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How's your pyfon?
Canadian preparation for the Torino Olympics
Pre-Olympic Games: Canada 1; U.S.A. 0
She had to get her boyfriend's approval for this
Harley Gal
Amazing picture of an Icebreaker at work in Newfoundland Inlet
Newfoundland Icebreaker (R)
Preparing for the next Olympic Diving Event in Iraq
Iraqi Olympic Diving Team
Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!
Moron Cliff Walkers
And you thought you had a tough job - this 'tips' them all
Elephant Circumcision
New study for e-mail users
Insufficient Brain Study
Does your cat need a place to 'Hide And Sleep'?
'Hooked On Clothes' Cat
Tough jobs are where management lead by example!
Management Team - Leading by Example
French translation for touring France
Handy French Phrases If You're Traveling Abroad
Hanging 'foot loose' in your garbage disposal?
Boo Who? Surprise, Surprise!
When you need 'siding support' for your sagging building
Seismic Support for Polish Buildings
Cheapest form of transportation for your booty-full son
Send Your Son Home For The Holidays
Second Coming news from the Vatican
Pope's Good and Bad News Message
Giving it everything you've got?
Reach For The Top - What Have You Got To Lose?
When you need to temper your meals, a shopping cart will do
Shopping Cart Hotplate
Tired of boring house siding? Create some side laughter...
House Clown
How to make shorter employee bathroom breaks
Sitting On The Throne - A Tacky Experience
Better than Holy Water for cleansing cats?
Turpentine - Most Powerful Liquid In The World
What a PLO soldier uses for a pacemaker
PLO X-Ray - Concealed Weapon
How to explain the Santa trophy to the kids
Santa Trophy - 'Tis Not The Season To Be Jolly
How is your son doing?
Son Braggarts on the Golf Course
Attracting a wide fan base
Gay Football Team
First impressions at the dinner table
Polish Dinner Compliment
Dog breeds take on language of its own
Cross between a Havanese and a Shih Tzu?
Food evidence that sticks
Fridge Magnet Dog
Pain-full ways to leave your present job
Reasons To Play Golf (PG)
What to do if attacked by an anaconda
Anaconda Attack Manual - Be Prepared!
What should Bubba do?
Ben Dover and Eileen Forward
Why you don't want to get between these two animals
What You Get When You Cross an Elephant with a Rhinoceros
Living behind bars
Martha Stewart's New 2004 Lifestyle
Don't Expect Much!
Pessimists' Annual Meeting
Such wonderful examples
Crocodile Hunter and Michael Jackson: Dads of the Year
Lookalikes in the acting world
Joan Crawford's Daughter
I'll have a stiff one for the road, please
Perfect Compass
How to help Michael if he is drowning
Michael Jackson Joe-ks
Biting delay holds up Santa's delivery
Ask Nicely
Transformation of famous people
Triple Blade Razor for Terrorist Conversion
Leading the pack on a tricycle
Michael Jackson On The Run OJ Style
Looking for change on the golf course
Golfer Who Can't Change
Bubba can keep up with the best of 'em
Redneck Sanitary Belt
When you have a REALLY bad day, take it out on someone you don't know!
Anger Management for Rude People
Doing anything to avoid people staring at his nose
Michael Jackson's Creative Doctor
Work where you live, live where you work
'It's A Good Thing', Martha!
When the propane runs out
Gas Grill (R)
Some people aren't welcome around this T-Shirt
Wanna Buy A Vowel (R)
Darn cat!
Cat Been Playing With Your Mouse Again?
Medicine for dogs
Hooked On Crack
Cat food substitute, when available
Barbeque Food Supplier
Clearing the air between Royal dignitaries
Horsing Around Royalty
Learning to play a Scot's game of handicapped golf
Tee Time in the United Kingdom
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