Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1764

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Have a Happy Kiss-ter!
Kiss-ter Eggs
You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you!
Hoppy Easter
Angus' sheep rides were getting quite popular in Edinburgh
Scottish Lawnmower
Most commonly spoken language in the U.S. other than English
Mexico Is A Huge Country
Don't bother looking for Easter eggs this year
Easter Lost
Perfect scenery for an evening concert
Island Music
Mechanic with an expanding grip on wedding vows
With This Ring
Choosing the best medieval cut of beef
This kind of alignment at NASA only happens every 500 years
Cosmic Alignment
Designer beachwear for a fishing vacation
Fish Flops
Re-sizing a metric wrench
Mechanic Math
Shopping cart living for the nouveau broke
Homeless Camper
Mobility walkers for all ages
From Start To Finish
Smoking is allowed in a Harley Davidson house
Harley House
Always check what's behind the fine print
Page Lurker
You can't go wrong with a right angle T-Shirt
Always Right
Which came first - the chicken or the egg?
Cracks Me Up
Winter's own camouflage cover
Hot Tub Cover
Tight squeeze for car sales this year
Car Wrecker
I gotta hand it to you
Selfie Arm
The old goat showed up at a shopping store
Take Your 'Kid' To Work Day
Snake charmers capture attentive audiences
Finally finding the true source of drinking water
Waterfall Path
On the cutting edge of unique decisions
I Do What I Want
Board baby to back of the line
Baby OnBoard
Where not to make snow angels
Dog Park Snow Angels
Beware of cycling obstacles along Rogers Pass
Meal On Wheels
Are you this happy to plant flowers this year?
Exciting Spring
When your life needs recharging
AA Meeting
Why Canadians don't stop too long for coffee at Timmy's
Waiting For Spring in Canada
Mom, the dog's digging in the yard again...
Digger Dog
When they're defending their country from you
Country Invasion
Saving fuel on the Moistwet Territories
Redneck Chainsaw
Slow smoked BBQ horrifying vegetarians since 1984
Rib Tickler
Winter is almost over on Quadra Island
Wandering Deer
Do something before it's too late!
Drought Trigger
Some days you can bearly make it
Doing OK
It's time for change!
Full Moon Savings
Daylight Savings - things in Canada that Spring further ahead
Errington Error
Dessert approved by Albert Einstein and Mensa
Pi Number Pie
When it's especially hard to go back to sleep
Once You're Awake
She used a strong-scented conditioner that day
Nose Hair? She needs a Barb-hair
Meet Houdini the cat
Cat Extension
How to enjoy extreme situation meals
Canned Cheeseburger
The real reason why dinosaurs became extinct
Flamingo Predator
Art sculpture ideas for scenic walkers
Missing Piece Statue
Beer Server G3 (Guzzle 3X) Technology
Useful Apple Computer
Seven is a good number for these fishermen
Just For The Halibut
Bubba has two out-houses
Redneck Tree Fort
Good for what ales you
Peter Cotton Ale
Scooter's Down... Grandpa's Up...
Grandma Needs Help
'Water-ever it takes' advertising
Diet Water
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