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Shunned by her first true love, Amy plans for Kindergarten revenge
Childhood Romance
Medical student lands Louisiana State Record 359 lb Grouper
Grouper Record
Setting a good example at 'Home'
Homework - Latest Pole
How to remove an uncooperative old man at a concert
Taking Too Many Seats
The Day Obamacare Died
Official Pace Car
The U.S. Presidential Election is just around the corner
Obama Gone Yet?
President Obama reviews his past eight years in the Oval Office
Greatest Accomplishment
Donald Trump prepares for Inauguration Day
Trump Card
Nothing like going the extra mile for your spouse
Christmas Light Apology
Bubba's nativity scene includes a tar from a far
Redneck Tire Tree Lights
Bubba likes the fun side of chewing tobacco
Redneck Dream Catcher
New U.S. President reacts quickly to emergency situation
Earthquake Relief in 2017
Walking on water demonstrates pontiff point
The Pope Visits Donald Trump
New alert for Thanksgiving Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all
Quenching Grampa's thirst
Cup of Tea
When DuhBro gotta go
U Want Change
I love my country - it's the government I'm afraid of!
White House Fence Bid
Some witches won't need costumes this year
Happy Scary Halloween
For the Democrat who has everything
Democrat Gift
Has your sister been a pain this week?
Headline Stories
Advice for men when searching for a wife
Obedient Wife
Exploding sales in airport security
Boarding Planes in Israel
Operating cost of a Chevy Volt
Cheap Electric Car?
A puzzle-ing assortment 4U
Brain Teasers
How not to disgraza the family
Italian Grandma's Advice
'Great' plan exempts politicians
Health Care Reform Plan Van
Hunting, Texas Style:  where vehicles are bigger than the game!
Texas Hunting Vehicle
Strained romance in American football
Fart Football
Reverse request for bigger and smaller affairs
Prayer For the New Year
Update on Bob's scrotum operation
Prayer Request for Bob
Buy it before she starts to cry
Christmas Gifts For The Wife
Sinking feeling precedes U.S. Presidential Elections
Obama Pilot Car
What aisle is the Polish Sausage on?
Polish Sausage
There comes a time when a woman just has to trust her husband
Trust Your Husband
You know you're too old to Trick or Treat when...
When Seniors Shouldn't Trick Or Treat
Discrimination? This dog doesn't care who he bites!
Go Dawgs!
Bubba makes tracks in his new butt mobile
Redneck Wheelchair
Making news across the generation gap
Modern Fly Swatter
Why Little Johnny's afraid to go to Church
Memorial Service
As Adult as it gets @!
Blonde Pole Dancer
Sportsmanship from many sides of the field
Coach Inspiring Teamwork
Where preparation is everything
Why Sharks Circle You Before Attacking
Cash Cow runs dry in the U.S.
Milking Time in Washington
The secret to a clean shave
Barber's Wooden Ball
Instructions for a blonde pilot
Blonde Mayday
I knew he looked familiar...
Somebody Famous
Progression through many marriages
4th Marriage
What's your level of audacity?
Chutzpah Defined
Dispute over afterlife virgins
Al Qaeda To Go On Strike
Preparing for eternity
Virgin Death
Keeping a-head of the competition on the road
Motorcycle Helmets
Winner of the 'Coolest Headstone' contest
Cowboy Tombstone
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