Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Christmas presents are a thing of the past
Forget The Present
Rudolph bales out after Christmas
Reindeer Ready
'Twas the day after Christmas...
Christmas Burnout
Decorating an edible Christmas tree
Christmas Fruit Tree
and a Happy New Now
Merry Thisness
Bragging about hotel lobby games
Chess Nuts
Only the best for your sweetheart!
Give Her Crabs For Christmas
Breaking away from holiday shopping mall crowds
Rudolf Is Out Of Control
Indigenous Christmas scene
Gingerbread Reservation
My brother nailed it this year
Ironic Gifts
Christmas greetings from the All-Pervading One
We Vishnu a Merry Christmas
Christmas spectacular with 40,000 LED lights
LED Christmas Light Tree
Scrooge is paid a visit by the grammar police
Christmas Past Participle
Gliding in a seagull's jet stream
Fast Beach Chicken
Placing empty boxes under the Christmas tree
Christmas Fireplace Tip
Don't forget to beat off the turner!
Tequila Christmas Cake
Looking for some light rock music?
LED Zeppelin
Checking out today's snow crop
Nice Day For A Ride
Snow mobiles in the 1920s
Model T Winter
Streamlining the federal Christmas budget
12 Days of Christmas - Government Economizing Measures
Sometimes it doesn't pay to be full of hot air
Winter Deflation
Invite your whining, diverse group of employees to the company Christmas Party
Company Christmas Party - Whine and Dine
When can I dry out?
It Just Won't Stop Raining
Do you like your mice rare, medium or well done?
Mouse Grill
Robbing presents from misbehaving boys and girls
Origami to the rescue
Save Yourself
Premium bulk wine sales - just in case
Costco Wine
Which step have you reached today?
One Step At A Time
When not to park your car in the upright position
Nice Parking!
Experience the glow of health tonic
Beer Habit
Travel on the road to nowhere
Absolutely Nothing
Set a good example - it's the law
Follow The Leader
Budweiser does its part to save marriage relationships
Wife Of The Year
What happens during rush hour in London, England
Go Home Bus
Turning VW's marketing plan upside down
VW Bed Bug
Slow design day for a Slug Bug
Turbo Snail
Best way to feel safe while you're on holidays
Cheap Home Alarm System
Choosing the best place for Christmas decorations
Door Wreath
Car dealerships in Bible times
Jesus Drove A Honda
Looking for visible proof
Glass Coffins
Evel Knievel tops off another performance
Motorcycle Moon
Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a hand in my pocket?
The Working Man
This bugs me
Tatra Lawsuit
The sky has fallen!
Chicken Roost
For days when you have to go real bad
Restroom Converter
Chippewa Indian Gaa-binagwiiyaas eyes have seen so much
Oldest Native American
When your husband designs the kitchen
4x4 Kitchen Design
Finally found that missing sock!
Sockeye Salmon
How to tie knots without being funny
A Frayed Knot
Getting your feathers up
Owls And Bananas
Are you falling for or rooting for this tattoo?
Tree Tattoo
Something puzzling you?
Pencil Puzzle
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