Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1762

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Closing Connections for Facebook Friends
Facebook Closure
Have you got the Runza?
Free Gas
Volkswagen moving up in the world
VW Treehouse
Panhandling entertainment on a transit bus
Winter's own camouflage cover
Hot Tub Cover
Playing with your wardrobe
Piano Dress
Hells Angels opens new Ibuprofen Chapter for elderly motorcyclists
Sons Of Arthritis
Does your Doctor have a good sense of humour?
In Stitches
Beware of Great White Sharks in Winterpeg back yards
Great White
Great Moms' Secret
Can I Lick It
Change Management for Men
Diaper Change
Encapsulating sausage packaging in Germany
Wurst-Case Scenario
Tables turned
Wolf Chase
How to determine directions to anywhere but North
North of Somewhere
A relationship where he spends equal time in the kitchen
Husband Makes Lunch
It only took 6 months of hooch for Bubba to create his wine deck curtains
Bottle Curtains
Smarter parking than even a Smart Car
Moose Parking
Posing for a caveman photograph
First Selfie
Create your own 'baby baby' hairstyle pacifiers
Soothing Hairstyle
Ford has a better idea for installing snow tires
Winter Ready
Sears Crafstman tools to the rescue
What He Really Wants For Valentines Day
Capitalizing on Change Management
Fear Of Change
This year give him what he really wants for Valentine's Day
Valentine Tools
Facing an antique door knob
Nose Knocker
Where Shakespeare bought his camping supplies
Discount Tents
Making way for the mechanics of the future
Construction Playground
Sikh and you will find it - in India
Urban Turban
Unveiling a window of opportunity
Overflow Truck Garden
The revolution began in the MoistWet Territories
Beach Sign Training
School invents new game of tire horseshoes
Tired Flagpole
Church for the rich of mind
Food Bank Closure
Things were touch and snow for the Moistwest Territory paramedics
First Aid Responders
Looking for a cheap or professional job?
Skilled Labor
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Scenic View
It's cold out - keep your weiners covered
Cold Dogs
Bubba's favorite holiday drink
Bacon Soda
How not to improve your image
Photo Scratch
How to enjoy extreme situation meals
Canned Cheeseburger
It's National Dragster week every week in Escondido
Rad Green Dragster
Who's in charge at your home?
Man Of The House
I finally found the fish that got away...
Missed Catch
Rooftop stall after an exceptionally long winter
Parking Above Snow Level
Bubba's road rut maintenance crew
Synchronized Swimming Dogs
Cycling through snowy streets
Motorcycle Snow Clearance
Blow it away and move the problem somewhere else
First Snow Blower
Dachshund clothing secrets
Always Cover Your Wiener
A guide about cleaning up after your dog
Empty Dogs
Baby and Mom are doing well after cold delivery
Snow Birth
Cutting a path through winter scenery
Snow Wall
Together on the prairies with a cold brewskie
Cold One
Bell curve pain relief for those on a rising dollar bed
Back Pain
New Google 'Search' Plane
Gooooooooooogle Air
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