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How to avoid getting hired
Resume Bloopers
What religion is your bra?
Bra Size Religion
Chinese movies with English subtitles
Movie Subtitles
Spreading The Blame
The Blame Game
How to remove fears hiding under your bed
Bedworthy Bartender
You know you're a 2006 redneck when...
Redneck 2006
Is your mule unresponsive? Take him to Church for a good sermon
Dead Mule @ Church
Waiting for tips can be a commanding process
Charity at the Preachers' Convention
Taking a holiday with high expectations!
Viagra Falls for an Uplifting Vacation
Doctor's Prescription
Pool Ball Diet
Buy low, sell high - can’t lose!
Fake Carolina Drawl
Tough decision between surgery options
Cosmetic Surgery - Wife's Choice
Worrying about where you live?
Canadian Snowbirds Moving To or From Florida?
Why Little Johnny arrived late to Sunday School
Church Re-Bait
How to lower monthly mortgage payments
Let My People Go - Debt Free
Spouse sacrifice
Another Round For The Wife, Bartender!
Observing the tools of the trade
First Proctologist Exam (PG)
Listening to signs of nature
Chief 'Ear To Ground'
Kneeling at the grave, praying with intensity
Present Grief
Caddie fixes a bad day of putting
Golfer's Russian Ball
Call upon Little Johnny for definitive definitions
Definitely Defined
Looking around the room for a blind person
Seeing Eye Dog Workout
Choosing the perfect match for her son
Jewish Mother-In-Law
Being politically correct in the Catholic Church
Blessings for Mankind and Womankind
Courtroom relationship spills over at home
Nag, Nag, Nag
What really happened in the garden with Adam and Eve
Banished From Paradise
Called up from the bullpen
Baseball Pitch in Heaven
Psychological motives
Killer Test
Burglar warning sign
Jesus Is Watching You!
What happens after a missed putt
Somersault Dog
Arrangements for a very quick divorce
Polish Divorce
Leading By Example
Executive Management Sharp Shooter
Psychiatrist book on self-esteem
Man Of The House
When medical tests go awry
B.C. Health Care
Helping out with the garden
Good Son
Carrying home a full load of golf balls
Blonde Golf-Her
Grammar lessons from home
Little Johnny's Beautiful Examples
Ave Maria sung in a different tune
State Mental Choir
The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Aging
The Sound of Aging
How to get the attention of speeding motorists
School Crossing - Slow Down!
Pain-full way to go shopping
Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy
Remembering the price of freedom
Sentenced to Hard Labour
Doctor and nurse care from afar
German By Birth
Taking a risk on a bad sale
Ugly Suit Salesman
... only on rainy days ...
Wet Jogger
Mental Health Hotline's phone answering service
Mental Hospital Answering Machine
Looking for the most suitable organ donor
Heart Transplant
Bridal suite good enough?
Cowboy's Wedding Night
Swimming for the millionaire's daughter
Money Isn't Everything
Some flights are shorter than others
Air Head
Elderly patient care one step at a time
Flatulence Problem
Taking time to walk with your spouse
Exercise Helps Pregnancy
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