Mike King Submissions
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Make your child's dental visit fun and memorable
Pet Dentist
Why does a Psychic need a phone number?
Psychic Fair
Doing anything to reach the next bamboo shoot
Panda Push
You must try this recipe!
Grandma's Beautiful Pies
Fine dining in da Ghetto
Dat Donuts
Rising above the metal framework
Living On The Edge
Floral print clothing for inspired ballerinas
Flower Dress
Gucci's new line of discount designer shoes
Foot Wear
Zadok often has frank discussions with his two friends
Conversations Down The Path Of Life
Everything is big in Texas - even their hood ornaments
Texas Truck
Helping Americans move to Canada
2 Republicans And A Truck
Dog grooming takes on a new face
Face To Face
Would you prefer wood opulence in your bathroom?
Wood Soaking Tub
Nothing wrong with long range planning!
The End Of An Error
When you know it's time to clean up the mess
Hoarder Car
Upholstery repair for car seat covers
Car Seat Painting
Be careful when you're Home On The Range
Texas Drought
Mobile police force for gun-n-run security
Texas Motorcycle Seat
Fishing just got easier for Bubba!
Floating Gazebo
Digital sign spells end of analog pedestrian
Walk Sign Ending
Puppy with a lot of heart
Cute Puppy
When the road takes a painted line detour
Wobbly Roads
The real reason why onions make you cry
Demon Onion
Today's dog has it much better
Dining Dogs
House welcoming hair care party for pets
Dog Hair Condiment
Impossible engineering projects
Constructive Illusions
Inspiration for a country under siege
New American Postage Stamp
Find out where the Kids got in
Childproof House
How Bubba and his friends greet looters
Redneck Neighborhood Watch
Finding a place for aging wine bottles
Wine Bottle Recycling
TP supplied by man's best friend
There When Needed
Sage Advice: Solving yard work problems in Texas
Sage Camouflage
Marital bliss squeezed through the hands of a lawyer
Divorce Defined
Finding the unexpected in a Detroit suburb
Detroit Discovery
How to uninstall a suspended or drop ceiling
Drop Ceiling
To the victor go the spoils
Bread Tug Of War
Turning a hatchback into a woodback
Sideboard Car
Where tourists go - and don't go - in Florida
Florida Map
Remember - Morons vote too!
Shame On All You Hunters
Looking through a calculation
Transparent Touch Calculator
Perfect fit for the man of your dreams
Putting Your Foot Down
Signs that grab your attention
Sharp Sign
How to change a flatbed into a river bed
Bridge Weight Limits
Wanted: One athletic chimney sweep with flexible hours
Chimney Sweep Challenge
Bubba's dog is very photogenic
Hurry Picture
Slight improvement from China's hole in the ground
Cone Crapper
Bubba shares a few Barge Brewskie with his friends
Redneck Water Barge
Native Indian's wife offers mythical inspiration
A Woman Named Five Horses
Start Re-Training YOUR vehicle TODAY!
How To Conserve Gas
It's so convenient when food jumps right into your plate
Be GarFul
It's my turn now!
Dog Soother
Was George Washington a racist?
NAACP Cover Up
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