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Nominees for the Beijing Paralympics
Why I Didn't Make The Olympics
Has your bank become an impersonal, overcharging, pre-recorded, faceless entity?
Bounced Check
Know anyone who is rotting away?
Who's in Heaven?
100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer...
Beer Bottle Orchestra
This is a genuine math problem - not a trick or a riddle
Cats and Backpacks
What it means to be an adopted child
Towing in snow conditions - this one's snow good!
Snow Car Tow
Apple's new iPod for dyslexic girls
When A to B isn't the same as B to A
Going Nowhere in Ireland
Crop Critter Control in Third World Countries
Deer Hunting Bird
What you can't get from a Kosher computer
Kosher Computers
Harley Davidson's global marketing plan to stay ahead of competition
Harley Outsourcing Strategy
VIP preferential treatment for high flyers
Speed Trap
Short tempers lead to tall problems
Bad Day Driver
When  money's on the line, man's best friend talks up a storm
Talking Dog For Sale
The ultimate clean fuel - run your car on salt water!
Salt Water Fuel
Excusing the Pastor for a slight transgression
Tempting Parking Spot
What affectionate nickname do you have for your spouse?
Who's the best Redneck surgeon?
Arkansas Surgeons
Did you start out as a basket case?
Religious One Liners
Duct Tape rules in Bubba's home!
Redneck Time Out
When not to ask your wife to park your new Pickup in the garage
Picked Up Pickup
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