Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1762

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Waiting for your next power outage
Open Air Wiring
Dissecting Lego school science projects
Lego Anatomy
Making early plans for a NASCAR debut
His First Hot Rod
When you know it's time to go on a diet
Diet Swing
Early musical influences from the real 'Rolling Stones'
Oh we, like sheep...
Greek Financial Path
Graduating magna cum laude in pick-up sticks
Art School Graduate
Table top tan or illusive leg fashion?
Fishnet Stockings
Is their life on Mars? Is Milky Way the best?
Milky Way
Bubba was just stopping by for a cold brewskie
Cold Weather Beer
Verging on borderline Vegan
Secondhand Vegetarian
South African airline with online flying instructions
Kulula Airlines - flying 101
Does your age match the temperature?
Not Going Outside Minions
Does your spouse suffer from excessive snoring or sleep apnea?
How To Stop Snoring
Talking turkey on the farm
Spool Turkey
A hole in one for a tennis pro
Tennis Plant
Do you suffer from lost sock syndrome?
One Of Life's Equations
Kawasaki introduces chain drive training wheels
Learning To Ride
Hockey is the national sport of Canada, eh
Canadian Growth Chart
Strange weather patterns after crossing the equator
Australia Winter
Stealth law enforcement in the Moistwest Territories
Drone Speed Zone
What's in a word - really!
How to fill a container that doesn't fit in the sink
Dustpan Waterfall
Self-contained, biodegradable camping ideas
Campfire Genius
Rock Climbing 101 for mechanics
Redneck Piton
Stress management jumps overboard
Crisis Counseling
More than airforce personnel are tough on this airbase
Follicle-challenged toque gets head-e reviews
Brain Warmer
Misinterpreted 'Dear John' letter
Punctuation Matters
The real reason why dinosaurs became extinct
Flamingo Predator
Conversation with a kneeling rock sculpture
This Rocks
You're not Fat: 100 kg on Earth = 37 kg on Mars
Wrong Planet
Puntastic things to do with corn on the cob
Social Media Analytics - Unlocking the Power of Baconomics
Social Media Explained
Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your effluent back!
Pumping Services
Another victim of the economy
Young Who Suffer
Life is full of surprises
Booger Queen
What a Newfie does when he wins the lottery
Newfie Lawn Rolls
Fallen illusion or foregone conclusion?
Jimmy Fallen
Zero tolerance for speeders - no 2nd chance...
Texas Speed Camera
The one that didn't get away!
Wayne's Fish
'Water-ever it takes' advertising
Diet Water
Road rage - trying to cut off a passing driver
Move Over
This buck looks a little pail-faced
Feeding Time
How to drain exhaust from your car
Exhaust Condensation Reducer
Stepping up to sea what's there
Reaching The Ocean
Do something before it's too late!
Drought Trigger
When the thought, 'Don't friggin move!' comes to mind
Road Hugging Tire
Art in the petrified forest
Firewood Tree
Halloween headlights for ghoulfriends
How to stand out from other Real Estate professionals
Not Haunted House Sales
Nonna shows Luigi respect for the local police force
Fill The Tank
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