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Politicians sometimes make the same mistake
Same Mistake
Flying while Lying
Fly By Night Pilot
Just when you think he's made a clean getaway
How To Arrest A Terrorist
Home Security - just a continent away!
Alarm Company's 'Remote' Security
Traffic 101 - separating the men from the boys
Men @ Math
When you might want a “Hands Free” Door Lock
Frozen Door Locks
Bubba finds a way to get closer to his phone calls
Redneck Ear Phone
Unannounced Program
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
Make a lasting impression on your slacker husband
Broken Lawn Mower
Why Rock Climbers face 'steep' competition
Insane Rock Climber
Save a bundle on feeding this quarter horse
Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?
When your breakfast bacon comes alive
Breakfast Dance - Shakin' Bacon
Ever hit a golf ball out of your friend's mouth?
Mouth Golf - Drive of the Year
Counting on politicians for damage control in New Orleans
Bush Surveys Damage in New Orleans
I would say this is a gimme...
Golf Gimme
Looking for a challenge?
Riding a BIG Wave - Surf's Up or Surf's Down?
Bonfire Backfire - how to prepare yourself for combustion
Don't Play With Fire
Prairie special - cutting the lawn with your motorcycle!
Saskatchewan Chopper Lawn Mower
Corridor Football
When It's Game Time, It's Pain Time
If you mess with nature, nature will mess with you
Recycled Bird Plops - Gift From Above
Looking to adopt a cat? This one WAS available last week
Cat For Adoption - Wild Pet of the Weak
Why Ice Fishing Sucks
Good Fishing - Innuit Eskimo's Rich Diet
Why you might want to think twice about kayaking
Bad Luck Kayaker - This One's Whaley Good!
Chasing what might have been a dog
Dog Tales
A Redneck's night before a non-denominational winter holiday
His Name Is Santa Claus, End Of Story!
Safety from afar
Message From Iraq to Michael Jackson
Poor underpaid hockey players
Help Support an NHL Player During His Time Of Need
Russia’s top 2004 swimsuit model bottoms out
Miss Chernobyl
International tourism website questions
Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Canada, eh
Experiment handled improperly
New Swiss Bra
Lending a helping hand to the U.S.
Canada Helps War on Terrorism
New food clientele in Vancouver's West End
Gay Muffin
Have you bin working lately?
Urgent Notice From Security
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