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Why guys need wifely protection at the beach
Wife Download - Beach Intervention Technique
How to adapt to changing winds
Bend-But-Don't Break On The Mountain Top
Tired of your feet getting in the way?
Don't Touch My Bone!
Is your relationship going to the dogs?
Pick Up A Blonde For The Boss
Think twice about cutting off a cyclist
Cold Dip Cyclist Cutter-Offer
Role reversal for the cat and dog - just ain't fair!
Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair
But if you want someone who ignores you...
Buy A Dog If You Want Loyalty
Michael Jackson's Child Molestation Trial - preparing his coverup
What Will I Wear For Court Today?
Great suggestions on how you can spruce up your garden
Cool Gardening Pictures
When a beaver moment happens 2U
Think You've Had A Bad Day @ Work?
This One's Par For The Course
Married Too Long?
What happens when you take the wife's hormone replacement pills
Are They Hormone or Hermoan Pills?
Will 6 candy bars give you acne, rot your teeth & make you fat?
6 Candy Bars At A Time
The end result of raiding the fridge too often
Diet Doctor To The Rescue
Comparing tests in the Health Clinic
Blood Test Follow-Up
Adding more time to man's lifespan
Why Men Live 75 Years
Receiving a soggy package
Postal Delivery of Damp Mail
Bike solution antidote
Antidote For Santa's Milk
Finding a 'sound' noise abatement system
How To Solve 4:00 AM Loud Noise Problems
Something not right at the bar?
Pirate's Steering Wheel
Bringing clarity to political games
Demagogue Defined
Preparing to meet St. Peter
Politician in Heaven
Keeping up with the latest in family relationships
Dear Abby Joe-ks
Martha, Saddam and Michael - close bakemates!
Prison Bakery
Nothing but the best will do for this golfer
Perfect Golf Shot
Seeking the expertise of a sex therapist
Ed Zachary Disease
Why I don't approve of political joe-ks
Thoughts On Everything
Sage advice from the Psychiatrist
Psychiatrist's Patient Advice
Meet the lawnmower dog
Wrench-ing Dog Story
Michael Jackson lookalike contest
Saddam Surgery
Be aware of predatory relationships
Danger Alert For Men
Not all Dubms are Blondes
Blonde Breaks Leg In Toronto
Is that your dog?
Not Bubba's Dog
Choosing the sole soul mate
Husband Mart
Consolation for the son born without a torso, arms or legs
A Head Of His Time
Replacement arrives as Canucks head for Stanley Cup
Canucks Sign Iraqi Center
How to improve an Olympic team
Ex-Russian Hockey Coach
SARS spreads to Canada
Worried About Canadian SARS
Dog Training by the dog
Your Dog's Pet Peeves
Teeing off on unfamiliar Irish soil
Tiger In Ireland
Taking a wong wok with your dog
Chinese Dog
Behind the scenes in the postal department
New Canadian Stamp
Refund for better than expected medical results
Better With Viagra
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