Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1758

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If trees could talk
Tree Sorrow
Bubba's low flow shower pails in comparison to others
Redneck Shower Head
How to display organic, gluten-free vegetables
The Side Effects of Veganism
Stealing the limelight at an antique car show
Hardtail Bike
Guaranteed to work or double your offspring back
Birth Control Kit
Best seats in the house at Juilliard
Keyboard Seating
The car I used to draw in kindergarten just pulled up
Whatchamacallit Car
In tune with nature
Lizard Guitar
Combo truck
Wouldn't you love free things?
Free Stuff
Bronc Riding in New York City
Hang On
Culinary masterpiece requires mushroom detailing
Radish Camouflage
Bubba's favourite motorcycle sign: Rust In Peace
Motorcycle For Sale
The start of a canine X and O game
Dog Cross
Who are you going to call - a plumber or electrician?
Whose Problem
Heartbeat signals in the game of life
Ups and Downs
Influenza vaccine now available in small doses for Irish adults
Irish Flu Shots
Will this Eagle face seven years of bad luck if it breaks the mirror?
Winter Mirror
Spare parts gearing up for office inspiration
Mechanic's Work Table
The swimwear police of the 1920s
Swimsuit Police
Jilted bride still keeps hope alive
Waiting For The Perfect Man
Best dating sites in the early 1900's
Before Online Dating
Wood you like to ride Bubba's new motorcycle?
Wood Trike
Birds of America stick together
Crow Species
Wave trend in men's beards
Mustache Breeze
Diet plans for the heavy of foot
Jogger's Weight Scale
How to Snake a clogged toilet
Toilet Snake
How to avoid parking lot door dents
Eye Testing In Progress
Before the era of concealed handguns
Long Bore Gun
Behind every statue's whitening solution
Stand up for what you believe in
All We Have To Do Is Stand Up
Where shed baby teeth go after the pillow
Tooth Ferry
Why negatives help you to develop
Life Is Like Photography
Where refugees are welcome
European Men - History Timeline
Nature's way of showing off birds of prey
Barn Owl Beauty
For half full or half empty people
Be the first to test out a newly-paved road
Cement Truck Lane
Life is fine if you're in the cheap seats
Front Row Seats
Is your glass half full or half empty?
Always Full Glass
Discover your genealogy by racing against time
Family Fun
Looking out for better days to come
Behind Curtain Number One
ChocoLatte - what can be done with coffee, cream, milk & imagination
Latte Art
When your music palate lies on the right side of the brain
Hair Notes
Girls just want to have fun
Girls' Joy Ride
Re-sizing a metric wrench
Mechanic Math
How much sugar in beverages and sodas?
Rethink Your Drink
Bubba's 2-fer-1 fish wins Alabama fishing derby
Siamese Pike Twins
Daring to go beyond conventional strategy
Think Outside The Box
Smoking is allowed in a Harley Davidson house
Harley House
Statistical evolution of man
Waterboard fun for birds
Skateboarding Duck
The car was starting to run a little hot the last few miles
Redneck Hood Ornament
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