Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1735

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Face Time on the beach
Sand Faces
Use less strength to twist the throttle
Muscle Control
Singing in the purr-fect music key
Meowth Organ
Back in the days when Grizzly bears had six legs
Grizzly Bear Chair
I told you so, but nooooo - you had to visit your sisters!
Hunting Season
Ever heard an annoying noise in your drive shaft?
Zip Tie Prank
Communication when both parties are correct in their assumptions
Just Because You Are Right
Who had the best safari view?
Tourist Stalking
Closest solution to a limitless glass
Redneck Wine Glass
Benchmark custom design benches for musicians
Musical Chairs
Finger-Fine Jewelry for Special Mechanics
Mechanic's Ring
Enjoying a Canadian staycation in the Moistwet Territories
Snorkeling in Winnipeg
What happens when someone puts a dollar in your g-string
7 March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell's U.S. Patent, No. 174,465 for the telephone is granted
Remember When
How to avoid more casualties of war
Best Way To Honor The Fallen
Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom
On The Beach
Making an impression on her ring finger
2 Carrot Ring
Looking for used snow removal equipment?
Snow Is Coming
How Bubba got his beer belly
Redneck Six Pack
The Donald is supported by Mexican bricklayers
Mexico Will Pay For The Wall
Light shelving for inspiring books
Bright Bookshelf
Is marriage a beautiful box full of all the things you long for?
Marriage Box
Kitchen cabinet design in a posh Redneck house
Redneck Cupboard
Attaching yourself to a very berry dessert
Handling workbench tools - choose wisely
Vice Grip Handles
Look out Utah - here he comes... You might say that things went off without a hitch
Redneck Fifth Wheel
Combing through a neighbourhood shrub
Street Hair
An Aussie motorcyclist trying to go Down Under
Hit The Dirt
Stop procrastinating - how to get organized
Procrastination Workshop
Merge Sign or Barge In Sign?
Closed Ahead
Getting out of the parking space was easy...
Parking Forever
You Juan One?
Taco Emergency
Harry Potter Motorcycle RideHer
Broooom Hilda
Please check broomsticks, bats and toads at the door
Home Sweet Home
Guaranteed to keep away trick or treaters
Monster House
Voted Best Halloween Couples Costume
Peter's Costume
Broom-Hilda has arrived
Halloween Parking
Orange you glad you're not a Halloween mechanic?
Getting It To Work
Brew your own bone shaped sugar cubes
Halloween Coffee
Bare Bones Bikes for cheap cycling
Halloween Cyclist
Best time of year for tornado cleanup
Florida Halloween
How Jack lights up his lantern
Halloween Beer Dispenser
Seeing is believing this Halloween
Eye Do
Does your broom fit?
Broom Size
Dessert thoughts of mincemeat and skeletons
Halloween Pie
What appears to be a bargain after too many Happy Hour drinks
Special Offer
Buddhism and Reincarnation
Reformed Buddhists
Do atoms make everything up?
Atom Trust
Self taught young pro with tools
Pedal Car Mechanic
Cold Weather Seat - making the freezing bathroom seat bearable
Winterpeg Warm
Getting prepared for my second childhood
Recycling in Rio de Janeiro
Plastic Bottle Beach Art
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