Mel Hardman Submissions
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Abdomen held in highest esteem
Prince Philip's Abdomen Operation
Slip sliding away on the holidays
Penguin Sliders
Einstein's Food For Thought
Make Loaf Not War
And now for a short and sweet message from the Church of England
Sundae Sermon
One of the nine pipers piping - blowing in the New Year
Squirrel Bagpipes
Stephen King's novel twist to New Year's Day
Shining New Year
'Falling' in love with a scream machine
Joe’s impression of downhill skiing
Merry Christmas from
Elvis does give a hoot!
Owlvis Presley
What pets eat during the holidays
Hamster Christmas
Owl be seeing you!
Moonlight Owls
Putting your best foot forward
Toe Trucks
Through the denture looking glass
False Teeth
Owl aboard for the 4 Owl Bob
Owlympics Bobsled
Will he make it past the plucking station?
Run, Turkey, Run
Teat Tweets: Transparent cow wins illusive 4-H dairy prize
Milk Cow Levels
Dow Jones coins dramatic change in methodology
Paradigm Shift
Feel like you're up a creek without a paddle?
Such Is Life
Sprouting the seeds of science
Einstein Seeds
Creative cutlery - latest in stainless flatware
Visionary unveils new air service across Atlantic
Virgin Budget Airlines
Surf on over to
Internet Surfing
Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne
Royal Wave
The medical truth about Johann Sebastian Bach
Almost as good as real exercise!
Lightweight Dumbbells
Toff: a mildly derogatory term for someone with an aristocratic background
Elton or Eltoff?
Meat Loaf's suntan recipe
Meat Loaf
One small step on the moon
Giant Step For Mankind
Gonzo and the Venetian boatman
Smokin' comedians in their prime times
Groucho Marx and Jimmy Savile
Sp-eye satellite explores the galaxy
Space Eye
Either way, this horse is a winner!
Double Horse
Mouse acrobatics at Whistler's Peak 2 Peak Gondola
Mountain Highwire
Hey Mon - Rastafarian Restaurant Renovation!
Citroen Cubism Car - vehicle wrap sculpture du jour
Picasso Car
Create your own diet in these short bullet steps
Diet Hard
Nutrition on candy cane sprinkle wheels
Doughnut Monster Truck
Big coffee orders create big delivery problems
Starbucks' New Mega Coffee
Preparing for the soggy Olympic Games
Mandeville Mascot
New plans for Mac interface up in smoke
Microsoft Messenger - Prototype
Mennonite's peaceful version of 'Hunger Games'
Unger Games
Looting and fires in England's capital
Madness in London
Dirk Bogarde or Dark Bogarde?
The Beatles putting the other pool in LiverPool
Little Johnny's 'Wait - Lifting' tips
Baby Weightlifter
Specialists in high rise climbing ladders
Window Cleaning in New York
Inviting world travelers into your home
Plane Window
Stock market slide based on Dow'r Jones
Standard & Poor's Downgrade
The Joe-kster sliding down Escher's escalator of life
Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years
Five Pound Note
Eggsellent bobybuilding technique
How farmed salmon becomes more nutritious
Fish Farm
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