Mike King Submissions
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Choosing the pick of the crop for the job
Senior Lemon Picker
Farmer Bud's selective hearing is for you
Farmer's Daughter
The cutting edge in razor technology
Razor Blade Swallower
First one up before the count of 10 wins...
Best Knockout Ever
For those who forget where they put their beer
Redneck End Table
Dumber than a sack of hammers
Wooden Spoons
The Darwin Awards for tradesmen
Master Tradesmen
Man's best friend provides the best childproof lock!
Childproof Drawer
The downside of winning the lottery
Why there are speed limits at toll booths
Toll Booth Speed Limit
A talented & hammer-ed German  carpenter
Hammer King
Can your car go 100 miles on 4 ounces of water?
HHO Water Power
How Bubba's inspiration comes from watching BBQ Ribs
Redneck Artist
What you need gas for?
Don't Mess With My SS Check
Amazing recovery from two shocking bolts of lightning
Lightning Strikes - Twice
Is there a trap in achieving instant success?
Black Hole
Taco Bell has the same effect on me
Best Chainsaw Imitation
A big surprise - who's 'Top Predator'?
Octopus vs. Shark
Preparing for a support-less future
My Daughter
Activity partners with high hopes
Sex at 79
How a motorcyclist nurses an inflamed appendix
Motorcycle Inflammation
Some people show road courtesy in different ways
Road Rage Karma
Why Africa is not a military power
West African Soldier
Leaked details about bakery breakup
Hostess Bakery Closure
Taking cares of things at the office?
Dreaded Phone Call
Fishing with patience and a piece of bread pays off
Bird Fishing With Bread
How to get a senior citizen's attention while shopping
My Trip To The Store
Secret Service uncovers Tea Party plot to kidnap the President
President Plot
Robin wanted to change its name to Batmobike
Batmobile Bike
Taking a few rounds to please the Doctor
Daily Activity Level
Self-inflicted pain: what Obama will inherit
2nd Term Mess
Abbott and Costello explain unemployment
Unemployment Untangled
Fighting against the establishment while you're also part of it
Thoughts To Ponder
An unpleasant switch to First Class
Smart Flight Attendant
When you need cold stimulation
Barocky Road Ice Cream
Just in case you're not smart enough to get out of jury duty
Clever Jury
Waiting for Little Johnny's add-vice
Same Sex Marriage (PG)
Free Tax Software on a Custom Backup USB Thumb Drive
IRS Custom Tax Thumb Drive
C4N U R34D 7H15?
Brain Study
Ronald Reagan babysitting in 1962
Touching Old Photo
How to easily learn an international language
Strong Silent Type
Reflections of an honest golfer
The Meaning of Golf
Royal subjects practice bowing to their King
Off To A Good Start
Ain't spoke to your wife in some time?
Redneck Divorce
Airborne All the Way
Pork Eating Crusader
Where employees are encouraged to apply for a Christmas bonus
Christmas Bonus Program Survey
When politicians take the back seat
Driving Miss Sarah
When money went a lot further
Good Old Days Security
Sometimes the bull wins
Matagore (PG)
Designed to be implanted in terrorist's foreheads
Patriotic Microchip
Nothing like fair & unbiased coverage of the news
2009 Inauguration Cost
The Scent of a Woman - new cologne by Ray Charles
Cancel Our Date
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