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Doing his best to clean up the neighbourhood
Painted Fence
Why the kids could hardly keep up with Grandma
Shopping With Grandma
What's at the end of your Rainbow?
Golden End of the Rainbow
Hi, my name is Cliff - drop over some time!
Pickup Dropoff
Anti-diuretic hybrid grape based on Pinot Blan, Pinot Noir & Pinot Grigio
New Wine For Seniors
What happens when Saskatchewan farmers rush to get onto the fields
Anxious Farmer
Where rats are a welcome addition to temple worship
Only In India
Bubba makes light of his drinking trophies
Redneck Chandelier
Lie down in green pastures, not still waters
Golf Prayer
Exercise the day after St. Patrick's Day
Irish Yoga - Day 2
Go mbeannai Dia duit!
Irish Blessings and Sayings
Quasimodo has a hunch
Notre Dame Fire
Wildlife photography for the birds
Falcon Resting in a Tree
Observational learning as a family trait
Learn By Example
7200 Volts Vs Logging Truck
Power-Full Logging Truck
Reaching their destination one foot at a time
Pedal Power in 3rd World Countries
Digging out from another Winterpeg storm
Canadian Archaeology
Survey of one's buying trends
Evaluating Something
Rediscover the lost art of cooking with lard
Lard Family
Why Are There 18 Golf Holes?
18 Holes of Golf
Kissed by a wild moose
Canadian Kiss
Why Coronavirus was renamed to Covid-19
Corona Isolation
Signs of romance in the animal kingdom
Penguin Love
Like father, like son
Family Ties
How to spot a tourist in Australia
Roo Cam
Maybe you should rethink leaving your car at the bar...
Take The Bus Home
How to get 3 vehicles past the toll booth for the price of 1
Wheelbarrow Races
Are you too uniquely qualified?
Unique People
Female shoppers find new uses for computer CDs
Female IT Experts
Where to put a trophy moose in Saskatoon
Plenty of Room for God's Creatures
#1 in a #2 business
The Mounties always get their man
Where Nobody Speeds
Bubba's back-up plan for Spaghetti and Meatballs
Redneck Spaghetti
Where free Wi-Fi includes relationship skills
Wi-Fi Free Restaurant
Long distance training in Uganda
Ostrich Race
Telescopic scenery in The Alps
Swiss Mountain Finder
If she hasn't yet, she soon will...
Excerpt from a Lion Cookbook
Bubba finds a way to make it on time to his own wedding
Truck Stuck Wedding Cake
Had enough cold and snow?
Peaceful Demonstration in Saskatchewan
A Love Story - brings a tear to your eye
Nordern Minnesota Yeneral Store
Door opener for those with not enough hands
Hundreds gather to protest global warming
Global Warming Protest
How to contact your deer Redneck friend
Redneck DoorBells
Golden opportunity to go snow-where
Snowbound Train
For just a few more Euros, you can include axle coverage
Auto Warranty: New Extend-ed Coverage
Ma's got plenty grits fer dinner!
Critter Control
A good day of hunting for a Newfie
Newfie Moose Hunters
Outside view of a Luxury Train in India
Meals On Wheels
Inspiring tea service for almost-hands-free dining
Swinging Tea Pot
How to install Rock Tamers Down Under
Aussie Mud Flaps
Looks like this dog's barking up the right tree
Tree Barking
Road safety obstacle test in Australia
Aussie Rush Hour
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