Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1755

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Finding the illusive trophy deer
What Buck?
Do you carrot all?
Emotion Stew
It's not just a holiday...
Halloween Lifestyle
Pre-flight preparation for Halloween
Who Said That Women Can't Park?
Canine Security for Halloween
Halloween Guard Dog
Nothing like a Caramel Onion Apple treat!
Halloween Surprise
Traveling the road down past Halloween trails
Halloween Journey
Dishwater duty when the wife is out
Hubcap Shine
Unfortunately Boris was assigned to night watch that evening
Standing Guard
Strange sightings on Halloween night
Alien Halloween Costume
Why wine and cheese pair well
Trash Snack
New recipe for hamburger and onions
Dracula's favourite Halloween snack
Finger Lickin' Good
All dressed up with nowhere to go on Halloween night
Floral Skull
Halloween headlights for ghoulfriends
What the IT computer guy promised to give me
Black Eye
How to stand out from other Real Estate professionals
Not Haunted House Sales
Trick-or-treaters are clucking over this dear costume
Halloween Chicken
Simply Vantastic!
VW Pumpkin
Slow motion view of food droppings
Cutting Off Board
Keeping trick-or-treaters off the back porch
Centipede Pumpkin
Pumpk-In or Pumpk-Out?
How To Enjoy Pumpkin Beer
How Jethro airs out his laundry
Rednecks At Play
Affirmation for Positive Thinking
Dream The Impossible
Closed for good weather customers
Openish Hours
Why some people call Bubba a 'hot' shot
Redneck Porch Hunter
Heavy Dtuy Wrench
Nice Try, China
and stuff that tells you what life is really about
Quotes Matter
Hinging on yesteryear geography
1928 Repair advertisement, sent on a penny postcard
Model T Ford Repair Costs in 1928
A slight change of only 4 letters
Milk Conversion
If you didn't have peanut allergies before, you will now
Smooth Peanut Butter
When clam shells sea what's up
Eye've Been To The Beach
Special uses for Duct Tape
Lip Gloss for Whiners
Language 101 for new visitors to Canada
Canadian Alphabet
Beach rock sculpture for loving relationships
Love Rocks
U-Haul's new move-everything plan
In It For The Long Haul
Splash guards for beach trucks
Mud Flops
There are no ugly women - just fixer-uppers!
Is their life on Mars? Is Milky Way the best?
Milky Way
Finding time for a fine wine T-Shirt
Wine Time Finally
Genius bathroom recycling plans
Water Saver
Finding a use for used jeans on the farm
Pantastic Crop
TV trays for fast food eaters - fast input and fast output
Redneck TV Tray
In previous times he was referred to as Radio Head
Tube Travel
Finally - proof of aliens on earth
UFO Caught On Tape
'Post' Note: dig this deal!
Lamp Post For Sale
Swinging couple idles time away waiting for next bus
Montreal Bus Stop
What Stormtroopers look like when they wear their helmets upside down
Happy Stormtrooper
A guide about cleaning up after your dog
Empty Dogs
You're not Fat: 100 kg on Earth = 37 kg on Mars
Wrong Planet
Wannabe hunters make it easier to find next of kin
Poacher ID
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