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Cat-ching someone's attention
Anonymous Furball
Treatment for Afghanistan illness
Good Diagnosis
For dogs with discerning tastes
Store For Adult Dogs
At least it's on par with his other excuses
Good Excuse?
The culmination of a close relationship
Male and Female Differences
How to tell if someone doesn't like cats
Looking For Your Cat?
Cactii for a wise guy
Cactus Clown
Where can the cat have gone?
Missing Cat
Suntan protection on Mexico beaches
Mexican Sunscreen
Chasing animals in Africa
Quick Thinking
Lost in plain site
Cat Stuck in a Bonsai Tree
When you can't just sit around...
Lawn Chair Man
When the Easter Bunny slips up
Easter Bunny's Rude Awakening
What are the odds?
'Lucky' Four Leaf Clover
Doctor pinpoints cause for patient’s flatulence
Hamster X-ray
The water looks quite inviting today...
Tricky Shark
Warning: Don't Eat Anything Before Looking At This!
Let's Go Camping (PG)
How real men blow snow
Redneck Snowblower (R)
Who's the fairest of them all?
Cinderella Joe-kette
Help from the gorilla removal service
The Gorilla My Dreams
Pointing towards an early or earlier golf tee time
Golf at 6:30 or 7:00
Preparing for an excellent Birthday feast
Cat Birthday
How Rudolph inspired the first caveman
Primitive Christmas Carol
Taking responsibility for missed tee shots
Golfers And Mother Nature
Family consulting recommended by the physician
By Popular Demand - Get A Vasectomy!
Dog training for dog retrievers
Doggey Do
Looking for not-so-sweet revenge?
And Now For The Truly Bizarre
Tips on what to expect in relationship showers
How To Shower - For Women and Men
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