Roy Turkington Submissions
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Buy one disease and get your second one free!
Disease Hospital
Upside-down Weight Watcher plan
Diet Pills
Bicylce links between Burma and southwest China
Burma Road Cycling
Kosher food now available at Israeli McDonald's
Sea Of Life
What are you - an overseas Chinese or an Alien?
Alien Lodging
Does your girlfriend carry an M-16?
Israeli Date
English shopper alert at an Asian antique store
Ancient Thing Store
Finally - a product you can put on, then take off of your clothing
BARF Detergent
Why grocery stores are never robbed in Israel
Israel Security
Where to find clean air in China
Enjoy Fresh Air
Where to put articles thrown into the lake
Lake Benches
Wok-ing into an English language sign
Tour Step in China
Some things get touchy 'Down Under'
Stool Fool
Roy was trying to find a restroom or loo in China
Fuxing Lu
Where to find mood swings in China
Green Mood Fly
The Lowest Place with The Highest Taste
Dead Sea Burgers
Entrance forbidden without a non-smoking sister
Smoking Sister
Named after the first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden
The Fall Of Adam
How to create hospital funding in Australia
Hospital Help
Deconstruction planning in China
Beijing shorthand
Chinese FBI
Chinese peasant with a load on his mind
China Road Load
Internationally recognised symbol signs
Unspoken Signs
Starbucks knockoff for Chinese tea lovers
Par for the course in Australia
Aussie Golf Club Access
Interpreting Chinese hotel signs
Teaching Hotle
Slight detour no obstable for a motorcycle
Chinese Road Rocks
Jet fighter pilot's aerodynamic wedding photograph
Wing Wedding
Crossing the Red Sea is now easier than crossing the Dead Sea
Drowning Danger in the Dead Sea
Striking out in the batter's box
Irishman's First Baseball Game
Be sure to consume only what's appropriate in Brazil
Inappropriate Water
Latest in Israel cuisine - Kosher bagels
Holy Bagel
Signs of unrest in northern oil and gas reserves
Alaska Gas
Where to find serious suDokuholics in Israel
Dead Sea Sudoku
How to translate Portuguese business signs
Cultural Scum in Argentina
A sign of real coffee within hiking distance
Travel Mints
Parking lot sign in Israel's West Bank
Arab Barking Lot
Parking Russian style
Exhaust-Free Park
Road safety signs in an Israeli desert
Beware of Camels, Tanks and Dust Clouds
Commercialism is doing well in Arab-controlled Bethlehem
John The Baptist Souvenirs
Choose your spit spots carefully in Yunnan Province, China
Spit Priorities
Finding an affordable Holiday Inn in the Middle East
Holy Day Inn
Chinese cosmetics - an eye lift in a tube
Bag Deflation
If there's never any service you won't have to pay!
Interuption Charge
Do you drive like a w'Anchor?
Aussie Road Safety
Natural gas shutoff valves in Israel
Gas Splitter
No hay roca? Demasiado malo...
Argentina Weather Stone
Spiderman tracks down hidden Kvitelach in Jerusalem
Spiderman at the Wailing Wall
Holy Land tours for Catholics
With The Pope
Searching for losers on a walk through Nazareth, Israel
Quran Hereafter
Inspirational sign for looters
In Case of Emergency
How Aussies deal with hygiene Down Under
Our Aim
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