Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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The envy of every dog in Elm Creek, Manitoba
World's Largest Fire Hydrant
How Bubba cuts rubber while cutting the lawn
Power Mower
Toronto Maple Leafs preapre for another golf-alternative Stanley Cup
Toronto's Last Stanley Cup Victory Parade
What goes on in a referee's mind during the game?
Referee Thoughts
When plumbers go fishing
Fishing Along The Shore
Warning signs for dogs and backward dogs
Beware Of Dog
Special occasion dress - for when he 'pops' the question
Pop Can Tab Dress
Fence graffiti fills in for barren landscape
Extension of Life
Social Media Analytics - Unlocking the Power of Baconomics
Social Media Explained
Aiding the dreams of a young helicopter pilot
Inverted Helicopter
Table top tan or illusive leg fashion?
Fishnet Stockings
Does this apply to both lanes?
Saskatchewan Freeway
I don't care if it's photoshopped - I want one!
Camper Tank
School invents new game of tire horseshoes
Tired Flagpole
Unveiling a window of opportunity
Overflow Truck Garden
The revolution began in the MoistWet Territories
Beach Sign Training
Don't go bacon my heart!
You're Home Early
Yorkshire Air Ambulance - saving lives in the U.K.
EMS Upgrade
Winning ways get struck down by lightning stroke
No Pot Of Gold
Hockey stars popular on and off the ice
Zamboni Date
Get kilt, aye told you
Bagpipe Runners
Feeling rained out lately?
Noah Called
Cellphone calculators for Alzheimer friends
You Never Call
Mechanics choose specialized diet plans
Diet Carbs
Finding a quiet place to read
Cool Reading Room
NASA set the over–under to 2.0 on this moon shot
An upsetting meal experience
Carry On or Carrion?
Mini car and mini van on a mini tour
Europe Road Trip
Hitting the wall fastest or taking the wall with you
Horsepower vs Torque
Make sure you leave enough room for another disabled motorcyclist
Handicap Motorcyclist
Are you involved in Peacekeeping?
Who was the first 'person' to land on the moon?
Alien Moon Landing
How to tell if someone doesn't like smoked fish
No Smoking Fish
Safe passage for emergency vehicles is a smart move in Germany
German Emergency Road Share
When workers with disabilities outwork the whiners
Tell Me Why You Can't Work
Beer floating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish) is a Finnish summer event
Beer Floating
Beware superstitious bloggers: it's Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th
Wildfires roar throughout Washington state
Fiery Entrance
Bird gone to pot
Teapot Birdhouse
When there's not enough money to fix it properly
Duct Tape Road
Are you a left lane hog?
The Passing Lane
Going out on a limb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Statue Selfie
Personalized license plate for those on the go
Members only welcome at this Moist West Territories tree house
Kids Klub
Preparations are coming along well for the Paralympic Summer Games
Wheelchair Access
If you can't find me today...
Swing By The Beach
Sitting down to a scrap metal view
Shadow Seats
Looking for cheap windshield wiper blades?
Russian Windshield Wiper
Checking out 'Who' is in the neighbourhood
Stare Down
Manfred carries his supplies with him to Octoberfest
Evel Knievel tops off another performance
Motorcycle Moon
Skateboard doubles as meal on wheels
Bread Board
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