
Texas Hood Ornament
AT-AT Walkers on the prowl
The Dark Side of Christmas
A Newfie's true Spirit of Christmas!
Newfie Christmas Tree
Robbing presents from misbehaving boys and girls
Why Rudolph's nose is so bright
Waynedeer Lighting
Christmas greetings from the All-Pervading One
We Vishnu a Merry Christmas
Batman's first Santa Claus costume
Original Batman
Wildfires roar throughout Washington state
Fiery Entrance
By mistake or by choice?
Same Mistake Twice
Cooling off a traffic light fire hazard
Burnout Indication
London, 1938, when babies were protected from incoming gas
Gas-Resistant Pram
Pet pig provides food relief
Delicious Grief
My brother nailed it this year
Ironic Gifts
On becoming a vegetarian
Vegetarian MissSteak
Merry Moosemas
ChristMoose Tree
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