Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1701

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Baby's first Cadillac walker car
Cadillac Bike
Baby brand extra soggy potato chips
Chip and Dip
Capitalizing on Change Management
Fear Of Change
Evolution of the Christian fish symbol
Introducing the new Survivor Reality TV show in Afghanistan
Crotch Rocket
Making a quick exit from a playground swing
Fresh Out Of The Saddle
Never turn your back to a bus stop!
Karate Sign Kick
Touring Brazil monuments by air
Copycat Pilot
Have you got the Runza?
Free Gas
Welcome to my life - this is where I live
Where I Live
Where the only thing to fear is sphere itself
Deceased Minions become tender or dainty fillets
Filet Minion
Rock Climbing 101 for mechanics
Redneck Piton
Taking a stand against prohibitive road signs
Shoulder Stand
Far East restroom restrictions
No Wash Feet
Be sure to buy only the original product
Autographed Copy
Musical Menorah celebration in Jerusalem
Happy Harmonukkah
Desert Dromedary - Arabian illusion du jour
Some workers don't practice what they preach
Think Safety First
Don't have to go far to find Bubba's firewood
Far Wood Sale
When you can't produce what you promise
No You Can't
In-flight safety plans
Co-Pilot Checklist
LP recording of our time on earth
As The World Turns
Redneck tie down straps
Secure Your Load
Making the best of a wet situation
Flood Float
How Redneck students stock up on supplies
Back 2 School Savings
Volkswagen moving up in the world
VW Treehouse
Antique-ated way of entering a used car dealership
Batman's first Santa Claus costume
Original Batman
School opening getting a little too close for comfort?
Summer Speeding Ticket
Stealth law enforcement in the Moistwest Territories
Drone Speed Zone
Native Indians start the New Year off with a goose
Native American Zodiac Table
Building a cheap refrigerated German car
Cool VW
A baby boomer's time machine
Forgotten Photos
Fender benders across continents
Technology Collision
Designer handbags for German travelers
Beetle Fashion
Bubba goes fishing twice to get a re-bait
Good Things Come
At least one of them gets a good night's sleep
Her Side vs His Side
Nothing better than enjoying fine dining in your backyard pool
Redneck Box Barbeque
Justin Trudeau flew a plane over a northern Indian reserve last weekend
Politician Plane
Where one man's garbage is another man's gold
Free Puzzle
Touch foot computing on the beach
Keyboard Sandals
What a Newfie does when he wins the lottery
Newfie Lawn Rolls
Predestined emergency landing spot
Cessna Drive
VW model with much-shortened wheel base
Abbreviated Beetle
How Bubba saves many trips to the fridge
Brew Table
Portable pump attachment allows for faster fill-up at gas stations
Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of e-Motion
Law of Emotion
Looks like a song coming on
Middle Of The Road
Everything from soup to nuts for a Mechanic
Spare Parts Table
Transmission lines in Montana are deer to the country
Wired Waynedeer
The art of Rock Balancing
Arch Rockery
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