Mel Hardman Submissions
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How farmed salmon becomes more nutritious
Fish Farm
Discovery channel progam re celebs alone in the wild
Alone In The Wild
The search for WikiLeak on Wii-ki Leak
Wii-ki Leak Game
Golden stick, glove: Priceless
Sidney Crosby's Stick & Glove Found
Restoring nature to its natural beauty
Paradise Reclaimed
... and now for an update from the Winter f'Owlympics
Owlympics Ice Skating
Britain revives space history legends
Hurdles are nothing for the Joe-kster!
Olympic Hurdle Joe
Advice for men on how to hold their attention
Mate Attraction
Old Man? Take a look at his face!
Scan Scam
Wooly Jumper or A Sweater with Big Pockets?
The ins and outs of spaghetti slurping
Spaghetti Digest
a Wok through Tiananmen Square
Chair Man Mao
Putting the King of the Monsters in his place Monty Python style
Godzilla vs God
How to score your own goal at the FIFA World Cup
Who can feel safe with King Kong and Godzilla in town?
King Kong vs Godzilla
'Hang Time' is important when preparing for the Turtlympics
Terrapin Toss
Preparing for the final match penalty kick seen round the world
Global Penalty Shoot-Out
Quickest way to remove bugs from your computer
Computer Bug Removal
You have a new bouncing baby boy
Strategy change from headbutting to making head-lines
Zidane Is Fast
France prepares for the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Head Butt
Laughing all the way to the bank!
Sports Hernias
FIFA's moment of tooth
Spongebob Suarez
Video replay gives England football victory over U.S.A.
Shoddy Goaltending - Not
Goal-line technology used for first time at the FIFA World Cup
Penalty Shot
Europe's new attempts at controlling the economy's inflation
Auntie Gravity Research
What's a D Monster?
D Monster
Don't settle for imitation Soccer or fake World Cup football
Real FootBall
Tips on how not to organize your office paperwork
Another Day At The Office
When a chameleon doesn't blend well into the surroundings
The only grinning falcon on the 'net
Peregrine Falcon
World's longest water slide unveiled in France
Eiffel Slide
World's 1st DJ turntablist - hip hop in the 1700s
Bach Scratching
Inspiration for a spot o' Macbeth
Shakespeare - The Early Years
Bart Simpson's music inspiration
World's first back-wards composer
'New Revised Standard' version holds thousands of commandments
Moses' USB Tablets
Big Bob does motorcycle wheelies
Harlie's Angel
The real story behind the famous 17th Century Amsterdam painting
Rembrandt's Anatomy Lessons
Running out of time - holding on to the last minute
Cut-Off Deadline
the Joe-kster flips over more humour at
Wheelie Joe
Inspiration for Mel Hardman's aka
You're So Vane!
A hundred reasons to go for a walk
Happy Centipede
How to score an English goal at the FIFA World Cup
Kickback - England
Apple unveils new Amish iPad
Donald Trump's pet bird
Donald Trump Eagle
Why aren't Bald Eagles bald?
a real Bald Eagle
Birds of Hairsprey
Not-So-Bald Eagle
'Hogs and Kisses' to all fine swine!
Pig Valentine
'Reptile Dial' - latest in pet dating services
Crocodial Love
Someone you might not want to sleep next to
Trunk Sleeper
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