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Post-Apocalyptical Section
You can find it now!
Dementia Purse
Evolution of the Christian fish symbol
Elevator sales rise in feline homes
Going Up
Drop-back lighting to inspire a spot o' tea
Tea Lights
Dance of the cookie cutter
Yoga Food
Sign of an impasse
Parking Justice
Scaring the crap out of your neighbours
Bear Boots
Heartbeat signals in the game of life
Ups and Downs
How to extend shopping days
Week Sales for the Weak
Hiding in plain sight
Camouflage Pro
When breakfast catches up with the news
Morning Paper
Turning a Spacebar into a Space Bar
The Spacebar
Patient waiting line awaits unraveling of fish net
Is Lunch Ready?
Heritage candle - for unlimited lighting
Light Coil
Your choice
Text While You Drive
Another reason why I might not make it to work tomorrow
A Foot Of Sun
Going Green tip: stay away from pointed sticks
Going Green
Preparing an artistic environment for baby 'boomers'
Kinder Surprise
Bubba's women are over-powering
Woman Sharpshooter
Coffee creation from Sydney, Australia
Cup of Mona Lisa
Why Banff is known for its Art culture
Banff Limo
Keyboard message for a failed social network
Ultimate Breakup
Pushing a path through a wall of snow
Big Blade Snow Plow
Harry Potter Motorcycle RideHer
Broooom Hilda
To lose weight I went on a dye it
Eat More Greens Diet
Influenza vaccine now available in small doses for Irish adults
Irish Flu Shots
'Post' Note: dig this deal!
Lamp Post For Sale
Bubba's after-fire celebration plan
Redneck Fire Alarm
Optometrist eye chart for mathematicians
Pi Chart
Beware superstitious bloggers: it's Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th
Dessert approved by Albert Einstein and Mensa
Pi Number Pie
Tracking down the source of the floatie in my drink
Drink Refill
Breathless anticipation for unveiling of the Trump Statue
Statue Unveiled
Binding stress relief for office workers
Master Reference Binder
It's time for change!
Full Moon Savings
Daylight Savings - things in Canada that Spring further ahead
Errington Error
Strange tool reintroduced in Canada by the Liberal Government
Tobacco Smoke Enema
1928 Repair advertisement, sent on a penny postcard
Model T Ford Repair Costs in 1928
Parking in a religious community
Thou Shalt Not Park Here
7 March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell's U.S. Patent, No. 174,465 for the telephone is granted
Remember When
Minions throughout history
Touring Brazil monuments by air
Copycat Pilot
The shape of military gear
Gatling Gun For Mechanics
When can I dry out?
It Just Won't Stop Raining
Searching for two pots of gold
Double Rainbow
Wind surfing in Saskatchewan
Prairie Sailing
Anyone for a backwards piece of cake?
Stressed Desserts
When you might not want to be first in line
Turtle Lunch Lineup
There's always someone who stands out in a crowd
Jewish Assembly
Bubba's 2-fer-1 fish wins Alabama fishing derby
Siamese Pike Twins
Big Bird sculpture in the park
Resting Bird
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