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eyeGoogle, do you?
Google Glasses
A hundred reasons to go for a walk
Happy Centipede
How to score an English goal at the FIFA World Cup
Kickback - England
Apple unveils new Amish iPad
Donald Trump's pet bird
Donald Trump Eagle
Why aren't Bald Eagles bald?
a real Bald Eagle
Birds of Hairsprey
Not-So-Bald Eagle
'Hogs and Kisses' to all fine swine!
Pig Valentine
'Reptile Dial' - latest in pet dating services
Crocodial Love
Someone you might not want to sleep next to
Trunk Sleeper
For birds of prey lovers, the letters in 'SUPER BOWL' are arranged incorrectly
Superb Owl
The real emperor behind the penguin species
Emperor Penguins
Adding motion to a duck decoy
Duck Gears
Finding the best surf spots in Hawaii
Hawaii Surfing
How Earl Grey prefers to drink his favourite tea
Tea Shirt
Use manage-able chunks when dealing with workplace stress
Manager Meal
Politically-incorrect Prince Philip eyes the lady in red
Frisky Prince Philip
Taking on second wind at the Winter Olympics
Sumo Skiing - Pairs
How nature touches up a face
Tree Artists
Trapeze stunt for next season's Shark Week
Highwire Shark
Side Car or Slide Car?
An alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving Day
Going Cold Turkey
Championship darts in heaven
God Darts
Design flaws of the German Luftwaffe
The dog's favourite breakfast food
Instant Cats
This ghoulfriend makes no bones about it
Halloween Greeting
Parting the waters ahead of his time
Moses As A Lifeguard
Time to face the music
Organ Transplant
The Simpsons are going Bat-e
Jerry Seinfeld goes incognito
Seinfeld Haircut
The easiest flower to grow and bloom quickly
Fast Flower
When he's not Praying, he's Playing
Playing Mantis
They start playing football in Europe at an early age
Football Chicks
What happened after Moses took his medicine
Moses' Headache Relief - the Sequel
Are you having an On or Off day?
BiPolar Bear
Trouble with him is he's all torque
Bolt Cutter Man
English New Romantic movement meets the Golden Arches
Boy George or Boy Gorge?
Yanked off the dance floor while laying an egg
Pulled Chicken
The hazards of vertical electronic traffic lights
Walk Sign Timing
The Joe-kster's previous life as a Whoopee Cushion
Watch Out for the Joe-kster
Greenhouse effect pops up throughout Europe
Global Worming
Garage extension for the new limousine
Long Limo
Adding more personality to beauty pageants
Powerplant Swimsuit Models
Preparing for a slide down Lawyer Lane
Do British police lineups tickle your fancy?
Bobbie Tickle
Utility bill bailout plan cleans out investors
British Gas Meter
Where fine Rabiis shop
The other black golfer, now that Tiger's lost his swing
Black Golfer
How do you spell luxury in Belgium?
Egyptian Pyramids provide perfect backdrop for shoppers
That Poirot's not dead!
Dead Poirot
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