Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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When the thought, 'Don't friggin move!' comes to mind
Road Hugging Tire
The down side to excavator safety
I'll Be Right There
Some thought she was as cold as the weather outside
Canadian Tough
Sniffing out someone new in the block
Just Checking
When I grow up I'm gonna be a Big Mack!
We Haul It All
How to put out fires in Venice, Italy
Italian Fire Exit
Supporting weight loss plans for other people
Obesity Is OK
Texas Pasta Wagon
Spaghetti Western
Wading into wet weather
Daily Rain Gauge
Culinary inspiration from alphabet soup
Learn To Cook
Heart-shaped backyard bird feeder
Love Feeding Birds
Blackfish of the Northwest
Native Indian Orcas
Making your own path through a winter storm
Winter Kayaking
How to lead stray snowbound livestock back home
Winter Greens
No sense to cry over it when it's time to dig in...
Spilled Milk
Getting used to snow in the Moistwet Territories
Old Man Winter
Reflections on life
Previous Reflections
Finding the source of twisted and warped lumber
Timber Supplier
Reading between the lines
Read Your Book Case
Swarm symptoms of bees, wasps and insects
Car Swarm
Harley digs his new girlfriend
Digging Up A Date
Jethro's specialty is in-flight modifications
Plain Plane Mechanic
Ancient arborist secrets of levitation
Tree Levitation
Rock climbing without pitons
Laws Of Physics For Goats
Sedated Grizzly being tagged
Grizzly Bear Paw
Motorcycle for wheelchair wannabes
Harley Half Ton
Mama usually overestimated the amount of guests coming for dinner
Ukrainian Feast
If Steven Spielberg owned Caterpillar Tractors
Bush Warrior
Moose have been a Moistwest Territories transportation network company
Canadian Uber
My therapist name is music
Female Therapist
Custom shelving for innovative storage plans
Ikea Not
Love pouring over on Valentine's Day
Valentine Splash
Valentine greetings from the Latin Lover
Rudolph Valentino
Words of inspiration about your friends
Sad Valentines Day
Moon sail provides nautical night travel
Lunar Powered Sailing
On the off chance you have an interest in this...
Gregorian Monk
Wings of passion on Valentine's Day
Dragon Heart Love
My heart burns for you
Love Flame
Romantic scenery in the mountain tops
In The Heart Of The Mountains
Avoiding the 'Weekly Overload Recreational Killer' virus
Work Awareness
Romance on an artistic Texas ranch
Love It
Preparing for another shopping day rush
Valentine's Day Crap
Barber reaches into yesteryear for a clean shave
Why Bearded Men Never Shave
How not to ask your spouse to prepare dessert
Husband Frosted Cupcakes
Rogue cactus spotted in the desert
Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips
Redneck License Plate
Radiating happiness on a cold winter day
Car Smile
Scaring the crap out of your neighbours
Bear Boots
Tracking down the source of the floatie in my drink
Drink Refill
After a bad night's sleep Little Johnny was a little cranky
Early Morning Conversation
Nature complete with a clapper
Ice Bell
Has the air been taken out of the Patriots' brand?
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